Keep It In Your Pants
Keep It In Your Pants

Chrysler Group’s latest controversial ad seems to confirm the age-old adage Mom told before we left for college: keep it in your pants. In the past, the Dodge brand’s gotten into hot water when it decided to sponsor, then pulled out of, a “Lingerie Bowl” that was to have aired...Read More»

GM Turns to Elvis for The Drive

Elvis in a HUMMER? The king didn’t live long enough to see GM’s SUV division born—he didn’t even stick around for the real Humvee, it turns out. But somehow, GM knew putting him behind the wheel would be the perfect stunt to kick off The Drive, the new GM test-drive...Read More»

Secret MINI Plan behind “Build Your Own” Program

The much ballyhooed ability of prospective MINI buyers to customize their cars is giving way to a “Build Your Own” program, according to a MINI release last Saturday that was dated April 1 but released April 3 by BMW Group, parent company of MINI and the world’s largest maker of...Read More»

Tahoe Do-It Yourself Ads Backfire

Chevrolet’s latest SUV, the Tahoe, is making a splash in showrooms and on this season’s installment of The Apprentice. And like most things touched by Donald Trump — casinos, marriages, and hair — the online ad campaign for the Tahoe hasn’t gone exactly as Chevrolet...Read More»

Audi e-gas project
Living In Your Car A Big Problem?

The New York Times has its heart in the right place, we suppose. The Grey Lady’s latest in-depther on the auto world tackles the hugely important issue of — emissions? Global warming? No, of sleeping in your car. The Times is making the thin assertion that because housing prices are so...Read More»

French Cops Ditch Pugs for WRXs

Our French ancestors would be rolling over in their graves—more easily accomplished since they went in the box sans heads, thanks to the guillotine. But the French police have decided that the traditional Peugeot and Renault police cars won’t cut the moutarde when it comes to high-speed...Read More»

Black Eyed Peas: My Humps, Indeed

How would you like your ride pimped out by Fergie and her crew? Not that Fergie—she’s too busy hawking Weight Watchers meals and possibly, her family jewels. We’re talking about formerly street-credded and now so-commercial-they’re-cool rap-hop group The Black Eyed Peas. The...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Multiple choice: Rick Wagoner is praying that a) he's won valuable time from the UAW and Delphi on restructuring; b) the GM board of directors is blissfully unaware that he has a box of company Sharpies in his briefcase; c) J.J. Reddick has a fifth year of eligibility left. This week, our spies...Read More»

The New York Times Goes Fishing for an Anti-SUV Story, And Lands One

Maybe you’re wondering, as is TCC, if the pile-on with full-size SUVs has reached a fervor pitch—or if we in the media aren’t contributing to the latest pendulum swing in anti-SUV hysteria. We know where we stand—and we know now where the New York Times stands too, as if...Read More»

2004 Ferrari ENZO
Enzo Wrecker May Have Been Taping 162-MPH Ride

That twisted tale of a Ferrari Enzo that ended up very twisted itself has developed another kink. The Los Angeles Times, hanging on the story like a Rotti on a pig’s ear, says the owner of the now-in-pieces Enzo might have been videotaping his 162-mph run down the Pacific Coast Highway. The...Read More»

vw space up! concept motorauthority 001
Ala. Lawman Takes Tires Into His Own Hands

Alabama’s government has its share of characters. When they’re not putting ten tons of Ten Commandments in courthouses, they’re stealing each other’s parking spaces. The AP reports that State Rep. Albert Hall is sick and tired of someone taking his reserved spot at the state...Read More»

Shaq’s Birthday Party: Sponsored by Caddy, Inspired by MJ?

If you’re Shaquille O’Neal, your 34th birthday party doesn’t have to end up at Dave and Buster’s with a run-out game card and only enough tickets to get a couple of erasers and a WWJD bracelet. No, when you’re Shaq, you can ask GM to underwrite the whole affair —...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Charlotte may have won the NASCAR Hall of Fame, but here in Atlanta we still have this huge fishtank thingy and more Home Depots than you can empty a wallet at, and the nation's first "sewer mayor." Take that, Humpy! Dieter Zetsche is taking a stand against bribery at DaimlerChrysler. So does that...Read More»

911 Doesn't Do It? How About a Gumpert?

There’s little doubt the Geneva Motor Show is in the premier league of auto expos, but it also has an appeal for some smaller car companies that you’ve probably never heard of. They pay at exactly the same rate as the big boys for stand space, it’s just that they take a smaller...Read More»

mercedes benz ml63 amg review motorauthority 015
Makeup a Max Factor in Traffic Ticket

Maybe you see it every day on the 405, I-95, or the Perimeter — distracted drivers applying makeup on the way to work, or perhaps on the way to the cabaret show. London’s Daily Mail reports that it’s happening in the U.K. too, and one woman has been caught by the city’s...Read More»

20061116 015 up img
NYT: Ambien A Growing Drugged-Driving Problem

Drunk driving’s an acknowledged problem on the country’s highways, and drugged driving is a growing concern that has reported on in the past year. Now, the New York Times says one drug in particular, the sleeping pill Ambien, is being cited as a factor in an...Read More»

ford fiesta s01
SUV as Terror Weapon

Has terrorism come home to UNC? A University of North Carolina graduate student is facing charges that he ran down nine other students with his SUV during a political rally sponsored by the College Republicans. Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, the grad student under arrest, was cuffed for running his SUV...Read More»

2008 infiniti m45s review motorauthority 048
Ia. Woman Fakes Death to Cheat Tickets

We’ve all done something silly to get out of paying a traffic ticket—like telling the court it was our evil twin using the car, for example. In Iowa, one woman apparently got deadly serious about her tickets, faking her death to avoid paying a string of citations. Des Moines’...Read More»

2004 Ferrari ENZO
Enzo-Wreck Story Gets Shadier

Kudos to the Los Angeles Times for having its editorial teeth deep in the story of a man who shot to fame last week for wrecking a million-dollar, unregistered Ferrari Enzo in Malibu—and following the story down some very strange corridors. First, the driver insisted there was a co-driver...Read More»

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