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Link Love From The Car Connection: Tricked Out Ford Mustang, A New Popemobile, And 90+ Minutes Of Rally Crashes
Link Love From The Car Connection: Tricked Out Ford Mustang, A New Popemobile, And 90+ Minutes Of Rally Crashes

Gilding the lily -- Love Mustangs, but wish they were a little flashier? Well, check out the one to your left: a 1967 model, tricked out with scissor doors and a retractable hard top, available for purchase on eBay. According to reports, it was built by Ben J. Smith, based on designs he'd pitched...Read More»

"Chevrolet Volt SS"
2012 Chevrolet Volt SS: First Peek!

  It seems like only last year that brought you the first, exclusive shots of the production 2011 Chevrolet Volt. And just yesterday that we drove the first Volt prototypes. That's because it actually was both, and yep, you ARE paying attention, fantastic. So look here: today...Read More»

Jon Lauckner, VP of Global Program Management at GM
GM, CMU: Who's Right About The Electric Car? (Hint: Neither)

A week ago, Carnegie Mellon University issued a report that said long- and mid-range electric cars are "not cost effective in any scenario". Their rationale? The expense of installing a battery big enough to get 40 miles per charge is never going to pay for itself in fuel savings. Furthermore, just...Read More»

2010 Opel Ampera
2010 Opel Ampera: Headshot Unveiled Before Geneva Motor Show

What with all the protests and financial hoo-ha, Friday wasn't Opel's best day. Today, however, the company seems to have regained its footing--or at least it's got the common sense to put its worries aside and focus on what really matters: gussying up for the Geneva Motor Show. In doing so, the...Read More»

2009 Opel Ampera concept
Opel Not Left Out of the Volt Race

digg_url = ''; GM's well-oiled press machine looks like it's putting in overtime--this photo of an "Opel Ampera" just crossed the wires, and if our past experience with the 2011 Chevrolet Volt holds true, the...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Volt
GM To Make Its Own Batteries

For as long as your author can remember, General Motors (as well as Ford and Chrysler) always held at least two press conferences during the Detroit Auto Show. Sunday conferences were usually reserved for concept cars. Monday conferences normally featured production fare. During these slimmer...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Volt
Michigan Breaks for Batteries

Remember the National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Battery Cell Manufacture--you know, that think tank/prototyping coaltion we told you about a couple of weeks back? Of course you do. Well, if Governor Jennifer Granholm and her esteemed colleagues in the Michigan legislature have their way...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Volt
2011 Chevrolet Volt: First Production Photos

These photos of the production 2011 Chevrolet Volt have been released on a media information Web site. The pictures of the production Volt show all the details we've been bringing you for the past months--along with the GM engineers in charge of developing the vehicle. We'll be talking to those...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Volt
Movie Shoot Leaks 2011 Chevrolet Volt

You're looking at what could be the production version of the Chevrolet Volt, at long last. The Transformers Live Blog site capture these pics--and the video below--that contain photos of a car labeled "Volt." Autoblog's also stripped stills from the video that show more details of the car. The...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Volt
GM Leaks More Pics of 2011 Chevrolet Volt

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt is being revealed, slowly but surely, sketch by video by Webisode by photo--and these are the latest driblets in the GM PR machine's steady leak of Volt information. The sketches are said to show the production front end and tail of the 2011 Volt, the plug-in hybrid that GM...Read More»

Dodge Durango Hybrid
Is Chrysler Charging into EV Segment?

Is Chrysler getting charged up about electric vehicles? That's the word going around in Detroit this week, as the automakers confirms published reports that it is working up a line of extended-range EVs, often referred to as plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles, or PHEVs. Chrysler has taken its share...Read More»

Chevrolet Volt Concept
Volt No Salvation, Warns GM

Don't count on the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid to deliver significant corporate fuel economy gains, General Motors is warning federal regulators. Though the automaker claims Volt will be able to run up to 40 miles on battery power, then get as much as 150 mpg when its gasoline engine kicks in, GM...Read More»

Woody Allen Bubble Car
Breaking Wind? Bubble Cars and Aero Trucks

After being put into suspended animation following a botched operation, Woody Allen wakes up centuries in the future - as a wanted man. Looking to escape, he steals an aerodynamic bubble car in one of the most memorable scenes from the film Sleeper. For decades, the image shown above has resurfaced...Read More»

GM's "Very Difficult" Transformation

In technical terms, they’re called “strategic initiatives.” But for practical purposes, the wide range of changes General Motors has announced this morning amounts to nothing less than a wholesale transformation of the giant automaker – and an admission that the truck-based...Read More»

Prius with environmental message
Prius Tops 1 Million

What began as little more than a technical curiosity has moved solidly into the mainstream. Toyota Motor Co. just sold its 1 millionth Prius, the world’s first mass-market hybrid-electric vehicle. Introduced in 1997 in Japan and two years later in the United States, the Prius is Toyota’s...Read More»

2007 Chevrolet Volt Concept
2007 Chevrolet Volt Concept

MORE PHOTOS: Will General Motors save the electric vehicle? The automaker took plenty of lumps when it decided to kill off its quirky little EV1 battery car, a decade ago, most recently in the art house documentary, Who Killed the Electric Vehicle. That’s just one of the reasons why, over the...Read More»

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