Ta-ta for now: World's cheapest car to end production next year
Ta-ta for now: World's cheapest car to end production next year

The Tata Nano aimed to revolutionize how India's population moved around the country with an affordable price. Instead, it turned into an ugly sales flop. Next year marks the end of the line for the jellybean-shaped car AFP reported Monday that new emissions and safety regulations in India mean...Read More»

Georgia state capitol (pic by Andre M. via Wikimedia)
Georgia Isn't Content With Mercedes-Benz; Now It Wants Jaguar Land Rover Factory, Too

Early last month, Mercedes-Benz fessed-up to one of the worst-kept secrets in the automotive world: after decades of doing business out of Montvale, New Jersey, the company admitted that it was moving its U.S. headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia. You might think, "Wow, that's a big win for the the...Read More»

2012 Tata Nano
Tata Nano: Coming To The U.S. & Europe Within 3 Years

In 2008, when Tata Motors announced that it was developing a sub-$2,500 car for Indian consumers, the world sat up and took notice. Heck, $2,500 was half the price of the cheapest car available in India at the time. Given the country's growing middle class, analysts thought that Tata's new ride --...Read More»

Tata Nano in flames, Mumbai, India, from Indian Autos Blog
Beyond the Planet of the Flaming Tatas II: The Reckoning

Following the continuing saga of the flaming Tatas, we now learn that Nano models built to date can be retrofitted with two items to reduce the risk of fires erupting inside or underneath the world's cheapest new car. You may recall that concerns over flaming Tatas came to light last March, when...Read More»

Screencap from Porsche's YouTube channel
Battle Of The Brands: Which European Automakers Bare All On YouTube?

Yesterday, we launched a little friendly competition: a comparison of automakers' YouTube channels. We were curious to see which qualify as must-see web TV and which ought to be canceled ASAP. Monday was devoted to U.S. brands, and today, we're moving across the pond for a look at their "European"...Read More»

Tata Nano in flames, Mumbai, India, from Indian Autos Blog
Don't Worry If Your Tatas Catch Fire, They're Still Very Safe

Yes, we hate ourselves for the puns. But, no, we're not going to stop. At least not yet. Here's the latest on our startlingly successful story on the problems of spontaneously combusting Tata Nanos in India: Tata has now issued a statement reiterating the safety of the Nano, attributing two of the...Read More»

Tata Nano in flames, Mumbai, India, from Indian Autos Blog
Hey, Toyota, It Could Be Worse: You Could Have Flaming Tatas

Toyota's troubles with so-called sudden acceleration are so well publicized, we're not going to run them down here. But we'd remind the world's largest carmaker that it might be far worse. As well as sticky accelerator pedals and ill-fitting floor mats, they could also be facing cars that...Read More»

Tata Nano
Tata Nano Update: Now En Route To The U.S. Around 2013

Last we heard, the Tata Nano was scheduled for a U.S. launch by 2012. In a recent interview with Reuters, however, chairman Ratan Tata pushes back that rollout by a full year. Now, the world's cheapest car -- which is currently being re-tooled for its European debut in late 2011 -- is expected to...Read More»

Toyota logo
Toyota To Unveil Economy Car Concept In India This January

While most of our attention this January will be focused on the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, we'll also be keeping an eye on India and the near-simultaneous New Delhi Auto Show. Our interest has been piqued by Toyota's announcement that it'll be unveiling a new vehicle in New...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen New Beetle
Ugliest Cars Of The Past 50 Years? You Might Be Surprised.

Think that the design of the Volkswagen New Beetle is more hideous than iconic? Apparently you're not alone. Business Week has posted its "Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years," including a number of models present and past, and the New Beetle is just one of the newer and still-produced models...Read More»

Tata Nano
Report: Auto Buyers Open To Chinese, Indian Brands

More signs that the world of today is very different from the one our parents and grandparents knew: according to stat-hounds AutoPacific, 15% of car buyers would consider purchasing a Chinese-brand vehicle, and 11% would mull the possibility of purchasing one from India. Those statistics may not...Read More»

Jaguar XE Roadster teaser
Jaguar XE Roadster: A Hybrid In The Works?

It'll be at least two years before the Jaguar XE roadster makes its debut, but here at TCC, many of us are already giddy with anticipation. That's partially because, hey, it's a roadster--and who doesn't like those?--but also because rumors have begun circulating about the possibility of a hybrid...Read More»

Tata Nano Europa
Tata Nano: In The U.S. By 2012

With a base model that starts around $2,500, the Tata Nano has been wildly popular since it went on pre-sale in India in April. As we mentioned a few weeks back, it's already sold over 200,000 units there, with another 600,000 buyers waiting in the wings. Given all that hoopla, how could Tata...Read More»

Tata Nano
Tata: Now With W/D Hookups

Tata is getting into the real estate business: the little company that could [buy everything] is planning to sell condos near Mumbai. Like their $7,800+ price tag, they're really, really small. [Businessweek via BoingBoing]Read More»

2000 Jaguar F-type
2012 Jaguar C-Type: The Guessing Game Begins

Jaguar may be planning a smaller coupe to pair with its gorgeous 2010 XK range, but will the new purported "C-Type" be real competition for the likes of the Porsche Boxster? The rumormill in Great Britain has coughed up illustrations of something passably sketched as a new Jaguar C-Type coupe...Read More»

Tata Nano
Tata Nano Buyers Like Luxury Options, Too

  Many have praised Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata, for doing what seemed the impossible; designing, engineering, and building the world’s cheapest car. In a process that took nearly four years and involved the efforts of more than 500 engineers, Tata managed to bring to market its Nano minicar...Read More»

Kurtsystems Car
Link Love From The Car Connection: Honda Insight Pulls Ahead, Tata Is Tops, And Another Elon Musk Meltdown In The Making

One horse town -- We were vaguely confused when we came across that high-tech horse wagon pic to your left. Turns out it's not, in fact, a vehicle for upscale Amish gentlemen, but rather a snazzy system for training horses. And also camels. [Kurtsystems via DRB] That voice -- GPS manufacturers are...Read More»

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