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Ford Boss Alan Mullaly Sees Light At End Of Tunnel
Ford Boss Alan Mullaly Sees Light At End Of Tunnel

Unlike General Motors and Chrysler LLC, Ford Motor Company (F) has maintained a more normal outward appearance as the organization has navigated through this current economic storm. For example, Ford introduced the 2010 Ford Mustang at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show.  GM and Ford did not even hold...Read More»

Ford Cleveland Engine Plant No. 1
Ford Motor Company Cleveland Plant Produces EcoBoost V-6

If you've spent much time around Ford guys, you'll likely hear the adjectives "Windsor" and "Cleveland" tossed around when discussing what's under somebody's hood. To mark the reopening of Ford's Cleveland Engine Plant, this story gives you a top-level history level on the two historic V-8s, but...Read More»

Shopping Cart
Ford Uses Cars As Punching Bags--And It's All For You

As I stared at this huge industrial robot, I asked if it could do anything other than push a shopping cart at about 300 mph? The engineer answered that it could do the same thing with a bicycle. Cool! While there is a certain amount of humor in seeing a shopping cart loaded with over 100 pounds of...Read More»

2010 Pre-Production SHO Taurus
Woman Engineer SHOs Us How It's Done

So I'm taking the photos you see here, and it happened so quickly I had to check my screen when I was editing the photos ... she definitely got wheels off the ground coming over a rising right-hand corner at Ford's Dearborn Proving Grounds! Clearly, Christina Rodriguez knows how to drive. As the...Read More»

2009 Mercury Milan
Ford Trumps Honda In Initial Quality

Chrysler may be down in the dumps these days, but Blue Oval is far from blue. Across the interweb comes news that Ford has pulled ahead of Honda in initial quality rankings for 2009, as per a study conducted by RDA Group. That breaks last year's three-way tie for the top spot, leaving a mere...Read More»

2010 Ford Taurus SHO
2010 Ford Taurus SHO: 365 Horses, All in the Family

If a minivan isn't your first choice for a family vehicle, the options are wide open. Once you start thinking differently about what you need in a family vehicle, you can get back some of those things you thought you had to give up. Like horsepower. After a 10-year hiatus, Ford has brought back its...Read More»

2010 Ford Taurus SHO
2009 Chicago Show: Taurus SHO Returns, Triumphant

•    What is it: A twin-turbo version of the 2010 Ford Taurus, bringing back the old “SHO” tag •    Key facts: 365-hp V-6 is the most powerful “EcoBoost” Ford will offer; paddle-shifted automatic should add to sporting feel; Ford’s SYNC system is standard •    On sale...Read More»

2009 Chrysler 200C Concept
2009 Detroit Auto Show: Best In Show

The 2009 Detroit auto show opens to the public on Saturday--but the media has slipped out of Cobo Hall after one of the shortest press days in recent memory. Despite the gloom surrounding the industry, there were glimmers of hope. Each of the Big Three showed an unexpected concept car--and each was...Read More»

2010 Ford Taurus
2009 Detroit: Ford Bets Big on Electric Vehicles, Taurus

Just as if it were scripted (it wasn't), Ford held its Detroit Auto Show press conference just a few minutes after the 2009 Ford F-150 won the North American Truck of the Year award. Not a bad way to start the show. Bucking the bad news regarding the economy and the nation's auto industry, Ford...Read More»

2010 Ford Taurus
2010 Ford Taurus Preview

Back when Granadas, LTDs and Fairmonts were Ford's mainstay sedans, the 1986 Ford Taurus was a breakthrough car. In its day, nothing else looked or performed like it. With a few notable exceptions (such as the excellent Taurus SHO editions), it's been downhill for the Taurus ever since...Read More»

2010 Ford Taurus
Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Taurus

Here are some up-close-and-detailed shots of a less-disguised prototype for the 2010 Ford Taurus.  We can now get a good look at the Taurus' redesign, destined to debut in a few weeks at the Detroit Auto Show.  We also managed to get a good look at the interior, captured here in its full glory...Read More»

2008 Audi A4 TDI concept e
Automotive Hall of Fame Adds Eight Inductees

The Automotive Hall of Fame, located in Dearborn, Michigan, yesterday inducted eight new individuals (five posthumously) into its ranks. These individuals are being honored for their contributions to racing, design, manufacturing, the aftermarket, or management. The list of inductees is as follows...Read More»

2008 Ford F-Series
Do You Think Ford Can Survive?

Ford's decision to delay by two months the launch of the new 2009 F-Series pickup is news in and of itself. But in the broader scheme of things, it's just one step in a dramatic remake that could, arguably, be the automaker's last big battle. With the automaker's plants mortgaged up to the...Read More»

Has the 2010 Ford Taurus Been Revealed?

The covers might be off on the 2010 Ford Taurus -- and Ford isn't happy about it. Yesterday, a single fuzzy shot of what's claimed to be the new Taurus surfaced on a few Web sites after first appearing on the Taurus Car Club of America site. Though Ford's demanded that some blogs remove the blurry...Read More»

R.I.P. Ford Taurus, 1986-2006

Sometime next week, the Ford Taurus will roll into history. Another instance of Ford dumping a good nameplate, perhaps — and 21 years of history and seven million copies shuffle off into memory with it. Count me as one of the people double-whammied by the Taurus’ departure. As a former...Read More»

NASCAR Hooks Up With Scientology

Is NASCAR being invaded by an even stronger force? The Church of Scientology, no stranger to trading a little paint with Oprah Winfrey and Brooke Shields through the human form of Tom Cruise, is sponsoring a car in one of the racing league’s entry-level series. The Associated Press says that...Read More»

Can You Picture a Four-Seat XK?

Clay models might seem like old-school car design, but most carmakers, including Jaguar, still use them to flesh out the details of their vehicles. Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum says you have to: it’s only in this form that you see how a car looks before locking into production pieces...Read More»

Meritor sponsorship
2000 Detroit Show: The Final Word

Barry Gilcrest stood wide-eyed and slack-jawed, staring at the Jaguar F-Type concept car tucked neatly into a corner of Detroit’s Cobo Hall. "I’ve always loved Jags," said the suburban auto parts salesman, "and this one, well, I just have to have it." "I just have to have it," gushed Barry...Read More»

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