Are You Risking My Life By Driving While Talking or Texting?
Are You Risking My Life By Driving While Talking or Texting?

  Not sure how many people saw the ad in AutoWeek a few weeks ago that showed a pistol and a blackberry with blood all over the background. I thought it was one of the most effective ads I've seen in quite a long time. I e-mailed the ad to almost everybody in my address book. It's amazing to me...Read More»

Guy Fieri's custom garage
Do Garage Floors Matter?

For decades people have parked their cars inside of their garage for safe keeping during their vacation and even over night on a daily basis. Walk in to your garage and look down at the floor. Is it concrete, dirt, tile, chunked rubber or commercial aluminum plate? Is it sealed or unsealed? Do you...Read More»

Touchscreen steering wheel. Photo: Discovery News
Maximize Your Auto Show Experience With a Few Simple Tips

It's auto show season in North America.  Are you prepared to get out there a make the most of your city's exposition?  It can be an exciting, yet overwhelming event.  Here are a few suggestions to ensure you get what you pay for. Do your Homework Get online and do some research before you go...Read More»

Volvo C70 Crash Test
What To Do If You Are in an Auto Accident

Very few lucky people go through their entire driving life without being involved in an accident.  The odds are quite simply stacked against us.  Driving is nothing more than semi-controlled chaos, and inevitably someone will do something stupid in your presence. Most accidents will be drivable...Read More»

audi travolution motorauthority 002
Ten Easy Tips You Can Follow To Prevent Car Theft

In my last post I explained my thoughts on the two kinds of people in this world, those that love cars and everybody else. Car lover or not, having your car stolen is pretty traumatic. Car theft is a crime that affects more than just car owners. Insurance companies and Financing companies are also...Read More»

2011 Chrysler 300
Buying a Car? Here's Some Sales Advice

If you've decided to make the leap back into the car market new or used, it really doesn't matter there are a few things to be aware of when you walk through the door. You would think they are simple to think about and at a more rational time of your life you probably do think of them rationally...Read More»

2010 Audi TT 2-door Coupe S tronic 2.0T quattro Premium Plus Angular Front Exterior View
Audi TT RS Roadster

Today the www.leasecarsdirect.co.uk test driver Gary Hunter drove the Audi TT RS and boy did he have fun. Gary Hunter " The moment i put the key in the ignition of the Audi TT RS and turned to hear a fantastic roar of the deep exhaust tones I thought to myself maybe the TT isnt a girls car...Read More»

xf 36
Don't Be an Easy Target for a Crooked Mechanic

Not every mechanic is out to cheat people out of their hard-earned money, but unfortunately a greedy few have given the industry a bad reputation in the eyes of some customers. You've probably heard stories from people who have experienced this. Or, even worse, maybe you've been the victim of one...Read More»

2010 Lincoln MKS 4-door Sedan 3.7L AWD Rear Exterior View
No Matter How Good You Are or Your Car Is, Black Ice Should Be Avoided

Unless you've never been through it, you'll never know the truth of the fact that if there's snow and ice on the ground, the best thing to do is lay low until it's all over. Here in New England, we're now just exiting our third day of snow, wind, bitter cold and ice underneath it all and for the...Read More»

2009 GMC Envoy 2WD 4-door Denali Front Exterior View
GMC To Show Off New Model at the Detroit Show

    When GM previewed what models it plans to show at the Detroit Show to the press, a new GMC model was previewed. However, this new model is nothing like what GMC has ever produced. Continuing GMC's wonder into the car based section, this new model will be rather compact.     Sources say...Read More»

2010 BMW 5-Series 4-door Sports Wagon 535i xDrive AWD Instrument Panel
If You Own a GPS Unit, Never Leave It for Thieves To Find

Want to scare someone? Tell that person the item hes come to depend on for directions will bring thieves to a car owned by you! There now weve just done what some thrill-seeking writer, who is looking for an easy end-of-the-year/Christmas piece, has done, wrecked your evening.   Unfortunately for...Read More»

2009 galant facelift 04
Did You Know Mitsubishi Still Sold the Galant? And it’s a Bargain!

I guess you can afford to offer bargain prices when your bread and butter family sedan hasn't been re-styled since the Y2K bug was still the big concern on everyones minds and not the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012. Yes everyone, Mitsubishi has released the new for 2010 Galant family sedan and it (drum...Read More»

2009 Honda Accord Sdn EX
Buying a Car: the End of the Month Is the Right Time

Believe it or not there are secrets that the auto industry wants its customers to know about, but really never goes out of its way to tell them that the industry would like them to know about them. The first is simply this: if you are looking for the best deal on a car, wait until the end of the...Read More»

2010 subaru legacy touring 008
Five Essential Holiday Road Trip Items To Keep in Your Trunk

Heading out onto the roads this holiday season to go across the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house can be a stressful affair. Not to mention evil women in Gingerbread houses who try to cook you (oops, mixing my fairy tale metaphors here) there are big rigs, distracted drivers and...Read More»

2009 Nissan Titan SE
'Black Friday:' Car Buyers Get Best Deals of the Year

As the old saying goes, hope springs eternal... in the minds of some car marketers. It happens every year about this time. About two weeks before Thanksgiving this year almost exactly two weeks stores begin giving hints of the great deals they'll be giving on Black Friday, the day after Turkey Day...Read More»

2009 Chevrolet Suburban
'Tis the Season for Theft Preventtion

With the Christmas shopping season just ahead and thieves cruising malls and parking lots looking for easy pickings it's a good time to take stock of your own habits and see if you can tighten things up a bit so that when you come out of Macy's on your fourth trip to the car, your earlier purchases...Read More»

2004 Ferrari ENZO
Five Common Driving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Driving is a funny thing. You can have mad skills, be doing everything right, and one teensy-tiny error in judgment can turn your car and your world upside down. The statistics don't lie, and the stats say we fall off the smart wagon way too often. You can fill a large city with the number of...Read More»

2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged
Even Autowriters Have Bad Days, The Ones You'd Rather Forget

Even autowriters have days they'd rather forget, but which end up pleasantly surprising you. Today, believe it or not, this jaded car writer was pleasantly surprised. Today started out like any other, I logged into my laptop to check my mail and re-read a piece that I did last night (fiction...Read More»

2009 Saturn Aura 4-door Sedan I4 XE Angular Front Exterior View
New Buick Regal Goes Hollywood!

2011 Buick Regal in Hollywood (source: msheena) On my way to the 2011 Buick Regal event, hosted on November 12th at the Hollywood Palladium, I had some time to kill at LAX while I waited for my ride. As I stood outside baggage claim, I tried to count how many Buicks drove past. It turns out it was...Read More»

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