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Ford F-150 Snags Motor Trend Truck of the Year
Ford F-150 Snags Motor Trend Truck of the Year

We already knew that Texans like the new 2009 Ford F-150; now the editors of Motor Trend add their vote to Ford's bread-and-butter pickup truck. The F-series--and the SUVs whose architecture it shares--was once Ford's lifeblood, and while it still sells in respectable numbers its sales are...Read More»

Ford EcoBoost
EcoBoost Four-Cylinder Likely to Debut on Ford Fusion

While the 3.5-liter EcoBoost won't debut until next summer in the Lincoln MKS, Detroit News reports that Ford is putting "the finishing touches" on an EcoBoost four-cylinder. EcoBoost engines will use both direct injection and turbocharging to yield greater power from smaller displacements that use...Read More»

Mercedes Concept BlueZero
Mercedes BlueZero for Detroit Auto Show: Three Concepts

Over at the Mercedes display in January in Detroit's Cobo Hall, the luxury brand will be displaying its new BlueZero concept cars, according to WorldCarFans. One concept relies exclusively on electricity for propulsion, and the other two add gasoline and hydrogen to the electric motivation...Read More»

Mercedes SPLITVIEW Shows Different Images Simultaneously

A cool, new piece of technology from those brainy German engineers is Mercedes' SPLITVIEW technology, to be offered in the S-Class beginning summer 2009. SPLITVIEW allows viewing of two different "programmes," as they say, on the central COMAND display screen at the same time due to some pretty...Read More»

5 lbs. of fat
First Petroleum-Free Engine Oil Debuts

How's this for green technology: engine oil made from animal fat. So maybe it's actually more of a nice, crispy fried yellow. Connecticut startup Green Earth Technologies, Inc. claims "it has found a way to make a substance chemically identical to crude oil from animal fat, a slaughterhouse...Read More»

2009 BMW X6
BMW M Engines Going Turbo

Citing tougher emissions regulations, better fuel efficiency, and greater torque production from a smaller package, "well placed Munich insiders have said" that naturally aspirated BMW M engines will gradually give way to turbocharged units, said the U.K.'s Autocar. The new M engines will be based...Read More»

2010 MINI Cooper Convertible
MINI Introduces New Cooper Convertible

First seen at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show, today the BMW Group officially rolled out its latest four-seat MINI Cooper Convertible featuring, as they say, "improvements in the areas of design, quality, handling, performance, efficiency, and functionality." Built on the latest-gen MINI platform...Read More»

Carlsson CD32
Carlsson CD32: Semi-Responsible SUV Bling?

Wait, a blinged-out diesel SUV? And introduced in flashy Miami Beach, no less. GGI European Tuning, the exclusive North American importer of the Carlsson brand, announced its latest offering yesterday, based on the Mercedes ML 320 BlueTEC diesel SUV. Apparently even the bruisers, rap stars, and...Read More»

VW Chico
VW to Speed Production of Ultra-Efficient Mini-Car

U.K.'s Autocar reports that VW is speeding a small, Smart-size two-seat minicar to market. They claim that "in its most economical form," the little vee-dub will return 141 mpg, emit less than 60 g/kg of CO2, and rely on nothing but good old internal combustion. How does VW plan to stretch the...Read More»

2009 Acura TL
IIHS Bestows Entire Acura Lineup with "Top Safety Pick" Status

In a first in the history of both Acura and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a single nameplate receives the IIHS' "Top Safety Pick" status for every model it produces. The proud parent of those vehicles is Acura, and all of its models (TSX, TL, RL, RDX, MDX) had to receive the...Read More»

2010 Mazda3
2010 Mazda3 5-Door Released in Bologna

Proving that Americans are in love with neither 5-door hatches nor diesel engines, Mazda chose the Bologna Auto Show (Motor Show di Bologna for those of you fluent in Italian) to introduce the cheeky five-door hatchback version of its new Mazda3. The vehicle is powered by, among other engine...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Volt
Chevy Volt: A $60,000 Mail Truck in the Near Future?

People are getting increasingly creative in their legitimization of massive amounts of government money propping up the U.S. auto industry. One anonymous individual wrote in with a detailed plan of how to save GM (and the U.S. economy, and the American auto worker) on, parts of which...Read More»

2010 Volvo S60 Concept
Volvo S60 Concept to Show at Detroit Auto Show in January

To be introduced in 2010, the next-generation Volvo S60 presents a smooth evolution of the current vehicle's "coupe-inspired" silhouette. Sigh. It seems every automaker is calling its sedan a coupe these days, but in the case of the S60, we'll buy a little bit of the hype, as their recent vehicles...Read More»

2010 Porsche Panamera
Porsche Panamera Sedan Launched, Shows

The five-door hatchback liftback has never been very well-received by American buyers. Yet Porsche intends to buck that trend with some 20,000 projected annual sales of its new Panamera, a grand touring sports saloon that's been talked about for months as Porsche has coyly leaked cryptic photos...Read More»

2008 Hyundai Accent GLS
Hyundai to Offer Fuel-Miser Editions Of 2009 Accent And Elantra

Hyundai didn't get to be the world's fifth-largest auto manufacturer by not knowing how to produce cars that the market wants. While other manufacturers are currently meeting the demand for higher-mileage vehicles with expensive technologies (hybrids and diesels), Hyundai is taking another...Read More»

2008 Hyundai HED-5 Concept
Hyundai Shows a Revised HED-5 I-Mode at LA Auto Show

If you think you've seen the Hyundai HED-5 i-mode concept, you have. The world's fifth-largest automobile manufacturer had the car on its stand during the Geneva motor show. In that iteration, the six-seat one-box design featured diesel power. In Los Angeles, Hyundai swapped out the oil-burner for...Read More»

Kia Soul
Kia Targets Scion with Soul, Introduced at LA Auto Show

The boxy Kia Soul has made the move from perennial show car to production. The model will be in dealers come March, with prices that Kia says will be "comfortably in the teens." The five-passenger four-door comes in four models: the 2010 Kia Soul (base), the Soul + (Plus), the Soul ! (Exclaim), and...Read More»

2009 Porsche Cayenne
Porsche Offers First Diesel Model in Its History

It's official: Porsche will be going diesel for 2009, with a 3.0-liter V-6 turbodiesel in its Cayenne SUV. The engine is sourced from corporate partner Audi and is the same unit found in the Audi Q7 and Volkswagen Touareg SUVs, which share a platform with the Porsche Cayenne. People cried foul when...Read More»

Tesla Roadster
Tesla Joins List of Car Companies Begging for Cash

Tesla, who looked so promising not very long ago with its Elise-based Tesla Roadster, is now among the car companies lobbying for federal funding to stay alive. Autocar reports that Tesla is rumored to have requested $400 million from the U.S. energy department to fund two projects, "the details of...Read More»

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