Memorial Day Gas Prices: Down Somewhat, But Still Affecting Travel
Memorial Day Gas Prices: Down Somewhat, But Still Affecting Travel

Gas prices could fall another ten cents or more in the next week, but experts anticipate that budget-strapped households are going to be cautious about Memorial Day Weekend travel this year. According to AAA, in an analysis and travel forecast conducted with IHS Global Insight, about 34.9 million...Read More»

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Analysts: Gas Prices Could Bring Economic Recovery To A Halt

Just when it looked like people were more willing to spend money again on non-essential items—and on more essential (but deferrable) purchases like new cars—rising prices at the pump could grind some aspects of economic recovery to a halt. After a major price spike in summer 2008, when...Read More»

Golden Gate Bridge, connecting San Francisco and Marin County, California
Libertarians: Hold On, Our Highways Aren't Crumbling Away

We hear it in stump speeches all the time: that we need more infrastructure spending as our highways and bridges are crumbling away—or at the very least in urgent need of upgrades. However a study from the Reason Foundation, a libertarian public policy group that also publishes Reason...Read More»

With Low Pump Prices, Motorists Dash Worries And Hit The Road

Heading out to the beach, or up to the mountains this weekend? Pump prices aren’t nearly as high as they were this spring, but they’re still enough to make cost-conscious, recession-battered travelers crunch the numbers before hitting the road. At only about 11 cents higher per gallon...Read More»