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2000 Birmingham Motor Show
2000 Birmingham Motor Show

Britain's national auto show closed recently, having played host to thousands of car fans who had come from all over the country to the site near Birmingham in the English midlands. There was a time when Birmingham was home to a dozen or more major manufacturers, with more in nearby Coventry...Read More»

Porsche Mission E Concept  -  2015 Frankfurt Auto Show live photos
SEMA Woos the First Tier

LET’S BE FRIENDS. Traditionally, automakers like Ford Motor Co. have acted as if aftermarket suppliers didn’t exist. But recognizing the growing market—and the fact that hot parts sell cars—Ford last year announced its SEMA Technology Initiative, providing inside engineering data on the...Read More»

Sema pic 1
SEMA: Defying the Odds

Just as you think of a 10,000 horsepower, nitro-burning Top Fuel dragster sitting at the starting line, milliseconds from thundering down the quarter mile — that’s how the organizers see the annual SEMA Show. The automotive aftermarket's annual extravaganza, held the first week in November in...Read More»

Dream Cruise 2000 Logo
2000 Dream Cruise Day Two

Cruisers were out in force on Saturday, as spectacular 70-degree weather and parties on every block greeted the official start of the 2000 Woodward Dream Cruise. Click image for larger view As far as the event stretched — from Eight Mile Road in Detroit all the way to the distant shores of...Read More»

2000 Woodward Dream Cruise logo
2000 Dream Cruise, Day One

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Or, gun them. Or, as hundreds of kids already lining the streets of Detroit’s Woodward Avenue were obviously taught by their fathers to say, "Light ‘em up!" The Dream Cruise doesn’t officially begin until today, but that didn’t stop cruisers from at...Read More»

Woodward Dream Cruise
Woodward Dreaming: Dream Cruise 2000

Stretching from the Detroit riverfront to downtown Pontiac, Woodward Avenue is the heart of the Motor City. It divides east and west, and serves as one of Detroit’s busiest commuter and shopping corridors. But for one weekend each year, the wide stretch of tarmac becomes Motown’s Memory Lane...Read More»

2000 Hyundai Elantra GLS
2000 Turin Auto Show

The Turin auto show, which opened in the Northern Italian city on June 10, is no longer the international event it once was. As Italy's manufacturers coalesce under the Fiat banner and withdraw from important foreign markets, the show no longer attracts much attention outside Italy. Except, that...Read More»

SAE 2000 Engler Visteon
The ’00 SAE Congress

DETROIT — Suppliers from all over the world are promising to show off a dazzling array of new technology during the annual Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Congress & Exposition, which is expected to attract as many as 1300 different exhibitors this year. Much of the technical...Read More»

NAIAS 2000 logo
2000 North American International Auto Show Preview

In the ten years since it grew up and put on its international finery, the North American International Auto Show has gotten bigger. And bigger. And bigger. This year, estimates rolling in place the total cost of staging the show at $350 million. GM alone will spend about $50 million to display all...Read More»

1999 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe
1999 Woodward Dream Cruise, Part III

Look at me, look at me! You’ll have to excuse this anxious driver. The post-War, German-made Isetta was not only a little, um, odd-looking, but it was one of the smallest cars on the road, then or now. Among its many unusual features was the front-opening door. This particular Isetta was...Read More»

2016 Porsche Cayman GT4  -  2015 Geneva Motor Show Live Photos
1999 Woodward Dream Cruise, Part ll

Rub-a-dub-dub, two men (and a woman) in a tub. This custom trailer may be the ultimate timesaver, a way to combine your daily ablutions with your morning commute! The community bathtub on wheels (with a working showerhead) was just one of the more, um, unusual modes of transportation to show up for...Read More»

2016 Kia Optima
1999 Woodward Dream Cruise, Part l

This year, it is even more obvious that the appeal of the Dream Cruise is not limited to those who grew up during the rise of hot rodding. Larry Garrison of Southgate, Michigan bought this 1969 Pontiac Firebird convertible shortly before last year's Dream Cruise. He recently purchased a Plymouth...Read More»

1998 Dream Cruise Paul
1999 Woodward Dream Cruise

Think of it as a rolling time capsule, a way to turn the clock back to another era when the term "cruising" had nothing to do with the Internet. Indeed, there wasn't an Internet, and not that many superhighways. In Detroit, long before they cut the jagged scar that became Interstate 75, there was...Read More»

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