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GM's OnStar Debuts Stolen Vehicle Slowdown
GM's OnStar Debuts Stolen Vehicle Slowdown

Beware auto thieves--you might want to think twice before lifting that '09 Caddy CTS. Or at least hire a 13-year-old computer hacker to ride along with. Today, GM's OnStar announces Stolen Vehicle Slowdown on '09 OnStar-equipped vehicles sold in the United States and Canada, and we can only imagine...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Volt
Bush Signs Spending Bill, Gives OK to $25 Billion Auto Loans

On Tuesday, President George W. Bush lent his John Hancock to a $634 billion spending bill that includes the $25 billion low-interest government-backed loan guarantees that the domestics have all but been begging for. The loan is intended to provide the capital necessary for automakers to retool...Read More»

Bible Across America Tour Sponsored by RV Chassis Maker, Bible Publisher

Showing just how in touch the church is with Americans these days, RV chassis maker Spartan Motors and Bible publisher Zondervan have teamed up on a coast-to-coast RV tour of America that will hit 44 states of the union. Their mission: "To handwrite and publish a new Bible one person, one verse at...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan S
VW Vindication: 2009 Jetta TDI Averages 58.8 MPG

Record-breaking couple John and Helen Taylor just added a new Guinness world fuel economy record to their impressive list of 36. Their new record is for average fuel economy while driving across the 48 contiguous United States, which they achieved by averaging 58.8 mpg in an '09 Volkswagen Jetta...Read More»

Atlanta gas lines
In GA, NC, Long Lines at Gas Pump Are Flashback to 1970s

Georgia and North Carolina commuters are being forced to telecommute, take public transit, carpool, or wait in 15-minute-plus lines due to the most significant fuel shortages since Presidents Carter and Nixon. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the American Petroleum...Read More»

New York City taxi cab
New York Times Says Some Think "Sexy and Taxi Don’t Mix"

The picture in this New York Times article provides a brilliant contrast: a bottle-blonde vixen snarling in a "Gentleman's Club" ad perched atop a NYC Yellow Cab and a portly, dour brunette framed by the window just inches below. Some might find the comparison amusing, but a Harlem father of...Read More»

2009 Dodge Journey
J.D. Power Study Points at Dealerships as Cause for 'Escaped Shoppers'

According to a new study by J.D. Power and Associates, shoppers reject most vehicles simply due to their experience while visiting a dealership. In its 2008 Escaped Shopper Study, released today, J.D. Power found that 80 percent of shoppers rejected a model they strongly considered based on dealer...Read More»

Senator John McCain
UAW, DNC Blast McCain on "Buying American"

John McCain's claim of "buying American all my life" was perhaps a partial truth, according to the Democratic National Committee. McCain made the comment during a WXYZ TV interview in Detroit recently and followed it up by saying, "and I'm proud." The complete truth, as the DNC tells it, is a fleet...Read More»

Offshore Oil Rig
Volt Wins a Round in Congress: $5,000 So Far

As Nancy Pelosi will tell you, House Resolution 6899, the "offshore drilling bill," is one hotly contested piece of legislation. Bet you didn't know it also contains a plug-in hybrid tax credit, one that Toyota rather vocally opposed yesterday. Further, the bill mandates that all gas stations offer...Read More»

Last HUMMER Dealer in Vegas Shuttered

Towbin HUMMER is history--and in its death throes are a larger lesson on GM's HUMMER experiment. Towbin was one of HUMMER's largest retailers in the nation. It's the eighth HUMMER dealer closure in 2008, and eliminates any retail outlets for the brand in notoriously spendy and splashy Las...Read More»

2007 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan Wolfsburg Edition
Couple Shoots for World Record in VW TDI

Australians John and Helen Taylor are one frugal couple. In 2006, they set a Guinness World Record by driving around the world using 24 tanks of fuel in a Volkswagen Golf. They hope to best the current U.S. cross-country miles-per-gallon record on a drive across America with one of VW's newly...Read More»

McCain: The Unknown for Detroit

John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, visited Detroit last week and met briefly with top executives from Ford, Chrysler and General Motors after touring a Ford plant outside of Detroit. The meeting was an effort by the likes of Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli and Ford's Alan...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

Blind item: which Detroit designer’s feeling the heat? Which NYC-based auto exec is plotting his own swan dive? More to the point, how long before folks mistake us for the Star? In real news this week, GM turned in a great profit—great by 2007 standards. By 1991 standards it would be Rick...Read More»

Ghosn Turns In Superman Cape

Carlos Ghosn’s the only CEO in the auto world to inspire his own comic book. But even the Brazilian with the yen for Japan can’t balance three car empires on his modest shoulders, it turns out — so Ghosn is giving up his role as operating chief of Nissan North America...Read More»

Detroit Pissing in the D.C. Wind

Senior industry leaders are gathering in Washington, D.C. today for a meeting before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality. It helps to have a friendly face chairing the meeting, in Rep. John Dingell. The suburban-Detroit-based Democrat has long played interference in the House, helping...Read More»

GM Gets 2006 Books Off its Desk

Pardon Rick Wagoner if he’s blasting a little AC/DC today, since GM reported that it made $2.2 billion last year, $180 million of it in the fourth quarter. GM’s profits marked a $5.4-billion turnaround from 2005, a dismal year for GM that followed several years of shrinking sales. The...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

And the winner is…Tupelo, Miss. For all the states that missed on Toyota’s latest plant—don’t worry, they’re like trains, there’s another one coming in six months. Is Ford finally getting its act together? Some sales are getting stronger, and a subcompact is...Read More»

2010 Shelby GT500
Dirty Jobs Star Shilling for Ford

Ford’s counting on its Super Duty trucks to help turn its business around. So, the next time you see a Ford truck ad, you might imagine a ton of cow feces needing removal. That’s because manly Mike Rowe, star of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, is Ford’s new spokesman...Read More»

Ford’s Extreme Makeover Tab? $11.2 Billion

By human standards it’s a colossal number – and in fact, the entire profit Ford has made in this decade. The company says the cost of reinventing itself—shutting down plants, dismissing workers and paying for their ongoing healthcare costs and pensions—will top out at about...Read More»

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