With 3D Printing, Ford Brings Products To Market Faster
With 3D Printing, Ford Brings Products To Market Faster

3D printing is a hot topic these days. Though the technology is still evolving, over the next few years it should become possible for laypeople everywhere to print hardware, jewelry, and other three-dimensional objects right in their own homes. The technology will also have a huge effect on the way...Read More»

2014 Subaru Forester Preview Drive  -  pre-production mule, Japan Proving Grounds
2014 Subaru Forester: Preview Drive

The Subaru Forester, at last, fits into the mainstream. And before you pass judgment, we think that’s a good thing. The Forester has a well-established reputation for being a good all-weather vehicle that’s rugged, responsive, and surprisingly versatile—albeit a little quirky and...Read More»

Volkswagen Transporter van thrown into the air
Volkswagen Torture Testing Its Vehicles: Video

Before the proliferation of electronic sensors and computer technology in the world of cars, engineers actually used to go out and beat the hell out of the cars they were testing--quite literally. BMX-style jumping ramps, old-fashioned door slamming and even a sledgehammer or two to a roof panel...Read More»