The Ambien Highway Has Some Interesting Off-Ramps
The Ambien Highway Has Some Interesting Off-Ramps

Who knew that drugs that make you sleep artificially might also make you get up, key the Mazda to life and run down to the corner for cigarettes – all without waking up? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finally getting around to warning makers of sleep aids like Ambien (Tylenol-shaped...Read More»

Congressman Says Ahnuld Tells Mich. "Drop Dead!"

Congressman Joe Knollenberg of Michigan isn’t taking kindly to recent attacks on the domestic auto industry by California’s politicians intent on boosting their green credentials. His response—a Web campaign and billboard that rise to the “Big3Defense.” On the Web site...Read More»

Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed
Myanmar Greener than the U.S.?

The insular dictatorship in Myanmar, formerly Burma, has a plan to turn the country’s few vehicles into green machines. And it’s making sure the conversion happens—no matter how long it takes to refuel. An economic basket case, Myanmar, where the heat and humidity are nearly as...Read More»

Hot Wheels Video Racer
Seattle's Most Profilic Car Thief Arrested

If a Washington state man’s claims are true, he might just one of the most productive single car thieves ever. Twenty-two-year-old Taylor Norton, who was arrested on January 23 in rural Snohomish county, north of Seattle, has cooperated with authorities and revealed the sites and details...Read More»

Playlist: Shelby GT Stratocaster

Ten Beatles songs for Ford's latest limited edition: "Help!" "I'm Down" "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" "You Never Give Me Your Money" "We Can Work It Out" "The Long and Winding Road" "Drive My Car" "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" "With a Little Help From My Friends" "I Should Have Known Better"Read More»

2008 Mercury Grand Marquis 4-door Sedan LS Rear Exterior View
Woman Smuggled into U.S. in Engine

An illegal immigrant from China was discovered at the U.S. border near Calexico, Calif., hiding inside the engine bay of a 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis, the Bay Area’s NBC11.com reported on their Web site. Immigration officials became suspicious during a regular border check when the driver of...Read More»

US Airways Chief Gets a Day for DUI

Score one for the flying public – and for the Delta fliers among us who lived in fear of US Airways taking over the company and leaving us changing planes in Phoenix (shudder!) every time we flew west for an auto press event. USA Today says US Air CEO Doug Parker’s spending a day in...Read More»

Ferrari Daytona
BRP Can-Am Spyder: Breakthrough or Another Segway?

At first glance, the BRP Can-Am Spyder looks like another motorcycle, but get a bit closer and you’ll notice its unusual, Y-shaped layout, with two wheels up front and one in the rear. That’s mean to enhance stability — and lure in nervous Baby Boomers who’d love to relive...Read More»