New Remote Kill Switches Make Repo Men Smarter -- And Deadlier
New Remote Kill Switches Make Repo Men Smarter -- And Deadlier

When last we spoke of repo (wo)men, we spoke of how they're using license plate readers to find folks who are late on loan repayments. (As if stalking people on Facebook weren't bad enough.) But wait, it gets worse: according to the New York Times, if you're a subprime borrower -- generally...Read More»

Repo Man
You & Your License Plates Are Being Watched (By America's Repo Men)

We've written before about licence plate readers, or LPRs, which can be found in cities across America. But like all high-end technology, once-pricey LPRs have become more affordable, and now they're being used by mom and pop businesses -- especially repossession companies -- to keep tabs on...Read More»

Repo Man
Repo Man Finds Himself Out Of A Job As More Pay Car Loans

Though America's economic recovery seemed iffy at one time, it now appears that we're on the right track. Consumer confidence is mostly high, stocks are mostly up, and though it's not as robust as we'd like, economic growth is in mostly positive territory. In the auto world, the recovery has had...Read More»

2002 Buick Regal LS
Woman Crushed To Death By Her Own Car During Repossession Attempt

Contrary to the goofy, semi-paramilitary operations you may see on TV, car repossession is anything but a fun business. Too often the people losing their cars for lack of payment are the ones that need them most. Unfortunately, one such woman was killed during a repossession attempt yesterday, in...Read More»

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