Nissan’s Bridge to Embarrassment
Nissan’s Bridge to Embarrassment

"Ignorance is no excuse" is the old adage about, say, being nailed for exceeding a speed limit you didn't know existed. But it's hard to figure how U. S. Nissan marketing executives and the advertising agency for the Titan pickup truck ever came up with the "Col. Bogey March" musical background for...Read More»

2008 dodge viper srt10 acr motorauthority 004
Auto History Week in Detroit

More than any other week I can recall, this has been Automotive History Week in Detroit, with three stellar events. First, the “IX” – that’s Ninth for those of you who flunked Latin -- World Forum for Motor Museums is holding its 2005 meeting in the Motor City with a round of...Read More»

Fifty Years of James Dean

Fifty years ago today James Dean wound up his Porsche Spyder at his Hollywood home and headed for the high desert—and the history books (and trashier celebrity tomes like Hollywood Babylon). While his three movies (Giant, East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause—the first two won him...Read More»

Phaeton Goes To The Drive-In

VW has found a new use for all those Phaetons it is finding difficult to sell – in Britain, one is being used as a mobile theater. The Phaeton in question is set to continue its supporting role in what VW describes as “one of the major successes of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2005.”...Read More»

Neiman Marcus Puts Lexus on Its Xmas List

What’s on your wish list this year for the holidays? While we hold out for world peace and maybe a Canon 20D, Neiman Marcus hopes that 75 of you out there will put Lexus’ new hybrid GS450h sedan on yours. The luxury retailer will be the first to market the 2007 hybrid in its annual gift...Read More»

Big GM SUVs Get Aero Treatment

General Motors executives are confident the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe will sell regardless of record fuel prices. In part, they say, it’s because they did their homework on aerodynamics. And that’s what gives the full-size Tahoe, with its estimated 20–mpg fuel-economy rating, better...Read More»

Bentley Drops GT Top

Today, Bentley announced the introduction of the Continental GTC, the convertible version of the GT. The 2+2 is a welcome addition to the GT, that arrived in 2003 and so far is very successful. The GTC has the same W-12 engine as the coupe, that delivers 561 hp and has 479 lb-ft of torque. Also the...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Jeep decides to drop a Commander from 1200 feet in the sky and Operation Gratitude gets a PR buzz. Hilary Clinton makes predictable suggestion that perhaps Jeep dropped the wrong commander. The Web site says it's found a new clot of Republicans who believe "windfall" oil industry profits...Read More»

Up In the Sky...It's a Bird...It's a...Jeep?

Would you do this to your Jeep? Chrysler Group, which has a fascination with destroying its own vehicles for press stunts, is at it again. The brand that ran a Grand Cherokee through a glass wall at the Detroit auto show has dropped a Commander from 1200 feet to demonstrate its committment to...Read More»

At Volvo, The Cost of Safety Is Never Too High

“Twenty. Fifteen. Ten. Five. BAM!” In just that amount of time, two Volvos make it to the end of their brief and final test drive. The 2.5-ton XC90 you expect to survive; with the new C70 hardtop convertible, you expect more damage than the minimal side intrusion and broken bits scattered...Read More»

That Good Old German Organization

I love stereotypes – not the harmful ones, but the good ones that make me think better of strangers and less of myself. Like, Italians are better lovers and it’s hopeless to try and measure up. Or, all Frenchmen are fantastic cooks and connoisseurs and can make chicken salad out of...Read More»

Live from Mainhattan....

Yes, the auto babes are here - and before you get all your Andrea Dworkin up in our face, that's what one of the models called herself when asked (not the one here in a dress made entirely of cut-up smart Visa cards). And of course, there are new cars by the oodles, all manner of Skodas and Audis...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Ford's Mark Fields is the latest fresh face (relatively) to get hustled up through the executive ranks. One former Ford insider we know says the Nasser brain drain's effects have taken such a toll on the ranks, that virtually no one in upper management qualifies for Social Security anymore...Read More»

VW Gets Konged

Volkswagen has a thing for classic horror - how else can you explain the Thing? Or the original Fox, for that matter. Still, we can't help but think the new King Kong movie might not be the Touareg SUV's best friend. We were with Benz when The Lost World chewed up a dozen M-Class prototypes and it...Read More»

Volvo production site in Chengdu, China
BMW Joins GM, DC on Hybrids

And you thought it never would happen: BMW is joining the hybrid world. And it's doing so along with GM and DaimlerChrysler. BMW has now joined the alliance already existing between GM and DC that will build hybrid powertrains for the companies' vehicles starting in 2007. BMW has been hedging its...Read More»

American Cancer Society Auctioning Ford GT

Detroit is getting ready for the 2005 American Cancer Society Cattle Baron’s Ball Saturday, September 10, at the Michigan State Fairgrounds. One deep-pockets bidder can take home what is arguably the hottest car of the year – a one-of-a-kind Ford GT with a $156,595 MSRP. “Auction...Read More»

Audi e-gas project
TCC's Weekly Reader

Hurricane Katrina's still in the news - if you need the latest updates or are trying to connect with folks in the New Orleans area, try the New Orleans Times-Picayune's Web site for neighborhood listings and locals looking for loved ones. And until the Gulf region recovers, your donations to any...Read More»

Dodge Hooks Up with Mydols

MILF alert: Chrysler is striking one for the minivan moms who need relief from screaming kids as well as, possibly, monthly urges to listen to rock and roll. The company’s Dodge brand has become the sponsor of The Mydols, a rock band made up of moms. (Mydol, for the unfamiliar, is a brand of...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

TCC is asking all its readers to contribute to the American Red Cross and other reputable charities in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Everyone will be affected by this tragedy, whether you know someone directly in danger or needing relief. The sight of many gas stations in Atlanta without fuel...Read More»

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