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Prius Production Added in U.S.
Prius Production Added in U.S.

Look for a "Made in America" badge to start showing up on Toyota's top-selling hybrid-electric vehicle, the Prius. The Japanese maker will begin producing a version of the high-mileage sedan at a new plant in Blue Springs, Mississippi, starting in 2010, the company has confirmed. Like its Big Three...Read More»

Prius with environmental message
Prius Going Greener

Toyota's Prius hybrid is already a hit with environmentally minded consumers, a fact that has driven the gasoline-electric sedan to the top of the green machine sales charts. But now, the Japanese maker hopes to expand the appeal of Prius by making it even greener. The Japanese business publication...Read More»

Chevrolet Volt Concept
Should You Buy a Hybrid - Or Wait?

When is the right time to buy a hybrid? Should you be heading for the showroom now or waiting for the next generation of this technically complex but fuel-efficient alternatives? A piece in USA Today raises those questions and is worth touching on in this blog, as regular readers know my cautious...Read More»

Toyota Tundra
Toyota Facing First Sales Dip Since 1995

Anyone who thinks the impact of the current automotive downturn is limited to the Big Three domestic automakers is in for a rude shock. At a meeting with shareholders, a senior Toyota Motor Co. official revealed that sales in the crucial American market will likely take their first dip since 1995...Read More»

Don’t Buy Based on MPG Alone

How quickly times change. Only a matters of months ago, it seems, we were bombarded by ads touting products by the numbers: horsepower, for example, 0-60 times, or cubic feet of cargo space. Well, actually, we're hearing a lot more numbers now; what with $4-a-gallon gas, manufacturers are suddenly...Read More»

Woody Allen Bubble Car
Breaking Wind? Bubble Cars and Aero Trucks

After being put into suspended animation following a botched operation, Woody Allen wakes up centuries in the future - as a wanted man. Looking to escape, he steals an aerodynamic bubble car in one of the most memorable scenes from the film Sleeper. For decades, the image shown above has resurfaced...Read More»

Prius with environmental message
Find a Hybrid – If You Can

The debate over hybrids is likely to continue for some time. Just moments before starting this feature, I fielded a call from a friend, intent on buying a gasoline-electric model, no matter what the actual economic equations might reveal. The simple fact is that facing ever-rising fuel prices and...Read More»

Oil Change Monitor
Is the 3,000-Mile Oil Change Dead?

Using less oil doesn't mean merely cutting back on refined gasoline. Your car uses oil every day, and changing it at 3,000-mile intervals has been the time-honored recommendation for ages--to the tune of 1 billion gallons each year in the U.S. alone. Only now, with the invention and innovation of...Read More»

2008 Toyota Prius
Toyota Plug-In Hybrid Coming by 2010

Is the world of plug-in hybrids about to go mainstream? While General Motors has been aggressive in touting its Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, Toyota's also been pushing the technology through the planning stages. This morning, the Associated Press reports, Toyota confirms that its plug-in hybrid...Read More»

Tailpipe Emissions
Idle Time

Don't worry about running a red light. Seems the real way to get into trouble in Minneapolis these days is letting your engine run. The city has just enacted a new law that means you'll get a hefty fine for letting your car idle for more than three minutes. The one exception is when you're stuck in...Read More»

Prius with environmental message
Toyota May Build Prius in U.S. Plant

I’ve been out in Northern California this weekend, attending a family wedding. It doesn’t take much time on the road to recognize that the Toyota Prius has become has common as sunshine out here. And considering that the cheapest fuel I’ve seen comes in at $4.22 a gallon, sales seem to have...Read More»

2008 Dodge Aspen Hybrid
Chrysler Planning New Hybrids

Slow to the hybrid party, Chrysler is now planning to play catch-up. The automaker is about to launch its first hybrid-electric vehicles, the 2009 Dodge Aspen and 2009 Dodge Durango HEMI Hybrid sport-utility vehicles. Company officials are suggesting that a number of other HEVs could be added to...Read More»

Smart fortwo
Trading in on a Small Car Could COST You Big Money

If you want to get a sense of what’s happening in the U.S. new car market, just ask Alan Mulally. The CEO of Ford Motor Co. has just ordered a sharp cut in production for the rest of the year, almost all of it on the truck side of the automaker’s assembly line equation. The bigger they are, it...Read More»

Prius with environmental message
Prius Tops 1 Million

What began as little more than a technical curiosity has moved solidly into the mainstream. Toyota Motor Co. just sold its 1 millionth Prius, the world’s first mass-market hybrid-electric vehicle. Introduced in 1997 in Japan and two years later in the United States, the Prius is Toyota’s...Read More»

Prius with environmental message
Does It Make Dollars and Sense to Buy a Hybrid?

Is it time to buy a hybrid? That’s a question a large portion of American auto buyers seem to be asking these days. And there’s little doubt that for many motorists, the answer is yes. Toyota, for example, reports that its stock of Prius hybrids has fallen to the lowest level in two years...Read More»

Power Predicts Surge in Hybrid, Diesel Sales

With $4-a-gallon gasoline seemingly just around the corner, sales of high-mileage diesels and hybrid-electric vehicles are expected to triple by the middle of the next decade, according to a new study by J.D. Power & Associates. Power predicts the two technologies will achieve a combined 17 percent...Read More»

Building the 2010 Chevy Volt: TheCarConnection Gets the Inside Story

It began innocuously enough: a brainstorm by General Motors’ car czar, Bob Lutz, in February 2006, set folks at the automaker’s design studios scrambling to come up with a “car of the future.” Initially dubbed iCar, the early sketches gave it wings, and took away its wheels. But...Read More»

Toyota: Tokyo Didn't Fund the Prius

Toyota is denying a report from BusinessWeek magazine that the Japanese government funded the development of the Prius. The Detroit News relays the report in BW's March 24 edition, in which former Toyota exec Jim Press -- now president at Chrysler -- told the magazine that "The Japanese government...Read More»

California Regulators Charge Ahead with Plug-In Hybrids

The powerful California Air Resources Board has given a new push to plug-in electric cars while deliberately spurning more exotic technology such as pure electric vehicles and vehicles powered by fuel cells. Under new rules adopted last week, CARB will require automakers to sell 7,500 pure electric...Read More»

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