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Toyota Prius-Based Plug-In Hybrid: Coming To An Outlet Near You
Toyota Prius-Based Plug-In Hybrid: Coming To An Outlet Near You

Not news: Toyota's developing a plug-in hybrid based on the third-generation Toyota Prius. News: Toyota is releasing 500 of them into the wild by the end of 2009. Of that total, 200 will go to Japan, 150 to the U.S., and 150 to Europe. (France is a confirmed recipient, with Germany, Holland, and...Read More»

2009 Tesla Roadster         Photo Credit: Rex Roy
Elon Musk Speaks About Three New EVs, Including Next-Gen Tesla Roadster and 2010 Smart EV

Tesla chairman Elon Musk is in the news again, making small talk about three upcoming EVs. Tesla is producing two of those in conjunction with its new lifepartner, Daimler; the other it'll handle on its own. The two Daimler projects include the already-discussed, already-seen Smart EV plug-in due...Read More»

Well-blinged Toyota Camry
Link Love From The Car Connection: Toyota Camry Blinged, Plus Videos For 'Mission One' Electric Motorcycle, Grand Turismo 5, And Jay Leno's EcoJet

♦  There's a lot of car bling on the market, but not everyone knows how to use it. We think the owner of this Toyota Camry did a pretty awesome job of walking the fine line between "80s futurism" and "chromed-out mid-life crisis". And hey: at least it gave gramps a weekend project...Read More»

Bentley in camo
Link Love From The Car Connection: Bentley Bubba-fied, Dodge Viper Bid, And Chrysler's PR Team Tries To Stay Busy

♦  Sometimes you folks send in images that we can't explain, and frankly, we don't want to. Sometimes, we just want to stare in slackjawed amazement, as we're currently doing at this photo of a Bentley coupe that's been camouflaged--not just in "spy shot camo", but honest-to-Jughead "deer...Read More»

2009 Chrysler Town & Country
Chrysler Plugs In To A Chunk Of Government Cash

You might think Chrysler would be doubled over in pain these days, given all the tsoris of bankruptcy court. But in fact, the company is holding its head high and has developed big plans for tomorrow--at least on paper. Yesterday, those plans made their way to the U.S. Department of Energy, when...Read More»

Jay Leno and the Aptera 2e
Late Night Hosts Love EVs, Part II: Jay Leno And The Aptera 2e

Not to be outdone by David Letterman's EV love-fest, Jay Leno has posted his review of the Aptera 2e to Clearly, now is the time for all late night hosts to come to the aid of electric cars. Next up: Jon Stewart invites Sarah Vowell to help him take on the RORMaxx Formula AE...Read More»

England goes electric
U.K. Loves EVs

In America, Brits are usually associated with left-hand driving, fish and chips, period films, and sub-par dentistry. But hark: good old Albion is working hard to become known as a leader in the electric vehicle movement, too. The U.K. has gotten off to an impressive start in building EV...Read More»

Stuntman Steve Truglia gets loopy
Link Love From The Car Connection: Looping In A Toyota, Charging Up A Passat, And The Rumor Mill Turns For Lexus, MINI, Daimler, Tesla

Going 'round in circles -- Congrats to stuntman Steve Truglia for clearing the world's largest loop-the-loop in a Toyota. We hope to replicate this feat someday in TCC's vintage Ford Escort. Thank you, Steve, for giving us hope. [DailyMail via AutoMotto] Rumor mill #1 -- Rumor has it that Lexus is...Read More»

Nissan EV-02 prototype grille
Nissan's Audacious Claim: Our EV Will Cost No More Than a Regular Compact Car

It seems to be electric vehicle season out there, with Ford, Chevrolet, and now Nissan giving rides in their development prototypes. In each case, a close-to-final drivetrain was mounted in a development "mule" far from the final production vehicle. Of the three, Nissan has by far the most...Read More»

2009 Toyota RAV4
In The Works: Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota has set itself the nifty goal of bringing ten new hybrid models to market by 2012, and producing hybrid versions of all its vehicles by the year 2020.  Next in line for a green makeover? The popular Toyota RAV4. We don't yet know exactly when a hybrid RAV4 will hit the lots, but we do know...Read More»

The ecoF3 from WorldFirst
Car, Like Us, Runs On Chocolate

  Call that Cathy lady and tell her that her dream car just came in.  It runs on chocolate. No joke. A group from England's Warwick University called WorldFirst has developed the vehicle--dubbed the ecoF3--in hopes of proving "that an environmentally friendly car is not necessarily a slow car"...Read More»

Bee's 'Bee.One' electric car
Link Love From The Car Connection: Fiat Goes For Opel, An EV For The U.K., And The Booth Hostesses Of Shanghai

Fiat may take majority stake in Opel -- Not content to take a big ol' slice of Chrysler pie, Fiat is seriously eying GM's Opel brand. In fact, by the time you read this, the ink may be drying on a deal. [DetNews] New Bee line -- These days, cranking out a battery-powered concept is de rigeur for...Read More»

Mitsubishi i-MiEV
Mitsubishi i-MiEV: Coming To An Electrical Outlet Near You...Eventually

The electric vehicles are coming, y'all. In addition to the many "sure things" we've already mentioned--like the Chevy Volt, the Tesla Model S, and the Nissan EV we discussed the other day--Mitsubishi has announced that it's bringing the all-electric i-MiEV to America in the not-too-distant future...Read More»

Nissan Test Car EV-02
Nissan Brings The EV To SD

Hybrid sales may be in the tank, but that isn't about to stop Nissan from pushing its new electric vehicle in a very big way. Yesterday, the company announced that it's bringing EVs to the U.S. in 2010, with plans to deploy them around the globe about two years later. Not surprisingly, the...Read More»

2009 Tesla Roadster
Driven: Tesla Roadster!

“Thrust. Pure, seamless, unstoppable, rocket-to-the-moon thrust. That’s what the 2009 Tesla Roadster is all about.” So declares editor-in-chief John Voelcker, who just drove the Roadster this past week. His Bottom Line review of this thrilling all-electric sports car posts...Read More»

Motivo concept by Tai Chiem
Link Love From The Car Connection: Obama's $2.4 Billion EV Grants, NASA's Transformer, And Audi's Sweet Robots

The suit off on your back -- Haberdasher Jos. A. Bank is taking a page from Hyundai's playbook: if you buy a suit from the company between March 16 and April 9 and then lose your job, they'll refund your money. And you get to keep the suit. Which is even better than Hyundai's deal, now that we...Read More»

2008 Toyota RAV4
More Power to You, 2009 Toyota RAV4

Toyota's giving the 2009 RAV4 crossover more power--at least in its base form. The new RAV4 arrives in showrooms next month with a base price slightly higher than the 2008 version shown above, Toyota says. And in base four-cylinder form, there's a smidge more power to be had. A new 2.5-liter...Read More»

Renault at Geneva: Megane Coupe, Koleos, and Active Drive

World debuts for three new production cars plus a concept that hints at the future design direction of another – that was the big news from Renault at the Geneva motor show. The star of the show for the French automaker was undoubtedly the last of these; called the Megane Coupe Concept, with...Read More»