Selling A Car On Craigslist? Watch Out For This New Scam
Selling A Car On Craigslist? Watch Out For This New Scam

Craigslist is great for many things. Finding jobs that no one wants. Finding beds that have seen better days. Finding companionship. For an hour, anyway. It's also very popular with people selling cars. If you're one of them, watch out for a new scam that could defraud you of your vehicle, leaving...Read More»

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Craigslist Used Car Scams: How To Avoid Getting Taken For A Ride

Shopping for a used car can be stressful because there are so many options to consider. Do you go to a brand-affiliated dealership? The no-name lot around the corner? Or do you scour the classified ads on Craigslist? If you prefer the third option, beware: there are numerous used-car scammers...Read More»

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Don't Have A Car Wreck--Philly Crooks Will Make You One

Prosecutors in Philadelphia announced that 11 individuals had been charged in an insurance fraud scheme that transpired over four years in Philadelphia. In a twist on the usual crash scams, personnel at the body shop in question retrofitted a forklift with car bumpers, and crashed it with vehicles...Read More»

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Feds Host Roundtables, Launch Investigation Into Dealer Practices

With the price of a new car averaging more than $28,000 and the average dealer-sold used car running around $14,000, most vehicle shoppers opt to either finance or lease. While dealer-arranged financing is certainly more convenient, it's not always fair, and it's not always straightforward. And...Read More»

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How To Avoid Online Car Buying Scams

My father gave me one hard and fast rule about business – never turn down money. But that is what a Lubbock, Texas, used car dealer has had to do as result of an online scam that has relied on a look-a-like name, inadvertent erroneous visuals, and you guessed it, deals that were too good to...Read More»

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How To Avoid the Latest Car Repair Scams

The bad guys are out there trying to prey on the uninformed and the trusting. These are a few of the current auto repair scams that are making news around the country. Keep in mind these incidents of fraud rise to a higher level of boldness and operate with little or no overhead but with an ample...Read More»

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Five Auto Repair Scams And How To Deter Them

In the auto repair business there are unfortunately some bad players. These unscrupulous shops are a very small minority in a very big industry made up of skilled and committed craftspeople. Like any activity performed successfully over time, the techniques of the auto repair scammers fall into...Read More»

Scam Alert: Beware Of Suspicious Oil Leak, Mechanic Referral

If someone ever walks up to you and points out an oil leak, then just happens to know of a mechanic who they say can fix it for cheap, be very wary. The scam sure isn't new, but it's again found new life in Western New York State. In recent years, according to the Consumer Federation of America...Read More»

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