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California Mandates Red Warning Stickers For Salvage Cars
California Mandates Red Warning Stickers For Salvage Cars

Hard on the heels of our warning about scams involving flood-damaged vehicles, well, flooding the market, lawmakers in California have mandated that, come next July, all salvage title vehicles sold by dealers in the state will have to carry red warning stickers. Red is the color of caution...Read More»

Flooded car in parking lot. Photo via Flickr user waitscm/CC2.0
California Mandates Red Stickers Of Shame For Salvage Cars

The Red Badge of Courage it isn’t, but a new California law aims to out any salvage skeletons in cars’ closets. On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown signed off on the requirement, which among other provisions, directs all Golden State car dealers to add red warning stickers to vehicles with...Read More»

Nashville flood car
Your Local DMV: License To Drive, Or License To Ill?

For most of us, the lines, the crowds, and the oppressive waits in a visit to the local DMV office are aspects of being a driver we grudgingly accept. Once every year or two (or several years, if we're lucky or deal only with dealerships), we head there to renew our license, take a test, or fill...Read More»

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