Five Must Have New Car Features for Holiday Road Trips
Five Must Have New Car Features for Holiday Road Trips

Keeping everyone in the car happy on a long holiday road trip is about as difficult as a Sunday evening dinner at the Palin residence when Playgirl baby-daddy Levi Johnston drops by. The awkward silences and bored glares can be enough to make anyone go a little crazy. So what sort of toys can you...Read More»

2010 subaru legacy touring 008
Five Essential Holiday Road Trip Items To Keep in Your Trunk

Heading out onto the roads this holiday season to go across the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house can be a stressful affair. Not to mention evil women in Gingerbread houses who try to cook you (oops, mixing my fairy tale metaphors here) there are big rigs, distracted drivers and...Read More»

volvo driver behavior research 007
TTW One: New Solutions for Urban Mobility

TTW (i.e. Three Tilting Wheels), is a test house company for engineering creativity and innovation, presently part of the Startup Enterprises of Turin Polytechnic Institute. Stefano Carabelli, founder and chairman of TTW, describes the first project coming to life, temporarily named TTW One, as a...Read More»

2010 Audi A4
Eleven Tips for a Telling Test Drive

So you find yourself at the dealer and the salesperson, after copying your drivers license, walks over to a car, explaining that you can drive it as soon as it is off their lot. For insurance purposes. Looking at the crammed in narrow lanes between hundreds of unsold sheet metal, you think this...Read More»

2010 Scion xB 5dr Wagon Auto (Natl) Engine
Quick Review: The New 2010 Scion xB

The new 2010 Scion xB has been redesigned with a larger engine for a quicker get up and go from its previous model, and a much roomier interior that makes you say "wow!" even when sitting in the back seat. Because of it's futuristic box design form, this highly functional vehicle is often...Read More»

2010 ford taurus sedan live 01 0112 950x673
IIHS Top Safety Picks: Ford, Subaru Make Grade, Unhappy Toyota Airs Concern

Toyota, the number one-selling automaker worldwide, is firing back today at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Picks for 2010, saying that the automaker is confident its vehicles are among the safest on the road today and is committed to the highest levels of vehicle...Read More»

2005 Buick Century Custom
Buick Revisited: Sometimes Your First True Love Is a Car

What is the car that most people lust after more than any other? Lamborghini? Ferrari? Cobra or Corvette? Well, for most car fanatics, the make and model that brings the fondest memories is often your first car. That's certainly the case for me, as my '74 Buick Century is the only car that I still...Read More»

2004 Ferrari ENZO
Five Common Driving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Driving is a funny thing. You can have mad skills, be doing everything right, and one teensy-tiny error in judgment can turn your car and your world upside down. The statistics don't lie, and the stats say we fall off the smart wagon way too often. You can fill a large city with the number of...Read More»

2010 Volkswagen GTI
5 Best Cars for Long Family Holiday Road Trips

When you are looking for transportation to that dysfunction-fest known as holiday time with your family it is important to have the right vehicle. Never before have car buyers had such a wealth of options not only having to do with style but also fuel economy, power and handling. Yes, you can have...Read More»

2010 Chevrolet Aveo LT w/1LT
5 Worst Cars for Holiday Road Trips

You're probably planning the holiday driving routine this week--so you can stock up on music, DVDs and other mobile anesthesia for the long road ahead. But what car should you take on that trip? Here's our choices: Mazda Miata : I don't care if your two nephews said it was fine for them not to get...Read More»

2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata
Why Are There "Chick Cars," "Guy Cars," "Gay Cars," and "Lesbian Cars?"

How is it that the Mercedes SLK is not considered a chick car when there is a Neck Scarf that blows warm air over your hair and shoulders? Perfect for the young lady late for work for the second time this week, wouldn't you say? Granted, some men like Led Zeppelin rocker Jimmy Page sport long hair...Read More»

2010 Ford Fusion
Tire Talk: Subtle Signs Can Tell You a Lot

Although it's tough finding a talking tire one did appear somewhere recently your car's tires can tell you a great deal about how they are feeling, just by looking at them. You've likely read your owner's manual which tells you the exact pressure to keep in your tires and it tells you how to rotate...Read More»

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour EX-L
The Rise Of 'Boomer' Coupes - Honda's Accord Crosstour and BMW's 550i GT

One of the highlights of trucks and SUVs is a high hip point (known as the 'H' point in design parlance). The height of the seat makes it easier for driver and passenger to enter and exit (with the exception of some truly stilted 4x4s). That elevated 'H' point will be driving sales of cars to aging...Read More»

2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged
Even Autowriters Have Bad Days, The Ones You'd Rather Forget

Even autowriters have days they'd rather forget, but which end up pleasantly surprising you. Today, believe it or not, this jaded car writer was pleasantly surprised. Today started out like any other, I logged into my laptop to check my mail and re-read a piece that I did last night (fiction...Read More»

2005 Volkswagen New Beetle Coupe Bi-Color Edit
'Auto-Wraps' Aren't Edible, but Real Ones Are Helfpful in Your Pocketbook

Lately, if you've driven the streets of Boston, you've likely seen our local transit authority's light rail vehicles (LRVs) sporting huge ads for Coors or some other product. The aim, of course, is to make extra money for the authority, which does need it badly. If you watch the traffic whizzing by...Read More»

2009 Ford Flex
AAA Safety Tips Show Everyone Has Responsibility for a Safe Drive

Imagine this scene: It's a bright Saturday morning and you are getting ready to go on a shopping expedition with some friends. You've just purchased a new 2009 Ford Flex and have volunteered to be the group chauffeur because you like driving the vehicle so much. Wanting to thank you for giving him...Read More»

mercedes benz esf 2009 experimental safety vehicle 032
A Brief History Of Auto Safety Technology

Call it the elephant in the room. The one nobody likes to talk about. Way more fun to think about performance and luxury and style, right? But here's the catch. The more we the manufacturers, designers, and drivers think about it, the more chance we have to avoid the dreaded accident. Way back...Read More»

Duesenberg tire
What Are Your Tires Trying To Say To You?

Hey, its getting a little low in here. My side is scraping the ground, In case you hadn't noticed. And I'm feeling a little unbalanced, not to mention my back is out and I could use an alignment. You never take me anywhere and I have been sitting on this same wheel my whole life! And while were at...Read More»

bentley power on ice 2009 007
Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: An Overdue Answer To An Overlooked Problem

While there are many sexy causes out there that attract attention all the time with their marches, telethons, walks, special months, there are some causes that, while bringing yawns or smiles to many people, are real and every bit as important as the big ones. Everyone knows about Hunger Awareness...Read More»

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