BMW's Dr. Kay Segler Returns To MINI
BMW's Dr. Kay Segler Returns To MINI

You’ve probably heard the name Dr. Kay (pronounced “Kai”) Segler before; as head of BMW’s M Division, Dr. Segler was instrumental in the creation of BMW’s 1-Series M Coupe. His name and face were all over the internet at the launch of the track-day-terror, which Segler...Read More»

2006 Lexus IS 250 Manual
Trade Your Car Or Sell Privately: Pros And Cons: Part VIII

It’s difficult to know if you should trade your vehicle, or sell it yourself. The answer for most people comes down to how much you’ll gain monetarily by selling it on your own. It’s generally assumed that consumers can put more money in their pocket if they sell a used vehicle...Read More»

2008 Dodge Magnum 4-door Wagon RWD Headlight
Compare Car Insurance Coverage: How Much Do You Really Need?

Car insurance coverage can be customized to fit your life. But, how much auto insurance are you required to have? While individual auto insurance requirements vary from state to state, there are a few coverages that are required in nearly all. Required auto insurance: Liability Liability auto...Read More»

2010 Mercedes-Benz CLS Class 4-door Sedan 6.3L AMG Tail Light
2011 Mercedes Benz CLS: Inspiring Passion Through Thievery

As I was toiling away at the computer today, I decided I should actually do something for myself, for me, to treat myself to something apart from the unabashed joy of filling out TPS reports. So I decided to eat lunch, and simultaneously surf the Internet while ingesting a sandwich. (See? I can do...Read More»

2011 Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta: The Honking, 2010

This is just wrong. Morally, socially, technically and in all other ways. This is what happens when society--hold on, let me rephrase that--automotive geek society goes unchecked and the robots and the geeks are in cahoots. This is what happens when computer geeks intermingle with automotive...Read More»

2002 Chevrolet Impala LS
Car Dealer Tricks: The Independent Trade Value (Part II)

We’re looking at tricks that car dealers use to get more money out of customers than they want to pay. This compares to being upfront and transparent in their business dealings. Part II describes the specific trick of using a supposedly independent trade valuing source to buy a trade for less...Read More»

2000 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible
Crosley On A Pole Has Future Up In The Air

In an age of variable message signs and LED digital displays, does a car on a pole have any chance of surviving into the next calendar year? Possibly not unless a Hanover County Virginia Board of Supervisors decides to alter an earlier position they took on the future of the Crosley in the air. It...Read More»

2010 Dodge Viper
Negotiate Your Car Deal: A Hard Chair Makes You A Better Haggler

In my book, HELP! Gotta Sell My Car NOW! (, I introduce an effective method of negotiating the price of a car deal when selling privately. It focuses on being curious about the other person, and asking questions to help them find a solution to their transportation problem...Read More»

2010 Toyota 4Runner Trail
Less Obama, More Australia: Chatter Versus Macho

Too much talk, too much chatter, too much blah, blah, blah. Did you see that Obama speech the other night? I didn't. It was about BP Oil, so I skipped it, largely because it's a staged media event to make him look like the Commander In Chief is commanding, somewhat like a chief. Too much talk, too...Read More»

2010 Chevrolet Colorado 2WD Reg Cab 111.2" Work Truck Front Exterior View
Predatory Towing Or Just Property Rights

If you travel to Philadelphia for a cheese steak or a soft pretzel be careful where you park your car. However, if Mayor Michael Nutter signs a bill passed recently in city council you may not have to worry. The bill would require that the police or the parking authority ticket cars parked...Read More»

2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD Reg Cab 119.0" Work Truck Wheel Cap
Tire Aging: The Unseen Danger

Most car owners think that the best way to measure how safe their tires are is by using a tread depth gauge (or Abe Lincoln’s head on a penny), but maybe you should be using a calendar instead. This issue was taken up in a paper delivered to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society in 2006. The...Read More»

Oshawa Camaro Plant Photo
Baltimore Tops List Of Most Dangerous Cities For Drivers

The city of Baltimore is known for many things, from its delicious crab cakes to its eclectic neighborhoods to its amazingly high murder rate. Now, according to, the Charm City has another feather in its cap: it’s the most dangerous driving city in America. Baltimore beat out...Read More»

Texting while driving, by Flickr user ericathompson
Are You Risking My Life By Driving While Talking or Texting?

  Not sure how many people saw the ad in AutoWeek a few weeks ago that showed a pistol and a blackberry with blood all over the background. I thought it was one of the most effective ads I've seen in quite a long time. I e-mailed the ad to almost everybody in my address book. It's amazing to me...Read More»

audi travolution motorauthority 002
Ten Easy Tips You Can Follow To Prevent Car Theft

In my last post I explained my thoughts on the two kinds of people in this world, those that love cars and everybody else. Car lover or not, having your car stolen is pretty traumatic. Car theft is a crime that affects more than just car owners. Insurance companies and Financing companies are also...Read More»

2010 Kia Soul
IIHS Outlines Test Procedures

How vehicles are evaluated: The Institute's frontal crashworthiness evaluations are based on results of 40 mph frontal offset crash tests. Each vehicle's overall evaluation is based on measurements of intrusion into the occupant compartment, injury measures recorded on a Hybrid III dummy in the...Read More»

Mercedes-AMG M178 engine
What You Need To Know Before Taking Your Vehicle In For Repairs

Once you have established where you will be taking your car to for repairs, contact them, & clear up the following points with them, before you book your vehicle in for repairs. 1. Warranty: If you leave your car with a well established Work Shop, you need to know if they Warranty their work...Read More»

2010 Ford Edge
The 2010 Ford Edge: A Misnomer So Criminal as to Verge On Chrome Logo Abuse

There have been some goofy automotive names in the past that either didn't mean much of anything (Cimarron, Catera) or were just plain stupid (Chevy Nova which means doesn't run in Spanish). But never before has an automaker designed a vehicle that is so not exemplified by its name. Behold the Ford...Read More»

volvo driver behavior research 001
AAA Study Warns of Dangers of Mixing Driving and Drugs; Awareness Is Low

If you're reading this article and have been around long enough to remember Woodstock, the Chicago 7 and the original Beatles trip to this country, then you are an official Baby Boomer, whether you want to admit it or not. The Baby Boomers, officially by the census as people born between 1946 and...Read More»

ings n spec bodykit subaru impreza wrx sti 001
My Problem With Cash for Clunkers

While it is a generally good idea, certain elements of its mandated procedure, are, I believe, halfbaked. Taking a portion of the Nations' aging auto fleet, by offering a cash rebate incentive to get car buyers into the showrooms, seems like a questionable way to get it started. Why not a tax...Read More»

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