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At Auto Shows, Bimbos are Back
At Auto Shows, Bimbos are Back

There they stood: begowned, anorexic Barbies in four-inch heels, draped over Lamborghinis and Ferraris at the recent North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Okay, I’m prejudiced. The girls — oops, women — models around the cars at the press days of Detroit auto show were beautiful...Read More»

2006 Lincoln MKS Concept
Lincoln MKS: Becoming LS?

2006 Detroit Auto Show Index by TCC Team (1/7/2006) The elegant MKS concept, revealed Jan. 9 at the Detroit auto show, closely shows the future design direction for Lincoln ’s upcoming large sedans. Marketing chief Darryl Hazel said, “With the Lincoln MKS, we’re reaffirming what we stand for...Read More»

2006 Ford F-250 Super Chief concept
Ford Super Chief Concept Burns All

MORE PHOTOS: 2006 Detroit Auto Show Index by TCC Team (1/7/2006) Following a year of near-record gas prices in the U.S., the newest Ford truck concept takes on the question of fuel economy directly. The F-250 Super Chief is Ford’s first concept to sport the unique ability to burn three kinds of...Read More»

1948 DeSoto
2004 Woodward Dream Cruise, Part III

The weather both cursed and blessed the past week’s Tenth Annual Woodward Dream Cruise. Officially, the Dream Cruise only happens all day the third Saturday of August. Because it is still a spontaneous "people" event — despite numerous corporate sponsorships and hangers-on — the parade of...Read More»

2004 Woodward Dream Cruise logo
2004 Woodward Dream Cruise

They called it cruising. And in the ‘50s and ‘60s, it was one of the favorite pastimes of American youth. It was an era of innocence and high octane gasoline, fast cars and poodle skirts, burgers and “hole shots.” No place had the action found in the northern suburbs of Detroit , where the...Read More»

2004 Woodward Dream Cruise - Flame Hot Rod
2004 Woodward Dream Cruise, Part I

2004 Woodward Dream Cruise (8/22/2004) Return with us to another era... Rain, rain, go away Mother Nature hasn’t been very kind to Detroit this Summer. It’s been raining almost every weekend, which isn’t the sort of weather you look forward to if you own a classic cruiser. Yet the soggy...Read More»

2004 Woodward Dream Cruise - GTO Close-up
2004 Woodward Dream Cruise, Part II

2004 Woodward Dream Cruise (8/22/2004) Return with us to another era... Garage tales In the heydays of the cruising phenomenon, there were more than two dozen hamburger stands and diners lining the 16-mile stretch of Woodward Ave. that ran between Detroit and Pontiac . And countless garages and...Read More»

Kia Sportspace Concept  -  2015 Geneva Motor Show live photos
2004 Traverse City Coverage

MBS coverage sponsored by: New Jeep Plant Risky but Promising There are plenty of risks — along with a potentially huge payoff — to the $2.1 billion Jeep plant DaimlerChrysler plans to build in Toledo, Ohio, says Laurie Felax, vice president of Harbour & Associates. On Tuesday, the...Read More»

chinese with rolls
2004 Beijing Motor Show: Part IV

Beijing Motor Show Index Bigger plans for Chinese Focus concept? At the Beijing Motor show, Ford is showing a concept version of its Focus sedan that it says was heavily influenced by the needs and tastes of the booming Chinese market. “This concept was done for China,” asserts the show car’s...Read More»

Beijing Motor Show crowds
2004 Beijing Motor Show, Part II

Beijing Motor Show Index Whose show is this, anyway? There were plenty of news conferences at Auto China 2004’s opening media day. The challenge was finding them. That wasn’t easy at an event that has two competing organizers (or was it four? Or five?) Some carmakers decided to skip the slots...Read More»

Beijing show luxury sedan
2004 Beijing Motor Show, Part III

Beijing Motor Show Index If you build it? The big question that carmakers need to ask is what do consumers want in China? In wealthier, more established markets, such as Beijing, buyers demand the latest products, but in other regions, the situation is different, cautioned Michael Dunne, founder of...Read More»

2016 Nissan Maxima  -  2015 NY Auto Show live photos
2004 Beijing Motor Show, Part I

Beijing Motor Show Index GM announces $3 billion expansion in China General Motors will invest roughly $3 billion for a massive expansion of its Chinese production capacity, which will be accomplished by a major new-product assault. GM will take its production capacity from a current 550,000 to 1.3...Read More»

Caddy Sixteen at Tia Temple
2004 Beijing Motor Show Preview

Related Articles: China Trade Facing New Scrutiny by Joseph Szczesny (3/22/2004)Unions complain as the U.S. courts more Chinese business.. Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Maybach, and Lamborghini. These are not the names one normally associates with a communist society. But forget the Long March. In...Read More»

Beijing Motor Show crowds
2004 Beijing Motor Show Index

China Goes Car Crazy by TCC Team (6/7/04) A nation takes to the road, but who is writing the rules? Preview: Beijing Motor Show by TCC Team (6/7/04) Though sales slow a bit, China's car industry remains hot. Beijing Motor Show: Part I by TCC Team (6/9/04) GM, Ford, and other automakers get ready to...Read More»

Nissan IDx Freeflow Concept  -  2013 Tokyo Motor Show
2003 Sydney Auto Show

by Alexander Corne Related Articles: 2003 Tokyo Motor Show Index by TCC Team (10/21/2003) Holden stole the Sydney International Motor Show, which opened on October 16, with a radical new production-ready coupe destined to outshine the 350-hp (260kW) 5.7-liter LS1-powered Pontiac GTOs even before...Read More»

2003 Woodward Dream Cruise
'03 Dream Cruise Short Circuited

2003 Woodward Dream Cruise Index by TCC Team (8/18/2003) Since its modest beginning just nine years ago, the now famous Woodward Dream Cruise (WDC) had never been dampened by serious rain. Nor had it suffered a complete electrical blackout along its storied sixteen-mile route through the suburbs of...Read More»

Porsche Mission E Concept  -  2015 Frankfurt Auto Show live photos
2003 Woodward Dream Cruise Index

2003 Woodward Dream Cruise by TCC Team (8/18/2003) Turning Woodward Avenue into Memory Lane. Surviving the ’03 Dream Cruise by Mike Davis (8/18/2003) Blackouts, no gas, medical needs and, oh, did we mention a blackout? '03 Dream Cruise Short Circuited by Gary Witzenburg (8/18/2003) Dealing...Read More»

2003 Woodward Dream Cruise
2003 Woodward Dream Cruise

Forget Los Angeles and American Graffiti. In those balmy years bookmarked by the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the real action was on Detroit’s Woodward Avenue. And not just for those teens who could scrape together enough money for a set of wheels. Late at night, you’d often find some of the...Read More»

Akron Classic show
Akron: Rubber City’s Classic Show

There is no other city in America so closely tied to the auto industry as Akron, Ohio, for decades the world home of the tire industry. Akron became Rubber City in parallel with Detroit as Motor City. So it is not surprising that Akron also stages one of the nation’s oldest car shows. Last...Read More»

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