Big Three Bailout: Ford Buffs Its Brand
Big Three Bailout: Ford Buffs Its Brand

Every motivational speaker in the world knows the old chestnut about "crisis" and "opportunity" being the same word in Chinese. And although that isn't entirely true, one of the Big 3 is working hard to find the silver lining in all this mishegas: Ford. Below deck, Ford's accounting and legal...Read More»

The Zenvo ST1: Surely Someone Will Buy It

You'd think that with the global economy pretty much in the tank, most folks would have more sense than to crank out new, nutty, big-buck cars. But then, Danes aren't really known for thinking like most folks, so it's not surprising that Danish outfit Zenvo Automotive has announced plans to send...Read More»

2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
Hump Day Link Love

In case you hadn't noticed, it's Wednesday, which means it's time for some midweek miscellanea. Here are a few of the recent stories that have crossed our desks that we'd probably write more about if we weren't so overworked/understaffed/just plain lazy: HybridCars has gotten the jump on all of us...Read More»

CIMIT incubator
Innovation the World Can Live With: Car-Based Incubators

From fuel cells to morphable frames, a lot of new car concepts cross our desks at TheCarConnection.com. We also witness plenty of developments on the green/eco front--most recently encapsulated in Colin's totally excellent cross-country biodiesel adventure. But it's rare to see a story that covers...Read More»

The Hand
Twelve Days of Christmas: High-Tech Hand Signals

You've done it again, haven't you? There are just nine days 'til Christmas--six 'til Hanukkah--and you haven't even made a dent in your shopping. Tsk, tsk. But don't panic. We have a gift that's perfect for most of the folks on your list--at least those old enough to drive. It's moderately priced...Read More»

Detroit Tiger Stadium
Locomotive Theory: Weekend Edition

If you're lucky enough to live in an ideal world, you probably spend your weekends sleeping in, kicking back, and pondering the events of the past five days. And it's in that spirit of quiet, philosophical reflection that I offer the video below, which demonstrates an interesting phenomenon of...Read More»

Police Line
Traffic Fatalities Hit a Record Low

Amid the gloom and doom of the Detroit bailout, the burst housing bubble, and These Economic Times, it's nice to hear a bit of good news--namely, that when all is said and done, 2008 will likely have fewer traffic fatalities than any year on record. Most experts attribute the drop in fatalities to...Read More»

Nativity with GPS
Nativity Goes Lojack with GPS

Apart from the occasional Popemobile and various dashboard figurines, religion and cars don't often mix. However, one tech device designed for cars may bridge that gap by solving a serious problem for religious organizations--namely, the theft of outdoor holiday displays. You see, unbenownst to us...Read More»

Mrs. America 2008 Maureen MacDonald
Mrs. America Taps NASCAR for Charity

When you hear the word "tasteful", your mind might not immediately drift to images of beauty queens or NASCAR drivers. However, turn your attention to the reigning Mrs. America, Maureen MacDonald, 'cause she's clearly a class act. Crowned back in September, the enterprising North Carolinian picked...Read More»

Gran Torino movie
Gran Torino: The Movie Is the Metaphor

Nothing says "the holidays" quite like a gentle snowfall, a hot mug of cocoa, and a multiplex packed with serious, heartfelt dramas. And among this year's crop of Oscar hopefuls, there's one that looks to warm the hearts and engines of even the most grizzled gearheads: Gran Torino. The movie stars...Read More»

Bosnia speed sign
The Rules of the Road: Bosnia, Herzegovina Go Graphic

You have to admit, the U.S. has a hit-and-miss record on consumer safety. On the one hand, we don't allow melamine in our dog food. On the other, we have warnings on our cigarette packs like--and I paraphrase--"Smoking may cause lung cancer. Just saying," while other countries devote half the...Read More»

2009 Audi A4
"Near-Production" A4 TDI Concept e Boasts 58.95 mpg

In another "near-production" study (read: soon to be released) from VW/Audi, the firm makes an economical splash at the Paris Auto Show with its A4 TDI concept e. Using an efficiency-tuned version of the 2.0-liter diesel engine found in the Volkswagen Jetta TDI clean diesel that's been wowing...Read More»

Atlanta gas lines
In GA, NC, Long Lines at Gas Pump Are Flashback to 1970s

Georgia and North Carolina commuters are being forced to telecommute, take public transit, carpool, or wait in 15-minute-plus lines due to the most significant fuel shortages since Presidents Carter and Nixon. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the American Petroleum...Read More»

2009 Lincoln Navigator L
2009 Lincoln Navigator Is Fuel Economy Class Leader

What to do when you are a dinosaur among a herd of gazelles? Brag that you are the sprightliest dino out there, even though the gazelles may be laughing hysterically and running circles around you. Dino: "But I can carry seven people! And tow things!" Crossover Gazelle: "Uh, yeah. So can I. And I...Read More»

In Saudi, Fuchs Goes the Extra Mile

You head to Saudi Arabia, and you're looking for great service. Where do you go? Fuchs, of course. Thanks to Gaywheels.com for the heads-up on a new Saudi Arabian service station that proudly advertises, "ONE STOP FUCHS." Promising "new standards of professional" care with "courteous personal...Read More»

Even Coke Prices Rise in Face of Oil Price Woes

Business owners and entrepreneurs across this great land are being forced to pass along rising gas prices to their consumers. Simply put, the cost of shipping, air freight, and local transportation all have risen dramatically as a result of escalating energy costs, and since the bill from these...Read More»

Talk Like a Pirate Day! Which Car Makes You Go "Arrgh?"

Avast ye scurvy wenches and prepare to be boarded! Or something like that. It's Talk Like a Pirate Day--you know, the holiday that took the place of Arbor Day on our corporate calendar--and an excuse for all kinds of otherwise normal-appearing people to speak like Johnny Depp speaking like Keith...Read More»

Uncle Sam
Want to Write? TheCarConnection Wants You!

If you're a good, fast writer with a keen grasp of cars and what makes them exciting to Web readers, TheCarConnection.com wants you. TheCarConnection.com family is about to expand in a big way, and that expansion means we're looking for new bloggers to help us grow an empire of sites, small and...Read More»

Corvette License Plate: USA Icon
Trucker Scams N.Y. Tolls With Flipout Plates

Desperation among truckers in the day of near-$5-per-gallon diesel fuel is tangible. But since when did Mr. Wizard drive a truck? As reported by the New York Daily News, Orlando Payano, a Queens truck driver, rigged a cable from his truck's cigarette lighter to his license plate, which he mounted...Read More»

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