2009 BMW 7-Series Spied!
2009 BMW 7-Series Spied!

The wraps are coming off BMW’s next-generation 7-Series -- and we managed to get some revealing pictures of it near BMW’s Munich headquarters earlier today. This is first time the Mercedes S-Class competitor can be seen without the heavy cladding that made the elegant sedan look like an...Read More»

Are You N-Sync?

I've given it two tries now -- and though I can get Bluetooth to join forces with my iPhone, and successfully navigated my way to the churrascaria for dinner, I can't get Ford's Sync system to fully cooperate with my entertainment needs. After testing in a Lincoln MKZ and a Ford Fusion, I'm not...Read More»

Das Auto: VW Reminds People It's "The Car"

It's Volkswagen's new ad campaign, and it's as simple as "the car." The German automaker launches a new advertising campaign this month under the tag, "Das Auto" -- translated from German as "the car." It's meant to signify VW's place as an icon of pop culture, while giving the brand a jump-start...Read More»

Trapster: Speed Traps Go Cellular

Drivers have long communicated the presence of police and radar traps with not so subtle signals: the flash of high-beam lights. Now, a new Web site says it's figured out how to warn drivers over the Web and over their cell phones about nearby speed traps. Trapster is the new Web site created by...Read More»

Chrysler Answers Freedom's Call -- And Pays For It

Chrysler’s supporting soldiers in Iraq by paying for their phone calls home. The company's charitable arm announced today that it has donated $100,000 to the Freedom Calls Foundation, which provides video and audio calls for soldiers stationed abroad to family members back home. The main goal...Read More»

Knight Rider Makes the NBC Schedule

We won't hold you responsible - the few million people who watched NBC's resurrected Knight Rider in enough numbers to give the pilot a slot in the network's fall lineup. We blame entropy. Yep, you heard it right: NBC's confirmed the show will have a permanent spot in its lineup. It'll air...Read More»

Pic Tease: 2009 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen

Had enough of the stream of pics of Volkswagen's pert little Jetta Sportwagen? Too bad -- is in Washington, D.C., to drive the new Jetta and as if by coincidence, Volkswagen released these new shots of the wagon. With the hotness of the wagon market growing, VW convinced itself...Read More»

C/D's Larry Griffin Passes Away

It's a little belatedly that we report the passing of a colleague of ours, Larry Griffin. Larry was a longtime editor at Car and Driver, an ephemeral presence with a loose tether to anything but an interstate highway and a Mobil gas card and his prized handmade horse saddles. Above all, he was a...Read More»

Toyota: Tokyo Didn't Fund the Prius

Toyota is denying a report from BusinessWeek magazine that the Japanese government funded the development of the Prius. The Detroit News relays the report in BW's March 24 edition, in which former Toyota exec Jim Press -- now president at Chrysler -- told the magazine that "The Japanese government...Read More»

Which Best Seller Deserves the Boot?

March sales were dismal across the board, with even Toyota seeing a big drop in monthly numbers. The sales slaughter hurt just about every vehicle on the list of the 20 best-selling vehicles for the month of March, 2008, as compiled by Autodata Corp. and posted on the Detroit News. Lots of big...Read More»

Mercedes SLR Headed Into History

All good things must come to an end. Mercedes-Benz is set to stop producing its SLR roadster next year, according to a report this morning from Autocar's Web site. The SLR was introduced in 2005, and sported the 617-hp V-8 from tuning arm AMG. Coupled to AMG's Speedshift R five-speed automatic...Read More»

2011 MINI Crossman: New Spy Pics!

Back in January, we showed you our first spy pics of the new MINI off-roader, to be dubbed the Crossman. Now we've got better pics of the mini-ute -- far in advance of its on-sale date. The Crossman was previously referred to internally as the "Colorado" and will bring the MINI brand firmly into...Read More»

The Seven-Year Loan? Don't Do It

If you think a seven-year loan is a smart deal on your new car, think again. Car companies, dealers and financial institutions have been offering an 84-month financing plan on certain auto loans for a few years. Today, with transportation costs skyrocketing, it's more tempting than ever to stretch...Read More»

Second Opinion: ’08 Chevy Malibu

As long as I've written about cars and the auto industry (about a dozen years), GM has been on the verge of a comeback in the compact- to mid-size sedan segment. Quite a few different, highly heralded models have come out during this time, that I like to call “comeback kids” — the...Read More»

McCain Leads in Detroit

A new survey finds a result that won't surprise anyone following the 2008 Presidential campaign: auto execs favor John McCain in the general election coming in November, reports the Detroit News. McCain's no friend of the auto industry, as has reported throughout the year. Not...Read More»

April Fools' Joke from Jaguar?

Everyone's getting in on the April Fools' Day jokes, including, we think, the funsters and wagsters at Carscoop. Witness this image here: according to the copy, it's a Jaguar XF-C concept due at the Beijing auto show on April 20. Carscoop says the four-seat coupe is based on the new XF, and powered...Read More»

Mutant 2010 Lincoln MKT Spied!

Lincoln seems to be heading into production with a new big crossover vehicle shown as a concept at this year's Detroit auto show. The 2010 Lincoln MKT was spotted on a Detroit freeway, wearing a nose bra to cover its vital Lincoln bits. This was the first time our spies have seen the MKT mule at...Read More»

Need a Dealer, Like, Now? Hit Up TCC on the iPhone

Let's say you're online, shopping for a new car, then head out for a test drive. Wait -- where's the nearest Pierce-Arrow dealership near me? You could kludge your way through various and sundry Web pages on a teeny-tiny screen on your so-last-decade cell phone. But if you have the marvelous Apple...Read More»

Is This Ford's Next Rear-Drive Sedan?

While Ford continues to plot its future vehicle plans, it seems increasingly likely that the company will add a new rear-drive sedan to its lineup. Our spies spotted two prototypes for the next Ford Falcon testing in the Detroit area--and we're hearing rumblings from inside Dearborn that an...Read More»

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