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No Letter Grade: The Car Industry Breathes A Sigh Of Relief
No Letter Grade: The Car Industry Breathes A Sigh Of Relief

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration has abandoned the idea of using letter grades to reflect the fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions of new cars. Instead, the administration is expected to announce a new, revised system that will take the place...Read More»

2012 Toyota Prius V launch press conference, 2011 Detroit Auto Show
Why Used Car Prices Are So High

Have you noticed how high used car prices are getting? Last year you could buy a two-year-old Toyota Prius and pay in the mid-teens or less. Now, expect to pay in the upper teens for the same car, depending on where in the country you live. There is no doubt that a shortage of good used cars...Read More»

2012 Ford Focus
Higher Prices, Fewer Choices For New Car Buyers Coming

There’s bad news on the horizon for new car buyers: demand is up and supply is down, so automakers are reducing incentives used to move new car inventory. It's most stark in small cars. Increasing fuel prices have caused a surge in demand for smaller, more fuel-efficient cars and trucks, and...Read More»

2011 Acura TL
Gas Prices: One More Issue Car Dealers Don’t Need

April car sales figures will be released later this week. Until then, I thought I would check with friends in the industry to see how things were doing locally. “Sales of smaller vehicles in all categories is the new normal,” said one friend who works for a major car dealer. We were...Read More»

2011 Honda Insight
Japanese Car Makers And Dealers: Between A Rock And A Hard Place

The supply of vehicles from Japan—and those assembled in the U.S. with parts from there—is being negatively affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The result is Japanese automobile manufacturers and their U. S. dealers wondering, “Why advertise if you don’t have...Read More»

2011 Land Rover Range Rover
National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) And Chamber Lose Court Ruling

A U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that the state of California can continue to pass air pollution standards that are stricter than federal law. The court blocked a legal challenge to California's ability to manage air pollution standards when it ruled that the National Automobile Dealers...Read More»

Cadillac dealership
The U.S. Retail Car Industry: A $600 Billion Venture

Business Wire has released a new report on just how important car dealerships are to our national economy. The report discloses that 45,000 new and used dealerships across the country account for $600 billion in annual revenue. The report goes on to say that new vehicle sales account for half of...Read More»

2010 Nissan Altima
Would You Buy A Previous Rental Car?

As a car salesman in a former life, a third of my pre-owned customers refused to consider a car that had been a rental in a former life. They envisioned drivers abusing the car in ways I couldn’t even imagine. What they failed to realize is many rental cars are driven by busy executives...Read More»

2012 Nissan Versa
Value Cars: A New Trend To Reduce Driving Costs

As the nation struggles with balancing its budget and making difficult choices on where to spend available dollars, Americans around the country continue to downsize the vehicles they drive in their attempt to make current economic realities livable—if not survivable. The latest trend has to...Read More»

2010 Toyota Prius
Vehicle Safety Recalls: Get Them Done, And Be Safe

As a former car salesman, I was surprised at how often customers brought their trades in for evaluation, still subject to a list of recalls that had not been completed. Car owners usually receive written notice from their automobile manufacturer telling them to bring their vehicle to a dealership...Read More»

Jack Colker Union 96 gas station in Beverly Hills, via
Gas Apps To The Rescue

I’ve owned an iPhone since they were first released. But I didn’t get my first gas app until a few weeks ago when it seemed that gas prices were not going to relent in their climb above $4 per gallon. Because of that spiral upward, I’ve had to get used to the fact that my gas app...Read More»

2010 Honda Civic Sedan
Car Buying Guide: Know You’re Getting A Good Deal

When I was Internet Manager for a major car dealer, the most frustrating issue my customers faced was not knowing if they were getting a fair and reasonable deal. It was this not knowing—this black-hole of uncertainty—that created such anxiety, it transformed making a final decision to...Read More»

2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe
How To Lower Stress—And Save Money—When Buying Your Next Car?

When I talk to friends and family about the car buying process, there are usually two things they hate more than anything else: not knowing if they’re getting a good deal, and negotiating price. It’s no wonder. Most people begin their car buying process by walking in the front door of...Read More»

2011 Porsche 911 GTS
Study: Men Want To Be Seen, Women Want To Be Seen As Practical?

Men go for bold looks, bold sheetmetal, and horsepower, while women go with interior space, practicality, cost, and safety features, right? It sure sounds like a reinforcement for a tired gender bias. But, at least in some ways, it's still true. Those expectations might be changing, gradually, but...Read More»

Shanghai Buick Showroom
Car Shopping Tip: Steering Around "Profit Points"

Car dealers are between a rock and a hard place. Their ranks have been decimated by the downturn in the economy. If that weren’t bad enough, savvy car shoppers are using the Internet to negotiate great deals on the selling price of new cars. As a result, it’s more difficult for dealers...Read More»

2011 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Consumer Reports' Top 5 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs

Many families still prefer to drive kids around in larger, safer vehicles. This often results in the purchase of a sport-utility vehicle (SUV), despite the fact that they get lower fuel economy than a mid or full-size family sedan or an even smaller, gas-electric hybrid vehicle such as the Toyota...Read More»

2011 Toyota Prius
Top 5 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars: Consumer Reports

American drivers continue to downsize their vehicle choices to enhance fuel economy. No wonder. Gas prices have steadily increased since last fall, and drivers across the country are wondering when escalating fuel prices will begin to come down. In the meantime, commuters and others who have no...Read More»

2008 Ford Escape Hybrid
Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles: Be Protected

Maybe it’s because I was Internet Manager for a major car dealer that friends and family are always asking me for help when they buy used cars. Most people only buy a handful of vehicles in a lifetime and for many it’s a nervous-making experience where they could use some help. I...Read More»

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