Utah lawmakers consider "cash for clunkers" bill that could offer up to $5,500 for jalopies
Utah lawmakers consider "cash for clunkers" bill that could offer up to $5,500 for jalopies

Utah could offer owners of older, higher-mile cars as much as $5,500 to trade in for new cars. The program proposed under State House Bill 295 that advanced with an 8-4 vote Wednesday is known as the the Vehicle Emissions Reduction Program. It isn't unlike the $3 billion federal "cash for clunkers"...Read More»

Utah takes step toward putting self-driving cars on its roads

In an effort to lower the number of drunk or distracted drivers on the road, Utah is on pace to become the first state to fully legalize self-driving cars. Legislators in the state's House Transportation Committee gave the nod Wednesday to a bill that would make self-driving cars legal in the...Read More»

Police officer with radar gun
Montana Mulls 85 MPH Speed Limit

Earlier this year, Idaho and Wyoming joined Texas and Utah in the 80 mph club -- a small group of states that have increased speed limits on interstate highways to 80 miles per hour. Now, some Montana lawmakers are hoping to see their western neighbors' bet and raise their own state's speed limits...Read More»

2015 Volkswagen Golf R (Euro spec) - Ice Driving
Like To Leave Your Car Running On Cold Mornings? You Could Be In For A Nasty Surprise

It's a chilly morning across much of America, and if you're one of the millions planning to hit the road, you may be tempted to zip outside, crank the engine, and let your car warm up. That sounds totally logical, but if you live in Ogden, Utah (population: 83,793), doing so could yield a very...Read More»

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