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MINI has a car just for students, and it's priced below $20,000
MINI has a car just for students, and it's priced below $20,000

It's that time of year again: time for college students across America to charge their vaporizers, toss their dirty laundry into garbage bags, and head back to campus. This year, however, MINI wants the young'uns to make the journey in a brand new car--one that costs slightly less than $20,000...Read More»

Teen driver
IIHS names the best used cars under $20,000 (and under $10,000) for your teen

If you don't have a teen living under your roof, you might not have noticed, but 'tis the season for buying cars for young drivers. Whether they're looking for a gift to suit a high school grad (good luck with that, BTW) or something to send off a college-bound kid, parents across the country are...Read More»

Toyota & Teen Vogue's 'Arrive in Style' campaign
Teen Drivers & Older Cars: A Deadly Mix

We're still in the middle of holiday season, but parent of teenagers are already thinking ahead to spring -- specifically, to graduation and their kids' inevitable request for a car. READ: As More States Get Legal Pot, Americans Hazy On Drugged Driving If you're in that number, take note: the...Read More»

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Don’t Get Your Teen Driver A Car—Sharing Is Safer

At one time, perhaps a generation ago, some experts preached that car ownership for teen drivers was one of the best strategies for emphasizing responsibility and accountability. If teens had to manage maintenance and other costs for their own vehicle, the logic went, they would be more likely to...Read More»

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric - frame from video road test
Spoiled Teen Is REALLY Unhappy With His First Truck

The teen years aren't easy ones. Most of us are crippled by peer pressure, the desire to fit in, and endless waves of surging hormones. As a result, teenagers can be jerks, especially to their parents. Take for example this young man (we'll call him Stephen, since that's what his parents call him)...Read More»

2009 Dodge Challenger SE
No Convertible for Dodge Challenger

What you see (above) is what you get when it comes to Dodge's Challenger. Despite rivals Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro, whose svelte pony profiles are (or will be) graced with a drop top, Cars.com reports that Dodge nixed the idea of a Challenger Convertible. Dodge's director of marketing, Mike...Read More»

2009 Ford Focus
TheCarConnection.com's Eight Best Cars for College

With the fall term about to start at schools across the country, you may be looking for the perfect car for your parents to “subsidize”—or for your child to take off to college along with your furniture, your computer, and your life savings. It doesn’t take an economics major to find a...Read More»

2009 Ford Mustang
Is Ford's Mustang a Good First Car?

This won't come as a surprise to anyone who actually owns a teenager--here at TheCarConnection.com, we have the pink slip on two of them--but according to Ford itself, the most popular car for teen drivers is the Ford Mustang. Shocked? Not really, but Ford went to the lengths of commissioning a...Read More»

Cost of Teen Driving Hits $34 Billion, Says AAA

AAA says the cost associated with teen drivers in accidents has hit $34 billion annually. The motoring organization conducted an analysis for the first time ever on the bill rung up when teen drivers have accidents. It tallied up more than $34 billion annually in medical expenses, lost work...Read More»

Deer and car
New Program Promises "Driving Skills for Life"

Teaching teens to drive is an essential part of life -- but teaching them how to drive safely is even more critical. This spring, Ford is playing up its involvement in an online and on-site teen driver-training course that seeks to keep more young drivers alive. The National Highway Traffic Safety...Read More»

Shopping Tip: Used-Car Warning Words

I’m college-bound and car-less -- not exactly a grand combination, if you ask me. But I do have to give myself credit: I’ve been searching through ads on the Internet trying to find out what’s a “good” deal and what’s a “bad” one before I take the plunge and...Read More»

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