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Porsche Claims Control of VW
Porsche Claims Control of VW

It's a case of Wolfsburg vs. Stuttgart over in Germany, where privately held automaker Porsche claims "de facto" control over the world's third-largest auto company, VW AG, having gained control of 35.1 percent of voting rights in the German conglomerate. VW, its union workers, and its...Read More»

2010 Porsche Panamera
2010 Porsche Panamera--First Official Photo

Porsche has revealed the first production photo of the 2010 Panamera sedan, but you'll have to get a Lasik tuneup to get much out of the first official shot. This photo shows the new sedan's front end from the wheel forward, accompanied by the briefest of releases that play up a new online magazine...Read More»

2010 Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia
2010 Porsche Cayenne Heads for Transsyberia

Porsche says the Cayenne SUV gets a new edition for the 2010 model year, and it's inspired by a trans-Russian rally. The 2010 Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia shows up at dealer next spring, derived in part from the racing trucks that ply a 4,400-mile route across Russia and Mongolia every spring for...Read More»

2007 Porsche Cayman 2-door Coupe Angular Front Exterior View
Porsche Lets You Drive 911--Online

For those of you who might never get the chance to drive a new Porsche 911, there's an ersatz experience available now online. Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) says with its latest refresh, it's enabled visitors to their site to draw their own roads and then "drive" on the virtual asphalt they've...Read More»

2010 Porsche Panamera spy shots
Spy Shots: 2010 Porsche Panamera

The 2010 Porsche Panamera has finally dropped some of its disguise, giving us a better look at some of the true styling nuances destined for the radical new Porsche. For the first time we can see the proper hood sculpting and an almost completely clean look at the character development on the...Read More»

2008 Porsche Cayenne
Porsche Rushing New Cayenne

Porsche senses the tide turning against big SUVs--and it's rushing a greener Cayenne to market, according to a blog by Britain's Autocar. Autocar reports the Stuttgart sportscar maker and latter-day SUV adopter is planning a lighter, more efficient Cayenne for market sometime after 2011. The...Read More»

2009 Porsche Cayman S Sport
Official: 2009 Porsche Cayman S Sport

Porsche confirms this morning that the new Cayman S Sport arrives in showrooms in October and will wear a price tag of $69,900. The new Sport edition of the Cayman delivers 8 hp more to the 3.4-liter flat six, for a total of 303 hp. It also gets a cosmetic kit that gives it a passing resemblance to...Read More»

Porsche lawn tractor
Spied: The Porsche Tractor

Andreas sends us spy shots of cars and trucks, but this time he's uncovered a very special lawn tractor that probably doesn't have a place in the Porsche museum--though it wears the livery of Porsche's iconic 911. The crazy lawn tractor here started life as a Partner machine, with 14.5 horsepower...Read More»

2009 Porsche 911
Porsche 911 for '09: DSG Makes the Cut

The 2009 Porsche 911 arrives this September in the States, and for the first time Porsche's hallmark sportscar will offer a dual-clutch transmission--the type of semi-manual box that colleagues at Audi and Volkswagen have been installing in their cars for a few years. While Porsche plays catch-up...Read More»

Porsche Bid for VW May Be Dead

One of the automotive world’s oddest marriage bids may have been blocked by the German government. Regulators have taken steps to protect state control of Volkswagen, potentially ending a bid by sports carmaker Porsche to take control of the larger, mainstream brand. The ties between the two...Read More»

2009 Porsche Boxster RS60 Preview

Porsche’s popular roadster, the Boxster, is breaking the 300-horsepower barrier, for the first time, with a limited-edition two-seater celebrating the German marque’s legendary RS60 race car making its debut at this year's New York Auto Show. A total of only 1960 of the new 2009 Porsche...Read More»

Porsche Gets Green Light on VW Takeover

German innovation or collusion? Porsche's leadership says it has permission from the board of directors to acquire Volkswagen AG, Germany's biggest automaker. The long-unfolding story between the automakers has its roots in German law. The state of Saxony, where Volkswagen is headquartered, owns a...Read More»

Porsche Plans Hybrid #2

Porsche’s confirmed that the Panamera will be offered in a hybrid flavor when it finally bows in 2009. The hybrid version will share its gas-electric running gear with the Cayenne Hybrid, which was introduced at the 2007 Los Angeles auto show. Porsche promises a 30-percent boost in fuel...Read More»

2007 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Concept
2007 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Concept

Two months ago at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Porsche announced its plans for building a hybrid version of theCayenne sport-utility vehicle. Now, at the L.A. Auto Show, Porsche showed the concept for the vehicle, which is due to arrive before the end of this decade. To give the public an idea of what...Read More»

NISMO Gets Its Hands on the 350Z

After being denied the love from Nissan’s tuner NISMO division, a NISMO 350Z will go on sale this July as a 2007 model. Fewer than 2000 units are expected to be sold during the 2007 and 2008 model year run. Pricing, while not set, will retain Nissan’s value proposition of performance...Read More»

As if the 911 Turbo Needed More Power...

Geneva's annual motor show draws design concepts and (mostly) European production cars to the city's crowded, formerly smokey Palexpo hall. This time around, tuner TechArt is bringing an outrageous 630-horsepower version of the 911 Turbo. Dubbed the GTStreet, the modified Porsche will rush to 62...Read More»

2008 Porsche Cayenne
Porsche Dashes Detroit with Cayenne

Just four years after launching the Cayenne, Porsche is back with a new version of its popular SUV. Designed to emphasize the “sport” in sport-utility vehicle, the original decision to build the Cayenne was greeted with plenty of skepticism and more than a little derision, but it has proved a...Read More»

2006 Porsche 911 Cabriolet
2006 Geneva Motor Show Coverage

SHOW COVERAGE 2006 Geneva Motor Show, Part I (2/28/2006)DaimlerChrysler shows Brabus Smart, AMGs, and Hornet. 2006 Geneva Motor Show, Part II (2/28/2006)Land Rover Land_e, Rolls coupe concept, and BMW's Z4 M Coupe. 2006 Geneva Motor Show, Part III (2/28/2006)Lexus gaining traction, Lambo LP 640...Read More»

2006 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet
2006 Geneva Motor Show, Part VIII

2006 Geneva Motor Show Coverage by TCC Team (2/19/2006) Porsche 911 Turbo The only useful feature not included with Porsche’s new 911 Turbo is the name of a good lawyer. You might need one if you push the latest variant of the 997-series sports car to its limits. The Turbo adds another 60...Read More»

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