Grand Theft Auto Sued
Grand Theft Auto Sued

In addition to stealing thousands of hours of time that could have been spent writing book reports on any Stephen King book, the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now charged with more prosecutable crimes. The city of Los Angeles, the AP reports, is taking the makers of the game to court...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

So, GM and Ford are all like, "Dude, this sucks!" And President Bush was like all, "Don't look at me man, I'm like totally out of cash, unless you need a prescription drug plan or a levee or somethin'. Whyont you ask your moms for some scrilla or get some skills and build ya a better ride." And...Read More»

Can You Picture a Four-Seat XK?

Clay models might seem like old-school car design, but most carmakers, including Jaguar, still use them to flesh out the details of their vehicles. Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum says you have to: it’s only in this form that you see how a car looks before locking into production pieces...Read More»

How About A Free Jag?

What sort of incentives do you expect when you sign on the dotted line for a property? Perhaps a freezer or a dishwasher. But how about a Jaguar? That’s the amazing deal one real estate firm is offering when you buy a residential, retail, or commercial unit. You could even get a fleet of...Read More»

Toyota Makes the Move into NASCAR

In a press conference held at NASCAR’s Research and Development Center in Concord, N.C., this afternoon, Toyota announced that it would be accelerating its NASCAR program with entries in the Nextel Cup and Busch Series utilizing the Camry model beginning in 2007. The announcement was made by...Read More»

The Way Forward: What's Behind the Pyrotechnics?

Ford Motor Co.’s "Way Forward" plan came off like Jerry Bruckheimer -- heavy on the pyrotechnics but short on plot and dialogue. There were all the standard fireworks, 14 plant closing, thousand of jobs axed and plenty of executives walking around in sack cloth and ashes. Bill Ford, even...Read More»

Forget Cost Cuts, Where's the Product, Ford

Most of the the attention about Ford's "Way Forward" plan has focused on the anticipated plant closings, job cuts and overall cost-cutting. But Ford executives also have been hinting that the turnaround plan will include some insight into the company's future product plans. Up until now, and with...Read More»

CX-7: An Only Child

Ford’s Detroit show release on the Edge says, “Ford outpaced the competition in CUV growth in 2005 and looks to further energize the CUV market in 2006 with the new Edge and two other crossovers — the Lincoln MKX and Mazda CX-7.” Although Ford hadn’t said anywhere else...Read More»

James Bond Gets a New 007

Aston Martin is back in the business of supplying cars to James Bond—and Bond himself is back in the business of gadgets and babes in the latest spy-thriller installment, a remake of Casino Royale coming in November. Aston says new Bond guy Daniel Craig will pilot the new Aston DBS in the...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

No single image can adequately convey the Detroit auto show's importance to TCC and to the shoe manufacturers that make tons of money off us each year. A safe bet would be 20 miles of walking during the three press days of the show, 3GB of photos, easily 10,000 words of copy and at least 36 hours...Read More»

Calling a Spade a Spade

To continue Chrysler’s theme of celebrity appearances at the Detroit show, actor David Spade was on-hand to introduce the new Caliber. Best known for his Saturday Night Live pedigree and his current Showbiz Show—and arguably much better-recognized than Chrysler’s two other star...Read More»

Detroit's Doing the Confetti Dance

If there’s a generalization that we can make about the aesthetics of the press conferences at Detroit this year, it’s that for many of them there seemed to be more of an emphasis on live, physical effects and entertainment rather than glitzy light shows, fog machines, and on-screen...Read More»

Lexus LS Gets Short With Us

What with all the attention on its long-wheelbase LS460L sibling, the shorter version of Lexus' new flagship sedan received, er, short shrift. But the betting man's money is on this version to be the zoomy one: minus some of the extravagant options detailed during the press conference like parking...Read More»

Manfred Fitzgerald
Asensio Ghosn, Ghosn, Gone?

It's not unusual to see key designers to accompanying senior executives on tours of the North American International Auto Show. Carlos Ghosn, the top executive at Renault/Nissan, was accompanied by Shioro Nakamura, Nissan's top designer around the show. But also tagging along for at least part of...Read More»

Scooped - Others Get Ferrari Wrong

You may have seen this picture of the new Ferrari 599GTB on other car Web sites yesterday. So did we - hence the hurried call to Ferrari PR. The latest word is that the photo was stolen yesterday - and Ferrari says, the information you've seen elsewhere is just plain wrong. For the real facts on...Read More»

Camaro Concept Off the Blocks

The official debut of the Chevrolet Camaro concept comes tomorrow afternoon - but Chevrolet's handout video of the concept sent to Road & Track magazine apparently was put up and taken down hastily. Ah, the embargo game - it can work for you or against you all at the same time, eh, GM? Credit...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

The leaks in press embargoes for the upcoming Detroit auto show turned into hemorrhages this week. TCC doesn't get the same privileged treatment as the monthly magazines when it comes to advance photo shoots and press releases, but remember, you read about Chrysler's Imperial here first, along with...Read More»

Lexus LC production at Toyota Motomachi Plant in Aichi, Japan
VW-Chrysler Minivan A Go

Volkswagen brand chief and former Chrysler exec Wolfgang Bernhard confirmed to TCC this morning that the VW-Chrysler minivan project is a go. Bernhard tells TheCarConnection that the minivan will be a long-wheelbase-only version that has a unique interior and exterior designed by VW, although...Read More»

Volvo C30 Takes On VW

Volvo's also readying a Detroit debut for a new vehicle - only this time in the reverse of the Aston, it's a coupe drawn from a four-door model. The new C30 - technically a concept, but certain for production - is drawn from Ford's versatile C1 platform, which also has bred the Mazda3, Euro Ford...Read More»

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