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Chevy Volt: A $60,000 Mail Truck in the Near Future?
Chevy Volt: A $60,000 Mail Truck in the Near Future?

People are getting increasingly creative in their legitimization of massive amounts of government money propping up the U.S. auto industry. One anonymous individual wrote in with a detailed plan of how to save GM (and the U.S. economy, and the American auto worker) on, parts of which...Read More»

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods and GM Conclude Endorsement Deal

Has Tiger finally decided that Buick doesn't exactly present the kind of youthful image he wishes to convey? Tiger and the Tri-shield are parting ways as of December 31, though both Woods and GM promise that the separation is on amicable terms. Woods claims that he needs more personal time due to...Read More»

Private Jet
GM Responds to Wagoner's Jet-Setting

GM is scrubbing and scrambling, says Automotive News: scrubbing part of its corporate jet fleet and scrambling to explain why. Day late, dollar short, we say. It seems a quick attempt to look responsible just a day after CEO Rick Wagoner sauntered to Washington in a private jet to request billions...Read More»

2010 Acura NSX (rumored)
Rumored Acura NSX Has Front-Mounted V-10

Am I the only one disappointed by the rumored Honda/Acura NSX as presented over at Autocar? It looks to my eye like the meeting of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro and Nissan's just-launched 370Z. Both attractive cars, indeed, but neither one possessing the NSX's legendary mid-engine layout, unique...Read More»

Abandoned Dealership
Domestic Dealers Hit Hard as Consumer Confidence Falls

Not only do domestic auto dealers have to deal with reduced availability of credit to consumers wishing to purchase, but the increasingly public struggle of the suppliers of the vehicles they sell has taken its toll on a reticent buying public. "Selling a car isn't as simple as touting its merits,"...Read More»

GM Chrysler
GM/Chrysler Merger Dead in Water

Well, folks, we can all stop speculating about a Pentastar/GM merger. On the heels of secret talks with the federal government, Chrysler Chairman & CEO Robert Nardelli reacted to GM's third-quarter earnings results that included this pointed language from GM regarding the rumored merger: "we...Read More»

Great Depression
Should the Domestics Fail...

Just what would it mean if GM, Ford, and Chrysler were left to their own devices and ended up failing completely? GM mused on the ramifications of such a possibility on its FastLane blog yesterday, and cited a study by the Center for Automotive Research that pondered the full or partial failure of...Read More»

Prop 8, CA. photo credit: Dave Schumaker Gets Flooded by CA Prop 8 Advertisements

Yesterday, the "Yes on Prop 8" campaign, which aims to eliminate the ability of same-sex couples to get married in the state of California, managed to hijack all of's ad space. Publisher Joe LaMuraglia quickly issued a statement condemning the action, and acted quickly to block...Read More»

28.9 degrees east of north
Sunset for Chrysler?

With the economy simply not able to support three Detroit automakers, claims Detroit News' Alisa Priddle, a GM/Chrysler merger is looking more and more attractive as opposed to one of those players filing for bankruptcy. She claims that even the "best-case scenarios are likely to result in the loss...Read More»

2008 Volkswagen R32 2-door HB *Ltd Avail* Side Exterior View
VW Confirms: No R32 for 2009

VW spokesman Thomas Wegehaupt informs dismayed hot hatch fans everywhere that the Rabbit-based R32 hatch will be taking at least a one-year hiatus. finds this a bit of a strange move, as the redesigned R32 hadn't even been on sale for a full year. Further, they muse that the reason for the...Read More»

Tesla Roadster
Tesla Model-S: "Our Sedan Will Crush Everything Out There"

Tesla is in financial trouble, having recently laid off employees, found a new CEO, delayed mass production of its Elise-based Roadster, and pushed back introduction of its Model-S sedan until 2011. Nonetheless, chief investor Elon Musk who, as Carscoop claim, "took over as the company's CEO from...Read More»

2009 Hummer H3
How You Vote Vs. What You Drive

Having a hard time telling if your neighbors are voting Obama or McCain? Kelley Blue Book suggests that the vehicle they drive may be a strong indicator of whom they plan on casting a ballot for next week. Wow, the pollsters really are delving into the minutiae this year. Just like animals can tend...Read More»

Porsche Carrera GT Lock Nut
Porsche Increases Stake in VW to Nearly 75 Percent

Today U.K.'s Autocar announced that Porsche has bought more shares of Volkswagen Group, giving it a nearly 75 percent stake in the company. This will, says Autocar, "allow the sportscar maker to gain full control of VW's cash flow." The 75 percent stake should allow Porsche to enact a "Domination...Read More»

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SEMA
Chevy Releases Camaro Black SEMA Concept Teaser

Chevy today released one of its SEMA Camaro concepts, called simply Black, which is one of several concept Camaros it will be showing off this November at SEMA '08. Absolutely no details about the concept have been released, but this is quite a menacing sketch with its nicely integrated body kit...Read More»

BMW V-12 X-Ray Vision
BMW Could Supply Engines for Mercedes, U.S. Automakers

BMW's engines have always been legendary for their performance, and yesterday the firm's head of development, Klaus Draeger, admitted the company is in "advanced talks" regarding licensing some of its engine technology to rival Mercedes, says AutoCar. The engine spawning the discussion is a new...Read More»

2008 Maybach Landaulet
Rumored: Mercedes Association with Aston Martin

The rumor-mill department over at Carscoop reports that U.K.'s CAR magazine claims a possible association between Mercedes-Benz and hallowed British marque Aston Martin. Apparently CAR claims the two icons have been in discussions for quite some time, and the benefits would include joint work on...Read More»

2009 Pontiac G8
Pontiac G8 Die-Off Rumored

Carscoop, via Edmund's InsideLine, report an unnamed source's claims that the rear-drive, Holden-based Pontiac G8 will not be kept in production after it lives out approximately five more years of production. Along with rumors, they claim, of the demise of Lutz's baby, the Pontiac Solstice...Read More»

2010 Mustang Powerdome
2010 Ford Mustang: Life Beyond the Powerdome

OK, so Ford is being quite coy with this, its latest reveal of the 2010 Mustang's sheetmetal. In this shot, we see a crease on the Mustang's power dome, lending its hood more flair than the 2008 Ford Mustang that sports three character lines running the length of the hood from lip to cowl. The...Read More»

Nissan logo
Nissan Competes For Stake In Chrysler

A report from the Detroit News today indicates that Nissan, which has been allied with Renault since 1999, is interested in acquiring approximately 20 percent of a struggling Chrysler. The move puts pressure on the Chrysler/GM negotiations, and would result in a very different Chrysler than the one...Read More»

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