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Cadillac Hits The Info Superhighway With Wi-Fi
Cadillac Hits The Info Superhighway With Wi-Fi

The party in the back of your pink Cadillac is about to get a lot more crowded. As of April 2009, Caddy buyers will have the option of tacking on a wi-fi adapter, allowing gramps, grandma, and all the kids to cruise the streets with their pals from Facebook, Twitter, and, of course...Read More»

2011 Ford Fiesta
Ford PowerShifts into Dual-Clutch Era

Ford's latest step in the greening and freshening of its fleet will include a new dual-clutch "PowerShift" transmission, set to make its way into the smaller cars in its fleet in 2010. The new transmission's the joint effort of Ford and Getrag, which also supplies a lot of six-speed automatic...Read More»

carbon fiber Lotus Elise
Link Love From The Car Connection

Here are a few miscellaneous news items that have throttled across our desks: Hang up and drive: The National Safety Council is pushing for a nationwide ban on cell phone usage while driving.  Which would solve the problem of inconsistent state-by-state laws and give us an excuse to dodge calls...Read More»

2009 Chrysler 200C Concept
2009 Detroit Auto Show: Best In Show

The 2009 Detroit auto show opens to the public on Saturday--but the media has slipped out of Cobo Hall after one of the shortest press days in recent memory. Despite the gloom surrounding the industry, there were glimmers of hope. Each of the Big Three showed an unexpected concept car--and each was...Read More»

Terrafugia Transition
Where The Hell Is My Flying Car Already?

How many times have you found yourself stuck in traffic, shouting that very question to the rubbernecking hordes before you? The flying car--along with the robot butler, the teleportation chamber, and the true Everlasting Gobstopper--has been promised to generations of children, but no one has ever...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Volt
GM To Make Its Own Batteries

For as long as your author can remember, General Motors (as well as Ford and Chrysler) always held at least two press conferences during the Detroit Auto Show. Sunday conferences were usually reserved for concept cars. Monday conferences normally featured production fare. During these slimmer...Read More»

2010 Toyota Prius
2010 Toyota Prius Preview

The third-generation Toyota Prius is official, with a debut at the 2009 Detroit auto show--and it's rated at 50 miles per gallon. The 2010 Toyota Prius has already had a mini-unveiling last fall, when leaked photos made their way to the Web and were confirmed as accurate by Toyota. Today, Toyota is...Read More»

Deosai National Park
Link Love From The Car Connection: Friday Edition

Here are a few extra bits of auto-related goodness to get you through the weekend: Give 'em some love: Consumer Reports has revealed that the best-loved brands among car-buyers are Toyota, Honda, and Ford. At the bottom? Suzuki, Mazda, Saab, and Hummer. Maybe next year.   [Autoweek] Outrageous...Read More»

Toyota's Enform system
Toyota Launches OnStar Competitor

Intrigued by the popularity of GM's OnStar, Toyota has announced that it will offer a built-in safety service in some Toyota and Lexus models as soon as summer 2009. The services will have different names--Safety Connect for Toyotas, Enform for the Lexus (presumably because "Safety Connect" sounds...Read More»

Textecution: Its 4 U Srsly

I admit it: I've sent text messages while driving. But then, chances are pretty good that you have, too. It's a really stupid thing to do--far worse than jabbering on a cell while driving. My state and others have outlawed it, though no one's come to any consensus on how to enforce such...Read More»

Paris Hilton
Link Love From The Car Connection: Monday Edition

Here are a few recent stories that got away: Toyota's president cancels plan to attend Detroit Auto Show. Maybe he was trying to emulate his U.S. counterparts who motored to D.C. a few weeks back. Add "crossing the Pacific" to that list of things the Prius can't do. Technological innovation can...Read More»

CIMIT incubator
Innovation the World Can Live With: Car-Based Incubators

From fuel cells to morphable frames, a lot of new car concepts cross our desks at We also witness plenty of developments on the green/eco front--most recently encapsulated in Colin's totally excellent cross-country biodiesel adventure. But it's rare to see a story that covers...Read More»

Nativity with GPS
Nativity Goes Lojack with GPS

Apart from the occasional Popemobile and various dashboard figurines, religion and cars don't often mix. However, one tech device designed for cars may bridge that gap by solving a serious problem for religious organizations--namely, the theft of outdoor holiday displays. You see, unbenownst to us...Read More»

Mio and Navigon GPS
Twelve Days of Christmas: GPS Units

Considering the number of portable GPS units on the market, it seems that as a nation, we have an incredible fear of being lost and/or not knowing where we are. Regardless of how fun it would be to dart down a rabbit trail commentary regarding our national consciousness, your author will stick to...Read More»

2010 Honda Insight
2010 Honda Insight Will Grade Your Eco Driving--With Leaves

The 2010 Honda Insight showed up at the Paris auto show as a concept, and at the Los Angeles show today it prepared for production early next spring (we'll be driving it soon, so stay tuned). As Honda unveiled the Insight alongside the Vector-ish new FC Sport concept, it also unveiled an Insight...Read More»

BMW V-12 X-Ray Vision
BMW Could Supply Engines for Mercedes, U.S. Automakers

BMW's engines have always been legendary for their performance, and yesterday the firm's head of development, Klaus Draeger, admitted the company is in "advanced talks" regarding licensing some of its engine technology to rival Mercedes, says AutoCar. The engine spawning the discussion is a new...Read More»

2008 Audi R8
Audi to Offer HD Radio Across 2011 Lineup

"Vorsprung durch Technik"--that's German for "Advancement Through Technology," a concept that Audi espouses in promoting new technologies such as HD Radio as standard equipment on many of its model-year 2011 lineup. The German automaker, who shares a U.S. headquarters with Volkswagen in Herndon...Read More»

Charles F. Kettering
Charles Kettering Is Alive and Well

Or the spirit of GM's genius engineer from the early 1900s, anyway, seems to be burning brightly in the R&D laboratories of General Motors. Automotive News explained that GM has now revealed more impressive technical details of its in-development 4.5-liter Duramax diesel V-8, to be installed in...Read More»

iPhone Tapped to Bolster 2009 Ford Flex Sales

Hoping to ride the wave of massive popularity enjoyed by Apple's iPhone, Ford is pumping up its 2009 Flex crossover with a new iPhone application, reports the Detroit Free Press. Called Flex Photo Lab, the app allows users to alter photos on the iPhone or learn more information about Ford's 2009...Read More»

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