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Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Vehicles Get Stronger May Incentives
Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Vehicles Get Stronger May Incentives

Chrysler today announced a more aggressive incentives program for May, including the potential for no-interest financing on much of its product line or cash-back offers of up to $4,000. For up to 36 or 60 months, depending on the vehicle, Chrysler is offering zero-percent financing, arranged...Read More»

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Woody
The Rising And Falling Stars Of The Decade: A Quick Look

Just like the trucker hat jammed in the corner of your closet (let's hope), vehicles come and go with the tides of time, and what was hot just a few years ago might be an unremarkable ride today. Such is the case with the Chrysler PT Cruiser, which was an overwhelming sales success early in the...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen New Beetle
Ugliest Cars Of The Past 50 Years? You Might Be Surprised.

Think that the design of the Volkswagen New Beetle is more hideous than iconic? Apparently you're not alone. Business Week has posted its "Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years," including a number of models present and past, and the New Beetle is just one of the newer and still-produced models...Read More»

Chrysler Sues Daimler Over Supply Shortcomings

Having just come through a complicated series of bankruptcy proceedings, you might think Chrysler would want to take a break from courtrooms for a while. However, on August 21 the company filed suit against its former parent, Daimler AG, in U.S. bankruptcy court. According to Chrysler, Daimler has...Read More»

2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser
Chrysler PT Cruiser Saved, Fan Pleased

Interesting news from Chrysler today: apparently, the much-maligned, decidedly unsafe, recently shelved PT Cruiser isn't headed for the graveyard just yet. The update comes via a bland, stilted tweet from a staffer deep inside pentastar headquarters (could someone please get those folks some...Read More»

chart art
Today In Math: Unsurprising Sales Stats

Shocking news from the pollsters today: when companies nix car models, customer loyalty suffers. Yes, proving once again that we're in the wrong line of work, someone has presumably paid R. L. Polk & Co. big bucks to show that by 86ing, say, the PT Cruiser, Chrysler will lose many Cruiser...Read More»

Heidi Montag atop a Camaro
Link Love From The Car Connection: Mercedes Gullwing FAIL, GM's Aim Is Off, And Who Is This Heidi Montag Person Anyway?

Thursday is like an amuse-bouche: not quite Friday, but tantalizingly close. Here are some links to keep you occupied while we finish watching Top Chef on TIVO. Cue the sad trombone -- We don't often play the schadenfreude game around here, but it's hard not to go a little "Nelson Muntz" when we...Read More»

2009 Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser Series 5
Dream Cruise Gets Latest Chrysler PT Cruiser Special Edition

  It's become a tradition for Chrysler each August--the arrival of a new limited-edition PT Cruiser retro wagon, themed for the upcoming Woodward Dream Cruise. Chrysler's 2009 Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser Series 5 is the latest in a series of PTs, and it will be on display this weekend as classic-car...Read More»

Crossover vehicle Alain de Leon
Spied: A Mystery Crossover

Alain de Leon's a longtime reader of Imagine his good luck at Carl's Jr., in scenic Barstow, when instead of his usual double cheeseburger, he spotted this mystery vehicle parked nearby. His first take: The car's a new Kia Rio. "I think it's a Rio just by the shape, but maybe...Read More»

2008 Dodge Dakota
What's Wrong With Chrysler Quality

"Quality is no longer a differentiator. It's the price of admission." Or so goes the word of advice I got, many years back from Dr. David Cole, today the director of the Center for Automotive Research, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It wasn't an easy lesson for Detroit to learn. An old friend, Denny...Read More»

The Biggest, Baddest Boy at the Chicago Auto Show?

Forgot those wimpy hybrids. Who cares about alternate fuels. Gas guzzler? Bring it on. If you’re looking for the biggest, baddest mother at this year’s Chicago Auto Show, just wind your way over to the Navistar International display. While it may be a name only a few gearheads recall...Read More»

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