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First Drive: 2011 Honda Odyssey
First Drive: 2011 Honda Odyssey

Minivans are great for family duty, but their appliance-like ubiquity has come to be detested by certain types of parents. Of course, most of these people who reject simply reject minivans, and probably mutter something about how they wouldn't be caught dead in one, probably don't know that most...Read More»

2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon
Best Vehicles For A Family Road Trip

Road trips are fun and choosing the right vehicle could make all the difference to your ultimate driving experience. A family road trip requires a car to be safe, reliable, economical, and also capable of handling any road in its path. These top five 2010 vehicles are the ideal solution to all...Read More»

2011 Honda Odyssey Touring
Preview: 2011 Honda Odyssey

•    What is it: The latest version of the best-selling minivan in the U.S. •    Key facts: Lower roofline but slightly wider; improved seating and fuel-efficiency •    On sale: Fall 2010 •    Price: est. $27,000 - $43,000 Honda has given an up-close look and video walk-around...Read More»

2010 Honda Odyssey
2010 Honda Odyssey: Lowest Cost To Insure Among Minivans

The 2010 Honda Odyssey has the highest entry price of the mainstream minivans, yet it costs the least to insure. This tidbit comes as just another reminder that the cost of a model—even the cost of fixing that model—doesn't matter nearly as much as the profile of the typical driver for that...Read More»

2008 Honda Odyssey Touring
Brake Issue Prompts Recall Of 2007-2008 Honda Odyssey, Element

Honda is recalling about 412,000 vehicles—2007 and 2008 model-year Odyssey minivans and Element utility vehicles—for an issue in the braking system that can lead to an overly soft brake pedal. Fortunately, the issue is gradual and couldn't cause a sudden loss of braking. According to Honda, the...Read More»

2003 Acura TL
Honda Adds 378,758 Cars To Its Airbag Recall

In November 2008, around the same time that Big Three automakers were making repeat visits to Washington to request federal support, Honda began having troubles of its own -- specifically, troubles with airbags in the 2001 Honda Accord and Honda Civic. The company immediately issued a recall for...Read More»

2010 Honda Odyssey 5dr Touring w/RES & Navi Headlight
2011 Honda Odyssey: Concept Debut At The Chicago Auto Show

Honda has confirmed that it will show the next generation of its Odyssey minivan at the Chicago Auto Show on February 10. The current Honda Odyssey has been mostly unchanged since its last major redesign for 2005. For its entire model run, it's impressed for its strong...Read More»

2010 Honda Odyssey
Five Reasons the 2010 Honda Odyssey Is a Wise Ownership Proposition

An odyssey is defined in the dictionary as being a long series of wanderings or adventures, most especially when filled with notable experiences. Starting at $26,355, the Honda Odyssey minivan will no doubt help in the creation of numerous notable experiences for any family. Besides being the class...Read More»

2009 Mercedes-Benz S Class
VW, Mercedes, Honda Models—And Porsche—Top APEAL Study

Porsche ranks as most appealing nameplate for the fifth consecutive year. That's according to J.D. Power and Associates' 2009 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study, which was just released. Yet Porsche only had one top-placing model in Power's study, the Cayenne. Across all...Read More»

2010 Honda Odyssey Gets Fresh Hues, Little Else New

The 2010 Honda Odyssey goes on sale today, and there aren’t many changes to report. A host of new colors are the biggest news for the Odyssey in 2010, as the model returns for one more model year before a complete redesign. While Ford and GM have discontinued their minivan models and looked to...Read More»

2009 Ford Taurus SE
2009 Ford Taurus and 2009 Honda Odyssey: Ideal Vehicles, Say Owners

There's more good news all around for Ford—it beats out Toyota, GM, Honda, and other full-line mainstream brands and has taken the top mainstream-brand spot in AutoPacific's 2009 Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVA). Porsche takes the top premium-brand spot, and both top-performing brands win for the...Read More»

Fuel Gauge
What Does an 8% Fuel Economy Improvement Do for the Family Car?

 "Up to 8% more fuel efficient to save you money," claims the Michelin tire ad. Yep, it's bill-paying time in my house, and this caught my attention. Can changing my old, run-down tires to Michelin® Energy™ Saver A/S Tires save me money? How much impact does 8% have on fuel economy? Disclosure...Read More»

2009 Honda Odyssey
Honda Odyssey: Most Popular Minivan in the School Car Line

 I've read so many reviews for cars that had a safety rating of 9 out of 10. Nine. Not 10. So, what does get a rating of 10? The 2009 Honda Odyssey. Safety, convenience and practicality, the hallmarks of a minivan. Although my first mention of an Odyssey was to compare it with something very...Read More»

Big Apple Looking for the Taxi of Tomorrow

As a one-time New Yorker, I’ve spent many a dreary moment, in a downpour, desperately waiting for a cab. But Matthew Daus isn’t just looking for any looking for just any hack. He wants the “Taxi of Tomorrow,” something cleaner, safer, more fuel efficient, and yes, even more...Read More»

2008 Nissan Quest
Minor Bumps, Big Bills

If you drive a Nissan Quest, a low-speed bumper bash on a slippery highway or a minor parking-building bump could really cost you or your insurance company. That’s what the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an organization that represents the interests of the insurance industry...Read More»

2000 BMW M3 convertible
2000 Detroit Auto Show III

MORE MERGER MANIA? Is there another merger in store for DaimlerChrysler? It may be a necessity, top company officials acknowledged during a series of interviews with "We are open," suggested board member Juergen Hubbert, when asked if his company is seeking a new partner. Asia...Read More»

1999 Lexus Sport Coupe concept
1999 Tokyo Motor Show: Big Japan

A Shinkansen bullet train whisks itself away from Tokyo’s sleek Ueno train station, bound for the farthest reaches of Japan’s major islands. It uses countless supercomputers and microcircuits to deliver its passengers comfortably and safely, in an environmentally conscious way, all while...Read More»

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