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VW Races Jetta TDI Diesels to Prove Efficiency, Cleanliness
VW Races Jetta TDI Diesels to Prove Efficiency, Cleanliness

So bent on proving the efficiency and cleanliness of their new 2.0-liter TDI turbodiesel four-cylinder making its appearance in the 2009 Jetta TDI clean diesel, Volkswagen has employed them in race duty. In fact, they set up the Volkswagen Jetta Diesel TDI Cup, a multirace series wherein basically...Read More»

2009 Dodge Challenger
2009 Dodge Challenger Gets Top Marks in Crash Testing

In NHTSA's crash testing regimen, the new 2009 Dodge Challenger earned 5-star ratings for both driver and front passenger protection in frontal crashes. It also earned top 5-star driver and rear-passenger ratings for side-impact protection. The vehicle has the benefit of a stout platform--the...Read More»

2010 Ford Mustang
U.K.'s Autocar Weighs In on "Weirdest" L.A. Auto Show

We all know that the domestics had less of a presence at the L.A. Auto Show due to harsh economic realities and just the daily struggle of staying solvent. But Autocar weighed in with their uniquely British perspective on the view from the floor in L.A., calling it "the weirdest US motor show...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI
VW Jetta TDI Is First Diesel Named "Green Car of the Year"

The first diesel ever to take the title "Green Car Of the Year," Volkswagen's '09 Jetta TDI clean diesel was awarded the title at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The VW beat out a pair of hybrids, a clean diesel sport sedan, and a trendy microcar. Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of Green Car Journal and...Read More»

2010 Volkswagen Rabbit
VW Announces September '09 Introduction for GTI and Rabbit

Americans love VWs GTI, as evidenced by '07 sales of that model that were 15,000 strong, more than a third of total '07 Rabbit sales. Due to that fondness for the GTI, explains Edmunds, VW pursued a quick schedule to get the car on sale in the U.S. after its June sale date in Germany. VW hopes to...Read More»

2009 Volkswagen Touareg TDI
2010 Volkswagen Touareg TDI Shows in LA

In an L.A. Auto Show press conference preceded by Red Bull girls handing out their company's energy-boosting elixir, the audience attending VW's shindig stayed awake long enough to learn that Volkswagen is going to add its corporate 3.0-liter V-6 turbocharged, direct-injected diesel engine to the...Read More»

2009 Bentley Azure T
Bentley Shows 2009 Azure T

According to Bentley, sales in their elevated realm (defined as the Ultra Luxury Segment) are down 20 percent worldwide. In an odd way, this news applied some sense of justice and equality to the woes we normal folks are feeling thanks to the economy's present (and temporary) condition. (Note to...Read More»

2009 Mercedes-Benz GLK
Daimler Announces 2010 GLK Pricing

Mercedes-Benz, or Daimler as they refer to themselves on their press materials from the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show, announced pricing for their 2010 GLK mid-size sport utility. The new smaller-than-the-ML will arrive in dealerships come January. Well equipped with the 3.5-liter V-6 and a...Read More»

2009 Porsche Cayman
2009 Porsche Boxster and Cayman Make World Debut

Porsche is serious about its current birthday. Lots of fun people showed up at the L.A. Auto Show to celebrate, including marque aficionado Jerry Seinfeld and notable Porsche racer Hurley Haywood. This year, 2008, marks the brand's 60th year of production (that would mean the first Porsche was...Read More»

2009 Pontiac G3
Pontiac G3 Emphasizes Economy, "Sporty Styling"

Still trying to decide if it is GM's excitement division, economy department, or swoopy styling central, Pontiac brings us the Daewoo-designed Chevy Aveo G3, which it claims "emphasizes value without compromising a fun driving experience." Uh-huh. This is brand engineering at its worst. Didn't they...Read More»

2009 GMC Sierra Hybrid Crew Cab
GMC Announces Pricing for 2009 Sierra Hybrid

GMC claims its 2009 Sierra Hybrid pickup combines the fuel efficiency of a mid-size sedan with uncompromised full-size truck capability. And while the first claim is a bit of a stretch--at least on the highway side of things at 22 mpg--the 21 mpg city rating is indeed competitive with powerful...Read More»

2009 Ford F-150 Platinum Rates F-150 Best Overall Half-Ton Pickup

Over at, they take trucks pretty seriously. Far from mall-crawling and tarmac-only duty, they put trucks through the paces, off-road and on, fully loaded, and basically through every imaginable test that potential owners might inflict on their pickups. They just concluded their...Read More»

2009 Nissan GT-R
Nissan GT-R Clinches Motor Trend 2009 Car of the Year

Continuing its penchant for pithy one-liners, Motor Trend doles out a parade of them while gushing over its winner of the 2009 Car of the Year contest, the 2009 Nissan GT-R. Here's a brief sampling from Angus MacKenzie, editor-in-chief: "no 2009 contender crushes our criteria like the GT-R...the...Read More»

2009 Volvo S80L
Volvo Introduces S80L for Chinese Market

What is it with mid-size luxury sedans with extended wheelbases for the Chinese market? Just yesterday, we reported that Audi is introducing the A4L for the Chinese market only. Volvo follows suit today, with its slightly larger S80L. Like the Audi, the Volvo will be tailored to Chinese tastes...Read More»

2009 Pontiac G6 Coupe
GM Enhances Pontiac G6 for 2009

GM makes significant tweaks to its mid-size G6 lineup going into a rather bleak 2009 model year. Actually, GM says these changes are for the "2009.5" Pontiac G6, set to arrive at dealerships in January. Visual and powertrain enhancements are meant to bring the G6 more solidly into Pontiac's...Read More»

2009 Audi A4L
Audi Continues Focus on Worldwide Markets with A4L Launch

Continuing to invest in the worldwide markets that are ensuring its continued growth, Audi debuted its new A4L yesterday in Beijing, China. The vehicle is a 2009 Audi A4 with a wheelbase extended 2.36 inches. Audi says the vehicle is a smart mix of sports sedan and luxury vehicle, and may be...Read More»

VW EcoRacer concept
VW Delays Roadster Concept Launch

Say it ain't so! Apparently even Volkswagen is feeling the pinch in the auto market at present, despite its worldwide sales increase of 15 percent for the third quarter. As such, it has decided not to release the mid-engined Roadster concept at the L.A. Auto Show next week, according to the U.K.'s...Read More»

2009 Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG
Mercedes-Benz Snags "Best of What's New" Award for Transmission

Popular Science awards Mercedes AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission with "Best of What's New" title. In testing for the award, Popular Science gave the transmission as fitted in the 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG Roadster first place in the Automotive category. A total of 100 products were...Read More»

Nissan Cube
Nissan Announces New Catalytic Converter Technology in Cube

Nissan announced Friday a new type of catalytic converter that uses half the amounts of the precious metals that provide catalyst function. The technology will be launched in the Nissan Cube on November 19. The metals used in catalytic converters are primarily platinum and rhodium, and automotive...Read More»

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