Toyota Doubles Subaru Stake
Toyota Doubles Subaru Stake

Yesterday, we reported on the possible Toyota-Subaru sports car under development. And today, Toyota's confirming that it's boosted its stake in Fuji Heavy Industries, the parent company of Subaru Back in 2005, Toyota picked up an 8.7-percent stake in Fuji after General Motors sold its shares in...Read More»

Ford Takes Aim At Blind Spots

Ford has two new safety technologies it will introduce in 2009. The first is the new blind-spot mirror pictured here. Ford says the new mirror will give drivers better visibility when they parallel-park or change lanes. Like many aftermarket mirrors, the Ford mirror uses a small convex portion at...Read More»

Enterprise Goes Green with Rentals

All you eco-friendly car renters out there, this one’s for you. Enterprise Rent-A-Car opened four new “green branches” today in Atlanta, according to a report in the Detroit Free Press. About 60 percent of the vehicles at the chain’s "green" stores will be hybrids and other...Read More»

Cost of Teen Driving Hits $34 Billion, Says AAA

AAA says the cost associated with teen drivers in accidents has hit $34 billion annually. The motoring organization conducted an analysis for the first time ever on the bill rung up when teen drivers have accidents. It tallied up more than $34 billion annually in medical expenses, lost work...Read More»

Tesla Plans European Tour

Tesla -- the electric car company, not the hardcore metal band you might remember fondly from high school -- is sending its Roadster to Europe. Tesla announced today that its Roadster would be sold in Europe. The pricetag there? A cool 99,000 Euros, or about $155,000 (the Roadster only costs about...Read More»

Toyota Recalls Half a Million Cars

Pay attention, Toyota drivers: a safety recall has been launched involving approximately 539,000 Corolla and Matrix vehicles in America. The recall applies to ’03 and ’04 Corolla and Matrix models with power windows (manual window model owners are safe). Toyota says the driver and front...Read More»

2009 Honda Pilot Pics - Ungussied-Up!

The 2009 Honda Pilot becomes official in just a week -- April 15, Tax Day, is the day Honda's set for car magazines and Web sites to tell all about the new crossover from a recent press drive. But's spy photographers have been hard at work to line up high-resolution 2009 Honda...Read More»

Has the 2010 Ford Taurus Been Revealed?

The covers might be off on the 2010 Ford Taurus -- and Ford isn't happy about it. Yesterday, a single fuzzy shot of what's claimed to be the new Taurus surfaced on a few Web sites after first appearing on the Taurus Car Club of America site. Though Ford's demanded that some blogs remove the blurry...Read More»

Two Years Later, The Camaro Still Gets Clicks

Damn -- has it already been two years of showing you spy shots of the Camaro? At this rate we're going to break the record of the last Mercedes C-Class and the former champ, the Nissan 350Z. We've been showing you every iteration of Camaro that's come along, and frankly, we're getting bored -- even...Read More»

Audi Hits the Screen with Iron Man

Audi's hooking up with Robert Downey, Jr., but don't worry -- there won't be any trouble-making except on the silver screen. Downey's the star of the film version of Marvel's Iron Man, and Audi's the official car of the summer flick, which makes its debut in theaters on May 2. Downey plays Tony...Read More»

Sebring, Avenger Recalled

Chrysler has announced a recall of its Sebring and Dodge Avenger sedans. The recall affects 212,347 cars outfitted with tire pressure monitors. All are 2007 and 2008 models, the Associated Press reports. The recall, posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on its Web...Read More»

Buick Lucerne Gets Super Price, Special Ed

Buick's slapped a pricetag on two new versions of its big Lucerne sedan. Both the Lucerne Super and the Lucerne CXL Special Edition will be available this month. The Lucerne Super gets a 4.6-liter Northstar V-8, which produces 292 horsepower. To go with the power, it's outfitted with GM's magnetic...Read More»

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Spied!

Though it's still over a year away from a world introduction, our spies have garnered details on the next Mercedes E‑Class, code-named W212 and due at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. The next E‑Class will ape the S-Class’s wheel-arch extensions, rising character line below the door...Read More»

Gas Prices to Hit $3.60

The U.S. Department of Energy says the price of gas will peak this summer at $3.60 a gallon, and at that level it will dampen consumption. The peak price estimate is based on typical demand patterns. We'll hit that high price in June, the DOE predicts, barring any major international incident or...Read More»

Gas Prices Affecting Most Drivers

The cost of gas is affecting how drivers shop for new cars, according to the pricing mavens at Kelley Blue Book. The latest Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research study reports that shoppers have already changed their behavior, and will keep defecting from less fuel-efficient vehicles if gas prices...Read More»

Deer and car
New Program Promises "Driving Skills for Life"

Teaching teens to drive is an essential part of life -- but teaching them how to drive safely is even more critical. This spring, Ford is playing up its involvement in an online and on-site teen driver-training course that seeks to keep more young drivers alive. The National Highway Traffic Safety...Read More»

Mumbai Puts Moratium on Honking

Silence your horns, gentlemen. Well, only if you’re in Mumbai that is. The crowded Indian city has 1.5 million vehicles with bicycles, rickshaws, dogs, cows, and elephants, making the noise level in the streets pretty high on a day-to-day basis. Add a couple hundred blaring horns, and the...Read More»

Lexus Offers A "Greenest" Weekend Deal

Remember the Prius "smug alert" from South Park that we love so much? Now's the chance for green-car fans to get the same effect while spending a whole lot of cash. Lexus is pairing up with a San Francisco hotel to offer what might be the greenest weekend available in one of its LS600 hybrids. For...Read More»

Quest, QX56 Moving Out of Mississippi

Nissan's Quest minivan and Infiniti QX56 sport-utility vehicle will have to find homes, now that Nissan is using some production capacity to build a new range of commercial vehicles. The new commercial vehicles will be along the lines of the Dodge Sprinter vans, and will be built in Nissan's...Read More»

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