Preview: 2011 Volkswagen Polo
Preview: 2011 Volkswagen Polo

This spring, Volkswagen's Stefan Jacoby confirmed that the next Polo would be headed for U.S. sale, and now the first look at the new three-door variant has been released. Though the Polo is expected to grow slightly in both length and width for U.S. consumption, it will still feature the same core...Read More»

Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion Concept
VW Polo BlueMotion Concept: A Link to the Past

Volkswagen was thrilled to show off the new 2011 Polo at the recent 2009 Geneva motor show.  So thrilled in fact that they also dropped a BlueMotion concept. Although using the word "concept" on this car doesn't quite work for me as this car is exactly what will be seen on the roads of Europe in a...Read More»

VW Polo Hatchback Rendering
VW Polo Sedan, Hatchback Slated For U.S. Production In 2011

Volkswagen has decided that small cars will only rise in prominence as fuel prices inevitably climb again. As such, they've decided to bring the new Polo to the U.S., which will slot beneath the Rabbit in VW's American lineup. However, for U.S. duty, they've made some tweaks to the vehicle that...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen Polo
VW Still Thinks Americans Are Too Fat for Polo

With all the news of the new Polo coming to the U.S. we have been rather excited.  That excitement has been dampened slightly today as the CEO of VW of America, Stefan Jacoby, announced that we can't have it.  Once again they have decided that the Euro Polo is just too small for us Big Mac...Read More»

VW Polo BillBoard Geneva Motor Show
Giant 2010 Volkswagen Polo Revealed in Geneva

In a surprising change of product planning it seems that Volkswagen has decided to make the 2010 Volkswagen Polo (fingers crossed that it makes it here on time) the largest car they have ever built.  It's over one story high and appears to be nearly 40 feet long according to the image displayed...Read More»

VW Polo BlueMotion
2010 Volkswagen Polo U.S.-Bound

Over the years, since the VW Beetle washed up on our shore, the company's cars have been enjoying American cuisine a bit too much and have been getting ever larger.  This hasn't really been much of a problem until recently, as people generally wanted larger and larger cars. But with the recent gas...Read More»

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