SEMA 2008: Tuners on Parade
SEMA 2008: Tuners on Parade

Everywhere else in Las Vegas, there are signs of the fracturing economy: a huge pit across from the Convention Center that was to house a mega-development of condos and casinos, shuttered in its crater stage. Taxis are grumbling for the lack of fares. It's hard to tell if the Specialty Equipment...Read More»

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SEMA
Chevy Releases Camaro Black SEMA Concept Teaser

Chevy today released one of its SEMA Camaro concepts, called simply Black, which is one of several concept Camaros it will be showing off this November at SEMA '08. Absolutely no details about the concept have been released, but this is quite a menacing sketch with its nicely integrated body kit...Read More»

Coach Builders Ltd. Challenger Convertible
Challenger Convertible to Bow at SEMA

GOTCHA. Or at least Florida-based Coach Builders Ltd., an aftermarket cabriolet converter firm, according to Carscoop, got us, prompting a feverish double-take at the evil green, uber-'70s bad boy with a dropped top and the HEMI 6.1-liter from the Challenger SRT8. Make that a Vortech-supercharged...Read More»

Dodge Resurrects HEMI Hi-Po, Retro Colors, Street Cred for SEMA

Despite a sick economy, days ago rumors of a merger with GM, and the tenuous scenario of being owned by Cerberus Capital Management, the Mopar folks at Dodge intend to put on one heck of a show at this year's Specialty Equipment Market Association humongo gathering (aka SEMA). We reported to you...Read More»

Dodge Challenger SRT10 Concept
Viper V-10 Debuts in Dodge Challenger Concept

In what promises to be a bragging-rights, smoky burnout extravaganza, Chrysler today announces an all-aluminum 8.4-liter V-10 under the hood of its '09 Dodge Challenger SRT10 Concept headed to this year's SEMA. The engine is the same enthusiastic motivator for the brute-force Viper, and in...Read More»

2008 Hyundai Genesis RKSport Concept
Hyundai Genesis Sedan Gets Bling for SEMA

As Buick and Toyota will tell you, purveyors of vanilla soft-serv cars love partnering with design shops to give their posh rides some visual edge. And indeed, just like Toyota's Venza and Buick's Lucerne, Hyundai's new Genesis sedan does little to offend, with smooth, clean lines and a pleasant...Read More»

2009 Toyota Venza
Toyota to Display Tricked-Out Venzas at SEMA

Remember when Buick hired DUB magazine to pimp out a Lucerne, pushing that blue-hair-mobile about 40 ounces away from true street cred? It was like "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" remixed with some extra bass and the Buick tri-shield. Don't laugh, Lil Scrappy was sportin' one a few years back...Read More»

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
HKS Tweaks 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe for SEMA

Hyundai will take some front-and-center space at this year's SEMA aftermarket extravaganza when it shows off this 2010 Genesis Coupe, suitably altered and blown by HKS. The HKS tuners will unleash their version of hell on the Genesis Coupe, which bows early next year in V-6 and four-cylinder form...Read More»

2006 Chevrolet Silverado 427 Concept
Chevrolet Pumps Trucks at SEMA

 by TCC Team (10/30/2006) All our coverage from the Las Vegas aftermarket extravaganza. Even before its new Silverado pickup rolls into dealer showrooms, Chevrolet has given a hint of what could follow, with a trio of concept trucks developed for the annual SEMA aftermarket show, inLas Vegas...Read More»

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S, 2015 Geneva Motor Show
2006 SEMA Show

The 2006 SEMA show is underway in Las Vegas - and along with 27 concept vehicles from General Motors, a new Shelby Mustang GT Convertible, and a Dodge Challenger fully tricked out all in attendance, TheCarConnection is bringing you the best from this year's aftermarket show. Get the official...Read More»

2006 Cadillac SRX 4-door V8 SUV Tail Light
RELEASE: 2006 Cadillac SRX Sport by Dana Buchman

2006 SEMA Show by TCC Team (10/30/2006) All our coverage from the Las Vegas aftermarket extravaganza. For two decades, Dana Buchman has created clothes for the women who runAmerica ’s businesses, communities and families. Now, this vaunted New York fashion house has created the ultimate...Read More»

2005 Ford Mustang
2004 SEMA Show Highlights

Mustang Mania Revs Up at SEMA This year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) gathering in Las Vegas, going on now, will be a sort of high-speed utopia for Mustang fans. That’s because Ford will show off fifteen new 2005 Mustangs modified by tuners who have wrenched past Mustangs to...Read More»

2003 Toyota Corolla LE
2003 SEMA Show Highlights

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) holds its annual trade show in Las Vegas every November. And every November the convention center there -- the entire convention center -- overflows with cars and stuff that can bolted, welded, glued, or spit-wadded onto them. Take the seven deadly...Read More»

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06  -  2014 Detroit Auto Show live photos
2002 SEMA Show Coverage

WJR: Carmakers Invade SEMA by TCC Team (11/5/2002) GM Wooing the SEMA Crowd by Gary Witzenburg (11/4/2002) GM Prods Ecotec to 1000 HP by Fred Staab (11/4/2002) 2002 SEMA: GM’s Massive Outing (11/6/2002) 2002 SEMA: Chrysler Wants “Coolest” (11/6/2002) 2002 SEMA: News in Brief (11/6/2002) 2002...Read More»

Infiniti QX Inspiration concept  -  2019 Detroit auto show
2002 SEMA: GM’s Massive Outing

Get it all: 2002 SEMA Show Coverage (11/6/2002) Has SEMA been conquered? From the vast display of GM vehicles both from the company and from allied tuners, one might be led to believe it’s at least had a flag or two planted in its backside. This year’s display of 39 vehicles from General Motors...Read More»

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Big Sky concept
2002 SEMA: Chrysler Wants “Coolest”

Get it all: 2002 SEMA Show Coverage (11/6/2002) Chrysler plans a new approach to aftermarket speed that involves putting its in-house Mopar parts organization in every showroom, the company said this week at the 2002 Specialty Equipment Marketer’s Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. At issue is...Read More»

2002 Ford F-150 XL
2002 SEMA: News in Brief

Get it all: 2002 SEMA Show Coverage (11/6/2002) SEMA SETTING RECORDS What if you threw a recession and nobody came? That seems to be what’s happening in the aftermarket industry, according to SEMA officials. Initial figures suggest that member sales continue to climb this year, on top of 2001’s...Read More»

Infiniti QX30 Concept  -  2015 Geneva Motor Show
2002 SEMA: Far East, Far Out

Get it all: 2002 SEMA Show Coverage (11/6/2002) The sport-compact car culture from nearby California has always had a convenient outlet in Las Vegas — and this year’s SEMA show proved that, if anything, Japan’s automakers are more committed than ever to keeping the sport-compact crowd...Read More»

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