You're Cleared For Takeoff: REAL ID Restrictions For Air Travelers Postponed Until January 2018
You're Cleared For Takeoff: REAL ID Restrictions For Air Travelers Postponed Until January 2018

We've got good news for residents of 28 states that haven't brought their driver's license guidelines in line with new federal standards: the Transportation Security Administration has delayed implementing restrictions associated with outdated licenses for two more years. There is a bit of bad...Read More»

Sample driver's license
28 States Use Outdated Driver's License Format, Which Could Leave You Stranded At The Airport

When we think of technology and change, we often think of computers, mobile phones, cars, and such. But today, even the most mundane objects are evolving, from electrical outlets to thermostats. Driver's licenses are not immune. Unfortunately, like your grumpy uncle who's still mad about the...Read More»

Jeep Grand Cherokee Stuff With Fireworks
Police Arrest Driver Of Fireworks Laden SUV

Police have arrested the driver of a Jeep Grand Cherokee at Cabin John Regional Park in Bethesda. The Grand Cherokee was full of fireworks and had a turret with multiple tubes attached to the roof. The police believe the suspect, 27 year-old Glenn Neff from Stewart, Florida, planned to launch...Read More»

John Holmgren's rolling 9/11 memorial
A Rolling Tribute: 9/11 Remembered on the Road

With the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks coming tomorrow, High Gear Media's editors have been wondering how to commemorate the anniversary--to simply push it off our desks, turn off all electronic media and have another 366 days of peace before gearing up for the somber 10th...Read More»

VIN tag of 1995 Chevrolet Caprice, by Flickr user Ingue86
Times Square Bomber Unaware: Your Car Has VINs in Many Places

It appears that Faisal Shahzad, who allegedly attempted to set off an incendiary or explosive device inside a Nissan Pathfinder in New York City's Times Square last week, didn't know a lot about cars. He (or perhaps someone else) had filed off the rusty 1993 Pathfinder's 17-digit vehicle...Read More»

1993 Nissan Pathfinder
Times Square Pathfinder Bomb: Worst Craigslist Connection Ever

  We won't go as far as one public-relations professional, who called it the "worst product placement ever"--but surely the Nissan Pathfinder converted into a bomb this weekend, the one that fizzled out before it detonated, has been plunked down front and center in the news world. And funny...Read More»