Irony Alert: Four Renault Models Banned From China Over Safety Issues
Irony Alert: Four Renault Models Banned From China Over Safety Issues

It's only Wednesday, but get ready for a Freaky Friday switcheroo: China has banned four Renault models from import due to 'serious safety risks' and failure to comply with Chinese regulations and standards. The Laguna, Scenic, Megane and Megane Coupe-Cabriolet are all part of the ban. China's...Read More»

2006 Renault Clio
Nissan, Renault Getting Closer

The long-distance marriage between Nissan and Renault will get a little warmer, as a result of the downturn in worldwide automotive sales. As a result, drivers and car shoppers could see more vehicles for sale in America, that share much more in common with the vehicles Renault and Nissan sell in...Read More»

Better Place battery-swap demonstration
Better Place Video Of EV Battery-Pack Quick Swap: Nope, STILL Not Convinced

Yesterday, we laid out in some detail why we're not sold on the idea that the Better Place electric-vehicle startup or Renault, its first vehicle partner, will be able to design a car that lets a battery pack be swapped out in mere minutes. The spur for our piece was a video (below) that Better...Read More»

GM cars take on the Zune
Link Love From The Car Connection: Reading Behind The Wheel, Music For Hipsters, And GM Targets The Zune Generation (Assuming There Is One)

Zuning in -- General Motors' marketing department isn't letting all this bankruptcy folderol spoil their fun. Those chipper clipboard-toters are working overtime to reach every viable customer demographic. GM's latest target: owners of the Microsoft Zune, America's favorite also-ran mp3 player...Read More»

Renault Kangoo be bop ZE electric vehicle
So What Would You Think About a Saturn Kangoo Be Bop, Huh?

Sometimes just when you think the industry can't get any does. Take, for instance, two news items that crossed our desk in sequence today. First, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal area reporting French carmaker Renault and its partner Nissan have apparently joined former race...Read More»

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid
UK's Sexy Green Car Show Cancelled

Seeming to prove that it ain't easy being green, the Sexy Green Car Show, which was to be held in May in London, has been cancelled according to AutoCar; they claim the show is an apparent victim of the sudden drop in fuel prices. Of the cancellation, Rob Mackenzie, managing director of IMIE who...Read More»

2008 Renault Ondelios Concept
Renault Ondelios: The Land of the Lost Has New Wheels

A long time ago, on a network far, far away, there was a land where Will and Holly Marshall fought the Sleestak, fiddled with a weather matrix, and lost their father to a Dick York-style identity swap. All along, the Marshalls were looking for a way to get out of the Land of the Lost--and Renault...Read More»

2008 Renault Z.E. Concept
Renault Z.E.: The French Go Electric, Too

Renault joins the ranks of carmakers thinking about electric vehicles here at the Paris auto show with the Z.E., a Honda Element-like concept that draws power from batteries and its greenhouse, apparently, from a crate full of those inexpensive levels you find at the Home Depot. Renault actually...Read More»

2008 Nissan Pivo2 Concept
Peugeot Pushing EVs

Who killed the EV? Well, it's beginning to look like reports of the death of the battery car were, to paraphrase Mark Twain, greatly exaggerated. As TheCarConnection noted in an exclusive April report, Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn has declared the electric vehicle his company's No. 1 priority...Read More»

Carlos Ghosn
Going, Going, Ghosn? Not Yet

There’ve been mounting reports that Carlos Ghosn, the hard-charging, Brazilian-born executive, would give up one of his two CEO hats. Architect of the turnaround that has saved Nissan Motor Co., Ghson added the title of CEO of the Japanese automaker’s French partner, Renault, several years ago...Read More»

Renault at Geneva: Megane Coupe, Koleos, and Active Drive

World debuts for three new production cars plus a concept that hints at the future design direction of another – that was the big news from Renault at the Geneva motor show. The star of the show for the French automaker was undoubtedly the last of these; called the Megane Coupe Concept, with...Read More»

Mmmm....Kangoo! Simpsons Star in Global Renault Ads

The ultimate family testing the ultimate family car – that’s how French manufacturer Renault is describing its new series of adverts for the MkII Kangoo family, which star the Fox network's Simpsons. Scheduled to appear in 29 countries across Europe from next week, the campaign includes...Read More»

Israel Pushing for Electric Cars?

Israel doesn't have much in the way of petro resources like its neighbors, but it does have money and brainpower--and that's why, the New York Times reports, the country will get behind a California entrepreneur who wants to build out a network to support electric cars. The Times says that the...Read More»

Ghosn Turns In Superman Cape

Carlos Ghosn’s the only CEO in the auto world to inspire his own comic book. But even the Brazilian with the yen for Japan can’t balance three car empires on his modest shoulders, it turns out — so Ghosn is giving up his role as operating chief of Nissan North America...Read More»

Renault's Geneva Gamut

Renault's taking the dog's-breakfast philosophy to Geneva in two weeks. Maybe there won't be any blockbusters on the show stand, but a quintet of new editions could take some of the heat off the French automaker and off Carlos Ghosn, who's faced with slowing sales in Europe and a worldwide...Read More»

Ghosn Gets Knighted

We know lots of Knights we admire – Knight Rider, Bobby Knight, but most of all Christopher Knight, a.k.a. Peter Brady, who overcame middle-Brady syndrome to get buff in his mid-40s and proceed to whomp Lingerie Bowl star Adrianne Curry. Now we can also look up to Carlos Ghosn, who was...Read More»

Buyouts - Nissan's Up Next

Nissan says it's offering buyouts to all its Tennessee hourly workers in a move announced today, proving that the pain in the auto-industry slump isn't being doled out entirely in Detroit. While GM, Ford and Chrysler have sliced large chunks out of their workforces, the Japanese brands have largely...Read More»

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