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SFPD To Go Lightly On Drivers Without Licenses, Ruckus Ensues
SFPD To Go Lightly On Drivers Without Licenses, Ruckus Ensues

Many police departments around the U.S. impound the cars of drivers caught behind the wheel without a license. But starting Sunday, San Francisco plans to abolish that policy, calling it unfair to illegal immigrants. Mayor Gavin Newsom, police chief George Gasc√≥n, and supervisor David Campos...Read More»

policeman reaching into car
London Cops Steal From Your Car, But It's For Your Own Good

Call us crazy, but if someone took a mobile phone, a briefcase, or a handheld GPS navigation system out of our car--even if it were unlocked--we'd call that theft. The police in London's Richmond neighborhood take a different view. When they see valuables left in plain sight in unlocked cars...Read More»

2008 Subaru WRX STI police car, Itasca, Illinois
Illinois Subaru Parade Gets Guinness World Record

When we hear "Subaru", we're more likely to think of world rallies than world records. But last Saturday, Subaru of America set a new Guinness World Record for the largest parade of Subaru cars in the world: 339 of them, to be precise. The Guinness organization even sent an official adjudicator...Read More»

At the drive-through
Arizona Sobriety Checkpoints Now Come With Fries And A Medium Drink

Driving under the influence of booze and/or dope is an awful, dangerous thing. However, we're not entirely sure about the Pima County Sheriff's Department's plan to embed deputies at fast-food joints so they can arrest slurring drivers. And we're even less sure about the project's name: Operation...Read More»

Fox News commentary on Chevy Volt (screen capture), March 2012
Carbon Motors E7 Police Car Suspected Of Being Highly Desirable

Good news: the Carbon Motors E7 police cruiser we mentioned last fall has proven popular with cops, garnering 10,000 advance reservations. Bad news: folks on the force won't get 'em until 2012. In-between news: as mentioned in the vid clip above, the finished product will feature a sealed-off back...Read More»

Expired meter
Expired: NYC Cops Ticket Deceased Driver For Weeks

Here at TCC, we love our friends on the force--even meter maids and traffic cops. But if we could offer one tiny suggestion: when you've been ticketing a vehicle for a solid month, consider taking a look inside. You might turn up something important. You know, like a corpse. [MSNBC via JV]Read More»

Maine Bans Camera Enforcement, But Photo Radar On The Rise

As of this fall, Maine will join Mississippi, Montana, West Virginia, and New Hampshire in completely banning automated enforcement cameras, such as those used for red-light running and speeding. But as some states have moved to ban cameras, other states have given more of them the green light. As...Read More»

Shuanghuan Noble vs. Smart fortwo
Link Love From The Car Connection: Smart Fortwo Loses In Court, Police Love Lambo Gallardos, And Please, No More Hipster Videos

♦ At left, you see the Smart fortwo and its lower-priced doppelganger (i.e. Chinese knock-off), the Shuanghuan Noble. But which is which? To Daimler's dismay, a Greek court has ruled that informed buyers totally know the difference, so Shuanghuan is clear for takeoff. But let's see Shuanghuan...Read More»

2010 Jaguar XF
Really Hot Pursuit? 2010 Jaguar XF Police Car Hits the Streets

Here in the U.S., police generally make do with high-volume, low-tech fleet vehicles like the long-lived Ford Crown Victoria or the more recent Chevrolet Impala or Dodge Charger - all perfectly capable of the job, but not particularly luxurious or sporting. In the UK, however, things are apparently...Read More»

2006 Dodge Stratus Sedan 4-door R/T Trunk
Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor: Step AWAY From Your Car!

We trust that few, if any, of our readers use or possess illegal substances. But if there happen to be such people, you may wish to note a decision by President Obama's newly named choice for Justice of the US Supreme Court. While the judge describes herself as "extraordinarily intense and very...Read More»

GPS satellite
Warrantless GPS Tracking by Police: Legal, or Illegal?

Among the many advances in automotive technology, GPS-based navigation systems are right up there with self-starters, auto air-conditioning, and iPod integration. Millions of hapless drivers now swear by their GPS instead of at their spouse/navigator. But there's a sinister side to the satellite...Read More»

NYPD Nissan Altima Hybrid
NYPD's Boys In Blue Go Green

The New York Police Department has added 40 new vehicles to its fleet, but these aren't just any ol' squad cars: these are Nissan Altima Hybrids. More importantly, they represent the NYPD's first purchase of hybrid vehicles for its fleet of regular patrol cars. Skeptics will probably point out that...Read More»

The talented cast of Reno 911
Police Found Guilty Of Loving The Pontiac G8

Two days ago, General Motors said that it would be killing off the Pontiac brand. Before the company had even finished its prepared statement, police squads across the country were moaning. Here's why: once upon a time, the Ford Crown Victoria was the police car of choice, but some police...Read More»

Pulled over by the police
Search Limitations (For Police, Not Google)

For 28 years, police in the U.S. have operated under the assumption that if they pull you over, they can search your car. Everyone who's ever watched an episode of Matlock knows that. But the wacky judicial body known as the U.S. Supreme Court just turned that shiznit on its head, yo. Here's how it...Read More»