The Week In Reverse

2015 BMW X6, Corvette Z06, Ford Drops Its MPG, Tesla Opens Up: The Week In Reverse
2015 BMW X6, Corvette Z06, Ford Drops Its MPG, Tesla Opens Up: The Week In Reverse

Whether you're about to go shop for a new car, wondering about the gas mileage of the one you've had for a year or two, or happily still in the honeymoon stage, it's worth emphasizing that we have some very different expectations in terms of what we look for in a four-wheeled relationship. Because...Read More»

General Motors CEO Mary Barra provides an update on the ignition switch recall investigation
2015 Subaru Outback, May Sales Surge, GM Recall Roundup: The Week In Reverse

General Motors CEO Mary Barra would probably rather not look back on the past week. But because not all of you are daily auto-news addicts, we're doing exactly that—providing this weekly roundup, of some of the most important and most interesting developments about cars, as well as...Read More»

Google Self-Driving Car Prototype
2015 Volvo XC90, Google Car, Ford Recalls, CVTs and SUVs: The Week In Reverse

Did the Google Self-Driving Car pique your interest this past week? Were you getting ready to head out shopping for your next family vehicle? Or was it the special-edition Subaru BRZ that set your heart aflutter? We know that your interest in cars probably goes beyond just prices and spec sheets...Read More»

2015 Hyundai Sonata
2015 Subaru Legacy Driven, Hyundai Sonata Priced, GM Recall Redux: The Week In Reverse

Welcome to The Week In Reverse, our roundup of the week's automotive-news headlines. Here, we'll be looking at some of the big stories, the major product announcements, the special features, and the underlying themes and news of the week—all presented not necessarily in reverse, but looking...Read More»

Apple iCloud
2012 Chevy Volt, Apple iCloud, Ford C-Max: The Week In Reverse

GM says the 2012 Chevy Volt has a much lower pricetag and more features, but no confirmation on the big software change that's rumored to widen its electric range. [TheCarConnection] Meanwhile, CEO Dan Akerson stepped into a tea-party debacle by suggesting a new $1 tax on gasoline, but was he...Read More»

1978 AMC AMX showdown
Volt Versus Leaf, Snooki, Romney and Weiner: The Week In Reverse

Ford has a lot of homework to finish before next year: it's engineering a new three-cylinder engine, a hybrid transmission and an eight-speed automatic. [TheCarConnection] While Ford tries its hand at a three-cylinder, it's worth pointing out the mostly sad recent history of that kind...Read More»

2012 BMW 6-Series convertible first drive
The Week In Reverse: Jaguar C-X75, Benz SLS, And #DumpTrump

Do you remember where you were, when the #DumpTrump campaign got #TheDonald bounced from the #Indy500 pace car in about twelve minutes? You're excused if you stepped out for a Starbucks and missed it all. [MotorAuthority] In the wee hours today, the Jaguar C-X75 went from concept to sort-of...Read More»