Nissan to Sell Chrysler Truck - So What About the Armada?
Nissan to Sell Chrysler Truck - So What About the Armada?

With today's announcement from Auburn Hills and Tokyo that Chrysler and Nissan would trade product for product, the speculation on more deals between the automakers grew louder. Earlier this year, the two automakers outlined the basics of the deal, which had Nissan producing a compact car for...Read More»

Price Boost for 2009 Acura TSX

The new 2009 Acura TSX goes on sale at the end of the month, and Honda's upscale brand and its upscale managers have tagged it with a price of $28,960, not including destination charges of $715. That's for the base manual-transmission version. Acura says the TSX with the Technology Package and...Read More»

Bugatti Adding Targa Veyron

Automotive News is reporting this morning that the ultra-exclusive, ultra-hyped Bugatti Veyron is getting a targa version. A source told the weekly auto newspaper that the Volkswagen-affiliated supercar maker is offering a targa version, instead of a full convertible, because no other solution...Read More»

Lamborghini Joins the Podcasting Era

The wonders of iTunes will never cease. Now, even if you can't actually own a Lamborghini of any stripe, you can see and hear them through Apple's world-dominating music service. Lamborghini's made the play on iTunes with a new podcast called "The World of Lamborghini." If you think that's a snug...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Toyota and Subaru are so much in love, they're getting together to build a new rear-drive coupe. Because, you know, the world didn't get enough of the Corolla GT-S the first time around. Honda Pilot pics swept the Web this week, days before all the reviewers posted their opinions. Well, you checked...Read More»

Cars Are Most Recycled Products

What's the most recycled thing you can think of? Plotlines on Family Guy? We've got one better for you -- automobiles. The Automotive Recyclers Association says cars and trucks are the most reused things in America. The association, using data from the Environmental Protection Agency, says that 95...Read More»

Scion xB, tC Priced for 2009

Scion's released prices for their 2009 xB and tC models. The only change the xB has undertaken is in color: Stingray Metallic will replace Nautical Blue. With a five-speed manual transmission, the xB starts at $15,750. Shoppers who want a four-speed automatic are ready to go at $16,700. Both prices...Read More»

Gadget Du Jour: Alpine Mobile Multimedia Station

Alpine's latest car stereo may just be the single piece of equipment you need to live in the digital age -- possibly, even, to live in your car. Well, maybe not to live in your car, but certainly to turn your car into a media center that's missing only 8-tracks, LPs and 45s in its laundry list of...Read More»

Cars Sequel Set for 2012

If you didn't get enough of Disney's animated take on the fables of Route 66, you're in luck. The company's Pixar unit is brewing up another installment of its Cars franchise, with the new animated feature due in 2012. Autoblog doesn't have many other details about Cars 2, other than it's following...Read More»

Spy Shots: 2009 BMW Z4 Gets Folding Hardtop

Back in March, we told you that the 2009 BMW Z4 would be getting a retractable folding roof. This week some of the other blogs are picking up on the detail, with a little more information on the new Z4's powertrains. The new Z4 is expected to offer a choice of more powerful engines. Riding on the...Read More»

Lambo Plotting One More Murcielago

Lamborghini's planning one final edition of its Murcielago supercar -- and Britain's Autocar magazine reports that it will be the first rear-wheel-drive Murc to appear in the Lambo lineup. Set for launch later this year, the new SV edition will be spun from the current LP640 edition of the...Read More»

Trivia Time: Monty Burns' Machine

This car rivaled the finest Duesenbergs and Cadillacs of its day. Based on an Indy car, it was the car that hustled across country in a noteworthy, record-setting drive that inspired a few movies. It was a status symbol for rich drivers until the Depression. A later revival of the car proved...Read More»

Mercedes Build New Four-Cylinder

Mercedes-Benz hasn't sold a car with a four-cylinder engine in the U.S. for the past few years, but they're taking this sesquicentennial anniversary of the birth of Rudolf Diesel to introduce a new oil-burner engine. The new diesel, Mercedes says, outstrips all its previous efforts in design...Read More»

First Spin: 2009 BMW X6

I'm not the world's biggest fan of the BMW X5 sport-utility vehicle, but the new X6 has me intrigued. This week I have the new "Sports Activity Coupe" in my driveway and I'm going to figure out before Sunday afternoon exactly what the appeal might be. It has to start with the styling, I think. I...Read More»

2010 Buick LaCrosse Spied, Inside and Out

Once again,'s spies have stumbled upon the 2010 Buick LaCrosse -- but this time they managed to get some interior views, as well as (for the first time) a look the production exhaust tips. Looking closely, it appears the new LaCrosse will have some Enclave-like styling cues...Read More»

CNN: Rising Gas Prices Hurting Kids

Adult commuters aren't the only ones being stung by higher gas bills. A report from CNN today shows how the rise in gas prices is affecting every pore of the economy -- right down to how our kids are getting back and forth to school. Take the Dubuque County, Iowa, school system. CNN reports that...Read More»

Fisker Promises Cars for Early 2009

Earlier this year, we showed you the concept version of Fisker's new Karma plug-in hybrid. Now Fisker's going ahead with plans for production next spring -- and a plan to sell its cars in Europe, too. Like the electric Tesla Roadster that's making the trip across the Atlantic next year, the Fisker...Read More»

Toyota, Subaru Rear-Drive Coupe A Go

UPDATE: Automotive News is reporting that Toyota has confirmed the arrival of both sportscars for 2011. When Toyota bought into Subaru a few years ago, auto pundits assumed that the companies would start sharing brainpower at some point. Now Britain's Autocar magazine says it has the first evidence...Read More»

Mid-Size Cars Better in Crash Tests

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says sedans are getting more safe. The IIHS, which is underwritten by the insurance industry, crash-tested seven '08 mid-size sedans for front, side and rear impacts in its most recent testing. The sedans -- Chevrolet Malibu, Dodge Avenger, Infiniti G35...Read More»

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