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Neck Injuries Poised To Drop Thanks To New Law—And New Seats
Neck Injuries Poised To Drop Thanks To New Law—And New Seats

If you consider safety one of the top priorities in your next new-car purchase—as you should—and are carefully combing through features and occupant protection ratings, you're in for a pleasant surprise: There are a lot more models designated Top Safety Picks this year from the Insurance...Read More»

2009 Chrysler Sebring
Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger Saved; Fiat 500 Sold Via Chrysler

The board of Chrysler Group met last Friday to approve the newly restructured company's five-year product plan, and although the full document won't officially be released until mid-November, a handful of the plan's details have already begun leaking out. The most recent rumors concern two of...Read More»

2009 Dodge Avenger SE
2010 Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger Top Safety Picks

Some good news for the Chrysler and Dodge lineups, which will see few changes for 2010 as the company works on a new product plan with Fiat--the Dodge Avenger and  Chrysler Sebring are Top Safety Picks. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) put the mid-size Chrysler sedans on its 2009...Read More»

Sergio Marchionne
Marchionne Considers Cutting Underperforming Chrysler Models

Sergio Marchionne took the reigns of Chrysler less than a month ago, and already he's showing that life at the new Chrysler/Fiat isn't going to be la dolce vita. Taking advantage of the capital and credibility that come at the start of many corporate tenures, the CEO is making some very bold...Read More»

2007 Dodge Nitro
The 5 Cars That Killed Chrysler...This Time

While we wait for Chrysler to emerge, hopefully leaner but not that much lighter, from its bankruptcy—perhaps with some fashionable Italian loafers and a rejuvenated Dolce & Gabbana wardrobe— started thinking about the company’s product missteps in recent years. No...Read More»

2009 Chrysler 200C Concept
2009 Detroit Show: Chrysler 200C Concept

While most of Chrysler's concept cars were actually previewed to journalists early, as they often now are, under special embargo agreements, the company kept one of its concepts, the 200C, as a true surprise this year. The 200C Concept, which Chrysler says conceptualizes the "sedan of the future,"...Read More»

Bob Nardelli
Nardelli to Chrysler Workers: All's Good, Sort Of

Hard as it is to imagine, we're coming up on the first anniversary of Chrysler's takeover by the folks at Cerberus Capital Management. It's been a year of turmoil and one involving some massive change, both in the industry as a whole and at Chrysler in particular. Plants have been ordered closed;...Read More»

GM Stock Chart 7-17-08
Chrysler Loses $431 Million

Might as well keep the bad news coming. In this case, it's Chrysler rolling up a wave of red ink - $431 million, to be precise, during the second quarter of the year. The decision to release financial data came as something of a surprise; as part of the privately held Cerberus Capital Management...Read More»

Sebring, Avenger Recalled

Chrysler has announced a recall of its Sebring and Dodge Avenger sedans. The recall affects 212,347 cars outfitted with tire pressure monitors. All are 2007 and 2008 models, the Associated Press reports. The recall, posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on its Web...Read More»

Opinion: Chrysler Cutting Bone

“I was as surprised as you,” said the high-ranking executive, when asked his reaction to Chrysler LLC’s decision to close Pacifica, its long-fabled advanced design center, in Southern California. The announcement, made late last week, shutters a facility that has come up with some of...Read More»

Cargirl: Ethanol Isn’t Saving Any Planet, Especially Ours

European countries, Australia and parts of Canada are cracking down on subsidies for biofuels that cannot document their sustainability. Two thumbs up. You go. The rest of the world, including the U.S., is behind the curve in realizing that some biofuels--particularly ethanol--aren’t anywhere...Read More»

Chrysler Goes Back to Work – for Now

Things should quickly be getting back to normal at Chrysler, now that the bankrupt supplier, Plastech has agreed to start sending it more than 500 critical plastic parts. On Monday, Chrysler was forced to shut down four assembly plants, including one producing the Sebring sedan, because of a...Read More»

Supplier Could Bring Chrysler to Its Knees

It could be a tough week for Chrysler as it escalates a battle with the newly bankrupt supplier Plastech-engineered products. As of Monday, four Chrysler plants, including the factory in Sterling Heights, Michigan, that produce the Chrysler Sebring sedan, have been forced to close due to a lack of...Read More»

Nissan and Chrysler, What’s Next?

There’s been plenty of buzz in automotive circles, this week, following word that Nissan and Chrysler would team up to sell a Chrysler-badged version of the Nissan Versa in Latin America. In an interview, Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli told me he has had “no contact” with his counterpart...Read More»

Mad Hatters Take Chrysler Sebring to the Derby

It’s almost the first Saturday in May—and with the approaching Kentucky Derby, Chrysler’s come up with another contest that glibly plugs its latest new products. For the new Sebring convertible, Chrysler’s come up with the “Hats Off to the Derby contest,” in which...Read More»

Sebring: Two Tops, Two Continents

Chrysler intends to launch the new Sebring convertible in Europe about the same time it debuts in the home, North American market, part of the company’s effort to grow long-modest worldwide sales. With the Sebring, Chrysler is set to joint the fast-growing list of makers offering a hardtop...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

And the winner is…Tupelo, Miss. For all the states that missed on Toyota’s latest plant—don’t worry, they’re like trains, there’s another one coming in six months. Is Ford finally getting its act together? Some sales are getting stronger, and a subcompact is...Read More»

2007 Chrysler Nassau concept
2007 Chrysler Nassau Concept

Slideshow: Chrysler has released these photos of the upcomingNassau concept. The new concept car will be shown for the first time at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit in January . Chrysler says the Nassau four-door concept is a four-door luxury “coupe” with an...Read More»

2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible
Preview: 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Chrysler hopes to recharge its convertible sales by offering thee distinct models of its new 2008 Sebring convertible, which is being unveiled at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show. The new Sebring will come with a choice of three different power tops: a hard top, a traditional canvas top, or a less...Read More»

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