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Ta-ta for now: World's cheapest car to end production next year
Ta-ta for now: World's cheapest car to end production next year

The Tata Nano aimed to revolutionize how India's population moved around the country with an affordable price. Instead, it turned into an ugly sales flop. Next year marks the end of the line for the jellybean-shaped car AFP reported Monday that new emissions and safety regulations in India mean...Read More»

Fisker Atlantic concept unveiling before New York Auto Show, April 2012
Fisker Atlantic Delayed, Volvo C30 Discontinued, Tata Nano In The U.S.: Today's Car News

Today at The Car Connection, Toyota priced the 2013 Prius lineup while Volvo announced the discontinuation of the C30 hatchback. The EPA rated the 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and the NHTSA is looking into possible issues with the 2005 Honda Pilot. All this and more in today's car news, right here on...Read More»

2012 Tata Nano
Tata Nano: Coming To The U.S. & Europe Within 3 Years

In 2008, when Tata Motors announced that it was developing a sub-$2,500 car for Indian consumers, the world sat up and took notice. Heck, $2,500 was half the price of the cheapest car available in India at the time. Given the country's growing middle class, analysts thought that Tata's new ride --...Read More»

2012 Tata Nano
2012 Tata Nano Valentines Edition Shows India The Love

Stumped for Valentine’s Day gift ideas? An auto dealer in India has taken a page from the Lexus Christmastime playbook and is offering the 2012 Tata Nano Valentines Edition. Priced at the equivalent of about $4,200 USD, the $400 option from Auto Industries in Goa is available on 20 spiffed-up...Read More»

Jaguar XKR-S testing at Goodwood
2012 Jaguar XKR-S, Toyota Repo, GM Employees For LGBTQ: Today's Car News

Jaguar has released drool-worthy video of the 2012 XKR-S doing a test-run at Goodwood Hill. [MotorAuthority] GM employees have made an 'It Gets Better' video for LGBTQ youth. [TheCarConnection] Toyota repossessed a murdered mom's car and the son retaliated on Facebook. [SocialCarNews] Sri Lanka is...Read More»

Tata Nano
Vasectomy Contest: Get Men To Cut Tiny Tubes, Win a Tiny Car!

Despite its clever design, and its trophy as the least-expensive new car in the world, sales of India's innovative Tata Nano have slowed to a crawl. Now, in an effort to reach its target audience--Indians whose sole transport is motorbikes, including many in more rural regions--Tata and its local...Read More»

Tata Nano in flames, Mumbai, India, from Indian Autos Blog
Beyond the Planet of the Flaming Tatas II: The Reckoning

Following the continuing saga of the flaming Tatas, we now learn that Nano models built to date can be retrofitted with two items to reduce the risk of fires erupting inside or underneath the world's cheapest new car. You may recall that concerns over flaming Tatas came to light last March, when...Read More»

Tata Nano in flames, Mumbai, India, from Indian Autos Blog
Don't Worry If Your Tatas Catch Fire, They're Still Very Safe

Yes, we hate ourselves for the puns. But, no, we're not going to stop. At least not yet. Here's the latest on our startlingly successful story on the problems of spontaneously combusting Tata Nanos in India: Tata has now issued a statement reiterating the safety of the Nano, attributing two of the...Read More»

Tata Nano in flames, Mumbai, India, from Indian Autos Blog
Hey, Toyota, It Could Be Worse: You Could Have Flaming Tatas

Toyota's troubles with so-called sudden acceleration are so well publicized, we're not going to run them down here. But we'd remind the world's largest carmaker that it might be far worse. As well as sticky accelerator pedals and ill-fitting floor mats, they could also be facing cars that...Read More»

Tata Nano
Tata Nano Update: Now En Route To The U.S. Around 2013

Last we heard, the Tata Nano was scheduled for a U.S. launch by 2012. In a recent interview with Reuters, however, chairman Ratan Tata pushes back that rollout by a full year. Now, the world's cheapest car -- which is currently being re-tooled for its European debut in late 2011 -- is expected to...Read More»

Toyota logo
Toyota To Unveil Economy Car Concept In India This January

While most of our attention this January will be focused on the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, we'll also be keeping an eye on India and the near-simultaneous New Delhi Auto Show. Our interest has been piqued by Toyota's announcement that it'll be unveiling a new vehicle in New...Read More»

Aussie Invader 5R rendering
World’s Fastest Car, BMW Green Sports Car: Today’s Car News

It’s hard to believe that in this economic climate there are in fact two different teams gunning for the world land speed record. The latest is the Aussie Invader team from Australia, which is working on a new rocket-powered car capable of accelerating from 0 to 1,000 mph in a claimed 20...Read More»

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