BMW's Dr. Kay Segler Returns To MINI
BMW's Dr. Kay Segler Returns To MINI

You’ve probably heard the name Dr. Kay (pronounced “Kai”) Segler before; as head of BMW’s M Division, Dr. Segler was instrumental in the creation of BMW’s 1-Series M Coupe. His name and face were all over the internet at the launch of the track-day-terror, which Segler...Read More»

C. Robert Kidder, Chrysler Chairman 2009
Chrysler Has a New Chairman

Chrysler LLC has a new chairman waiting in the wings--he's C. Robert Kidder, who will take over for Bob Nardelli when Chrysler exits bankruptcy court. Kidder is a lifer in boards of management. A former chairman of Borden Chemical and Duracell, Kidder will be in charge of the assets left to a newly...Read More»

2007 Super Bowl Ad Chevrolet Robot
GM Thinks Twice About Robot Suicide

General Motors relented Friday and agreed to re-edit a Super Bowl ad that offended suicide prevention groups. The ad, which tells the story of an assembly line robot that dreams of getting fired after dropping a screw, and then jumps off a bridge because it can’t stand the thought of not working...Read More»

Soviet-era ekranoplan
TheCarConnection's Trivia Quiz

byMurray Jackson Get more TCC Trivia 1. What was the name of Pat Brady’s Jeep in the 1950s TV series "The Roy Rogers Show"? 2. The sales brochures for this 1978 Dodge model featured the slogan "Does it all". 3. In the song "One Piece at a Time", what brand of car did Johnny Cash assemble? 4. In...Read More»

2006 Dodge Challenger concept
Dodge Challenger Muscles Into Detroit

MORE PHOTOS: 2006 Detroit Auto Show Index by TCC Team (1/7/2006) In the weeks leading up to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, one car getting a lot of attention was the Dodge Challenger concept vehicle, with its retro styling that recalls the muscle car era. Chrysler’s...Read More»

Dream Cruis e 2002 logo
2002 Dream Cruise Day Two

by Mark Phelan Get all the 2002 Dream Cruise coverage here: 2002 Woodward Dream Cruise (8/16/2002) With a full 24 hours to go before the Woodward Dream Cruise officially begins, metropolitan Detroit’s main north-south artery was already lined with viewing stands, corporate events, and cars...Read More»

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