Danica Patrick Ties the Knot
Danica Patrick Ties the Knot

Indy Racing League starlet and subject of much-heated debate Danica Patrick recently added a new title to her growing resume: Mrs. Patrick, the Associated Press reports, was wed recently to 40-year-old physical therapist Paul Hospenthal. The 23-year-old Patrick has kept quiet about the ceremony...Read More»

Moore Slams GM Again

Celebrity un-American Michael Moore is at it again — and fortunately, unlike his nasty, incoherent, and manipulative attempts at filmmaking, his recent appearance on local radio in Flint, Mich., was only an hour’s worth of misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies. Moore showed...Read More»

More Sobs With Saab

From the department of “I’m shocked there’s gambling going on in this establishment” (rent Casablanca if you don’t get the reference), continued losses at its struggling Swedish brand Saab are expected to drag General Motors Corp.’s European operations into the red...Read More»

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Hatcher Suing over VW Sex Romp?

While the execs at VW are doing a pretty good job of bringing sex scandals down around their own ears, they are getting a little help these days from the tabloids via Desperate Housewives’ Teri Hatcher. The former Lois Lane is suing a British tabloid paper for alleging that she was using a...Read More»

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Volkswagen's Rough Sex Week

It was a tough week for Volkswagen in the old sex department. First, a German newspaper reported that a group of former managers at the center of a sex and bribery investigation may have attempted to misappropriate funds from the Volkswagen Pension Trust (VPT), the €1.5bn pension fund for the...Read More»

“Paris Hilton” Bike Has $250k in Rhinestones

In the reality-TV “garage” genre, the stupid-expensive custom bike reigns supreme. The Teutels might be the most media-savvy of the bunch so far, with their Orange County Choppers and bikes made out of copper from the Statue of Liberty. But the dark horses at Beverly Hills Choppers are...Read More»

GM’s Gloom

I grew up in an era when most folks believed that what was good for General Motors was good for the country. And vice versa. It’s a lot harder to make either argument these days, as the automaker skids deeper and deeper into trouble. Once GM controlled half the U.S. auto market, and the...Read More»

M5 Takes On A380

As one of sixteen European plants that contribute to the production of the Airbus A380, the factory in Hamburg, Germany finally welcomed a completed prototype of the massive new double-decker flagship to its Finkenwerde airport base on Tuesday. Scheduled to go into service in November of 2006, the...Read More»

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Dallas Woman Racks Up $76,039 in Tolls

A Dallas woman owes the state’s North Texas Tollway Authority for some unfunded trips through toll booths—and we’re not just talking spare change. The Associated Press reports that Evangelina Gonzalez has blasted through the booths without paying almost 3000 times since early...Read More»

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Another Take on the Motor City Mess

A U.K.-based film historian, Michael Chanan, and a University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, sociology professor, George Steinmetz, have released a new documentary. Called Detroit: Ruin of a City, the film briefly backgrounds the history of 19th-century Detroit, then finds its main thread in 1913, when...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Finally, at long last, TCC came within mere feet of Carmen Electra without a court officer present. Downside: difficult to prove if the longing look in her eyes was a desire to exchange AIM names, or just a fake eyelash caught in her contact lens. Food for thought, almost totally unrelated to cars...Read More»

Carmen Electra and the Skin Game

For those who might not recognize Carmen Electra with her clothes on, SEMA is something of a disappointment this year. The annual Las Vegas convention has a reputation for featuring scantily-clad models signing posters, waving flags and doing just about anything they can to catch the attention of...Read More»

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The Worm Runs Into The Law

Former NBA baller, self-professed freak and occasionally overdressed dude Dennis Rodman is free from the law after settling a ticket he earned going 98 mph in his Lamborghini. The Associated Press says police tagged Rodman in the town of Frisco, Colo., for speeding and reckless driving, but later...Read More»

Volvo Drops Hot Rod On SEMA

When you start with a bag of Volvo S80 parts, you usually get two things: a S80 and mildly confused. But when Volvo engineers do the same thing, they come up with madness like the T6 hot rod coming to the SEMA show this week. The hand-built racer gets its twin-turbo six from the S80 mounted in the...Read More»

Ford GTX1 Charges Ahead at SEMA

Ford's the company of few words when it comes to this GTX1 concept. The roofless version of the GT supercar will be shown off at next week's SEMA aftermarket show in Vegas - and that's about all Ford is saying for now about the fiery orange concept (sketched here). Stay tuned for more from SEMA and...Read More»

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F1: We Are The Champions

As Fernando Alonso swept over the finish-line of the Chinese Grand Prix and made sure that Renault won the F1 Constructors’ Championship, he broke into song, with a Spanish-accented version of the first line of the Queen standard "We Are the Champions." When the team got back home, they went...Read More»

California Girls Give Good Valet

It’s standard practice in Hollywood to ask your waitress what roles she’s auditioning for. But your valet? That’s the promise of California Girls Valet, which employs a squadron of 50 actress/models to perform the car-parking services for star-studded events that normally would be...Read More»

Less Skin at SEMA

It might run counter to the crowd’s baser desires, but the annual SEMA show taking place next week will be a tamer place, thanks to new guidelines distributed to companies hawking their wares at the annual aftermarket extravaganza, hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Nov. 1-4. A...Read More»

Audi's Siren Song

Audiences attending the Tokyo Motor Show and last month’s Frankfurt auto show may have been overwhelmed by the number of SUVs on display. But one SUV in particular drew in spectators with a live siren song all its own. Audi’s campaign for the new Q7 SUV features a haunting song...Read More»

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