2009 BMW 335d, X5 xDrive35d Diesels Qualify For U.S. Tax Credits
2009 BMW 335d, X5 xDrive35d Diesels Qualify For U.S. Tax Credits

Today BMW confirmed that its U.S. re-introduction of Ultimate Driving Machines with diesel engines will come with buyer incentives in the form of tax credits. Specifically, its 2009 335d sedan and 2009 X5 xDrive35d qualify for the Internal Revenue Service' Advanced Lean Burn Technology Motor Tax...Read More»

abandoned factory
Massive Chrysler Holiday Shutdown: 31 Days, 30 Plants

The end of the year is fast approaching, as is the end of the road for a solvent Chrysler if federal assistance is not forthcoming. Today Chrysler announced that it will extend its holiday break to now span one month, ceasing operation in 30 plants from December 19 through January 19. We can only...Read More»

Motor City Dream Garages
Twelve Days of Christmas: Motor City Dream Garages

This Christmas, purchase the book that takes you on an intimate tour of 20 incredible garages throughout Detroit. In "Motor City Dream Garages," journalist Rex Roy gives you an intimate look at collections held by garages like Henry Ford's Fair Lane in Dearborn (referred to as "The First Dream...Read More»

The Hand
Twelve Days of Christmas: High-Tech Hand Signals

You've done it again, haven't you? There are just nine days 'til Christmas--six 'til Hanukkah--and you haven't even made a dent in your shopping. Tsk, tsk. But don't panic. We have a gift that's perfect for most of the folks on your list--at least those old enough to drive. It's moderately priced...Read More»

2009 Chevrolet Avalanche
Would You Buy American for a $1,000 Bonus?

It's safe to say that American automakers didn't get into their current predicament because of one Titanic-sized iceberg. Instead, there were a lot of little, tiny icebergs chipping away at the hull of that ship for many, many years. (In fact, the snowball may be a more accurate, wintry metaphor.)...Read More»

Ford EcoBoost
EcoBoost Four-Cylinder Likely to Debut on Ford Fusion

While the 3.5-liter EcoBoost won't debut until next summer in the Lincoln MKS, Detroit News reports that Ford is putting "the finishing touches" on an EcoBoost four-cylinder. EcoBoost engines will use both direct injection and turbocharging to yield greater power from smaller displacements that use...Read More»

Mercedes-Benz Collection
Twelve Days of Christmas: Mercedes-Benz Wintry White Collection

So while VW and Barneys New York are readying a bunch of feel-good flower power for this year's holiday season, The Mercedes-Benz Collection is cloaking its entire assemblage of toys, clothing, and other tchotchkes in snowdrift white. Whether you are a fashion-conscious cyclist, a miniature car...Read More»

Twelve Days of Christmas: The Tailgate Sling Chair

OK, so we’re not aware of many things more useful than a barbecue pit or a hoops backboard attached to your truck’s trailer hitch. But then, on our way out west, we skimmed through the best catalog you can shop from at 35,000 feet—yep, Skymall—and found the perfect accoutrement to your...Read More»

2009 Honda Fit
Honda Has Most Repeat Customers, J.D. Power Says

When it comes to bringing buyers back to the showrooms, no brand does it better than Honda, according to a new survey from the marketing-research team at J.D. Power and Associates. Power's Customer Retention Study for 2008 reports that Honda saw 64.7 percent of its buyers return when shopping for...Read More»

Ford 427 X-mas tree ornament
Twelve Days of Christmas: Car Christmas Lights

Attention shoppers: you have exactly twelve business days to shop until Christmas eve. And since we're a little behind on ordering and paying here at, we're bringing you a car-related gift idea each blogging day from now until we close up shop for the holiday on the 23rd. First...Read More»

November Sales Abysmal Even for Honda, Toyota, VW

On the heels of the New York Times' pronouncement today that, yes, we really are in a recession (how about a nearly 9 percent S&P 500 decline in just 6.5 hours yesterday?), many automakers shared the sobering news of their November '08 sales. Even tight ships like Honda, Toyota, and VW--who...Read More» Launches, Promises "Fly" Used Cars for Under 15K

Lack of availability to credit and a shrinking economy quashed your new car hopes? You can still get some wheels if you don’t mind going used (“pre-owned,” as they say these days). And Peter Greenberg wants to get you in a fresh, fly set of wheels for $15,000 or less with his new Web site...Read More»

GMT 360 SUVs Go Out Ignominously, with Cracked Blocks and Spraying Fuel

The New York Times’ Autos section recently reported on two TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) quietly released by GM in September that detailed problems with its GMT 360 mid-size SUVs, which the company will stop producing on December 23. Short of manufacturer recalls, TSBs “are information...Read More»

Super Shell Gas Pump
Cheap Gas: A Minute, an Hour, a Month, a Year?

Gas prices have recently fallen as rapidly as GM, Ford, and Chrysler’s dwindling cash reserves: well below $2 per gallon in many areas of the country. From highs more than double that number just months ago, these petrol price vacillations are enough to make a person dizzy. Or at least bipolar...Read More»

2009 Nissan 370Z
Nissan Reconsiders Chicago Auto Show Dropout

"We have found a way to maintain a presence at the Chicago show through our dealers, while still demonstrating the fiscal responsibility required by these challenging times," said Nissan in a quote in an Automotive News article yesterday. The sixth automaker to pull out of Detroit's North American...Read More»

Carfax Warns: Odometer Rollbacks on the Rise

Remember the failed odometer rollback attempt in the '80s flick Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Well it seems that the electronic age has made such attempts both more numerous and more successful. Whereas the old mechanical odometers had lockouts to prevent such hijinks, your average 13-year-old iPhone...Read More»

2009 Acura TL
IIHS Bestows Entire Acura Lineup with "Top Safety Pick" Status

In a first in the history of both Acura and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a single nameplate receives the IIHS' "Top Safety Pick" status for every model it produces. The proud parent of those vehicles is Acura, and all of its models (TSX, TL, RL, RDX, MDX) had to receive the...Read More»

2008 Hyundai Accent GLS
Hyundai to Offer Fuel-Miser Editions Of 2009 Accent And Elantra

Hyundai didn't get to be the world's fifth-largest auto manufacturer by not knowing how to produce cars that the market wants. While other manufacturers are currently meeting the demand for higher-mileage vehicles with expensive technologies (hybrids and diesels), Hyundai is taking another...Read More»

Electric Scooter
ELV Motors Claim Electric Bicycles and Scooters Perfect Holiday Gift

Forget Santa. This year, the Christmas Elv might just bring you a high-voltage runabout to earn you some carbon credits and an equal amount of green smug points as you zoom circles around gas-swilling SUVs stuck at the gas pump. Just please, please, don't inhabit the left lane as you motor along at...Read More»

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