VW Jilting Detroit for L.A.
VW Jilting Detroit for L.A.

VW will be shifting its interests from the Detroit show to the Los Angeles auto show, now set for November on the show-circuit calendar. VW has struggled with location inside Detroit’s Cobo Hall, in some years resorting to staging press conferences in a cramped basement area to accommodate...Read More»

NASCAR Hooks Up With Scientology

Is NASCAR being invaded by an even stronger force? The Church of Scientology, no stranger to trading a little paint with Oprah Winfrey and Brooke Shields through the human form of Tom Cruise, is sponsoring a car in one of the racing league’s entry-level series. The Associated Press says that...Read More»

Ferrari F40 Prototype On Auction

One very wealthy collector will soon own what could be one of the rarest, most sought-after Ferraris of all time — that’s what RM Auctions says, at least. The auction house will host the sale of the only Ferrari F40 prototype ever built. The F40, the final vehicle overseen by Enzo...Read More»

Pimp Out Your…Golf Cart?

Father’s Day is coming—oh, get a calendar, will you?—and instead of boxing up a lame, last-minute digital tire pressure gauge, why not spend all the money your dad scraped up to send you to college? What the hell, it’s not going to happen at 34 years old, right? The perfect...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

DaimlerChrysler let some driving students in California take the test in fuel-cell cars. In a related story, most of TCC's staff took their driving tests on horseback. Scion, says one insider, is a "mile deep and a foot wide." So, does that make Chery a hectare tall and two millimeters around? Does...Read More»

Smart Rethinks ZA Billboard

The blog world wins another victory: last week, TCConfidential showed you the smart billboard that referenced “American nothing” in what seems to be a derogatory way. Complaints about the billboard — brought to our attention by a reader via — apparently reached...Read More»

2010 cadillac escalade 004
Lithuanian Dude Drinks, Drives, Enters Urban Legend

Yes, former frat boy, you drank and partied like it was 1999, unironically, when it really was 1999, and you got, like, so wasted. But you have nothing on Vidmantas Sungaila, 41, of Lithuania, in terms of your ability to hold your liquor or even in the number of syllables in your first and last...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Smart ass. The state of Georgia can't catch a car break. It loses on Saturn, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, then saw its Ford and GM plants get shuttered. And now Kia's plant is on hold. Remind us not to ride with Britney Spears anywhere in the state, please? Since we've already invoked Britney's name...Read More»

Smart: The Anti-American Minicar?

Smart’s on-again, off-again relationship with America seems to be off again—at least, by the sentiments in what purports to be a billboard found on the side of the road near Johannesburg, South Africa. Blog Neandernews posted this pic of the billboard, which points out that the smart...Read More»

John Edwards
Miami Tops for Road Rage

Miami drivers flip out into road rage way more often than those in Seattle or Atlanta. Or so a new survey from AutoVantage says, contrary to TCC’s personal observations on the Perimeter and on A1A. The auto club commissioned its first road-rage survey and found that the rudest cities for...Read More»

Britney Behind the Wheel: Did She Do It Again?

As if the child of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline didn’t have bad celebrity-child karma already on its shoulders! Now apparently little Sean Preston Spears has mom’s driving habits to survive. Earlier this year paparazzi snapped Spears behind the wheel with infant in lap, unbelted...Read More»

Padilla Gets Sweet Parachute Deal

When Bill Ford Jr. wasn’t being chastised by an irate stockholder during the company’s recent annual shareholders meeting in Delaware, he took time to acknowledge soon-to-be-retiring Ford President James Padilla (shown here, on left). Padilla will retire July 1. He thanked him for his...Read More»

Flooded Cars Are Election Hot Button in New Orleans

In the slow-moving recovery underway in the city of New Orleans, post-Katrina, flooded cars have become an unexpected hot button in the coming mayoral runoff election that pits Ray Nagin, who steered the city through the Category Three storm, against Lieut. Gov. Mitch Landrieu. The vehicles in...Read More»

Ford Designer Checks In With “Extreme Makeover”

The stylist who penned the Ford GT supercar had a different job on this week’s run of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Camilo Pardo joined shouting head Ty Pennington and the rest of the crew of laborers, contractors and hangers-on to rework the home of the Peter family of Queens, N.Y. The...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Don't look now, but the guy in the picture above wants you in an Audi Q5 and an Audi Nuvolari. He's just really good at hiding his enthusiasm. Saturn's new Sky - hey, at least it's a name we can spell correctly, unlike VUE, ION and other ALL-CAPS ABOMINATIONS. (MINI, can you hear me?) VW is...Read More»

bmw 135 coupe motorauthority 021
Tonight, You Scoot with the Fishes

Time for a little mental art. Okay, first, picture a scooter. Then picture a guy on the scooter. Then ram the scooter in the taxi. Funny? Wait, it gets better. Make sure the guy on the scooter is ursine Method actor James Gandolfini, better known as Tony Soprano (late of HBO’s The Sopranos)...Read More»

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S.C. lawmaker uses golf cart to reinforce rich-guy stereotypes

South Carolina state representative Todd Rutherford doesn’t care what the world thinks of rich white guys. He has a golf cart with a stereo and a 15-inch flat-screen television, and world be damned, he’s using it for a photo opportunity/PR stunt and probably for a few rounds on the...Read More»

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Domino’s Delivers Hot, Fresh…and Dead

You can get pizza in 30 minutes or less — and in Philadelphia, no surprise, you can also get a dead body if you know the right people. In this case, the right person is a Domino’s delivery dude who was making scratch on the side by using the same car to bring pies and dead guys to their...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

President Bush's embrace of ethanol and CAFE boosts: is it just us, or does it feel like the hug you get from a nephew who really wants to be in your will? Ford wants a piece of the reality-TV pie.'s coming to us....okay, how about Flavor Flav and Elena Ford in a second round of Flavor...Read More»

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