Expired: NYC Cops Ticket Deceased Driver For Weeks
Expired: NYC Cops Ticket Deceased Driver For Weeks

Here at TCC, we love our friends on the force--even meter maids and traffic cops. But if we could offer one tiny suggestion: when you've been ticketing a vehicle for a solid month, consider taking a look inside. You might turn up something important. You know, like a corpse. [MSNBC via JV]Read More»

John DeLorean
DeLorean Biopics Get The Green Light

Not one, not two, but three biopics of legendary car guy and alleged-but-acquitted coke dealer John DeLorean are in the works. We're not sure which will reach theaters first, but all three could likely outrun a DMC-12 (except that Back to the Future model, natch). [Motoring.co.za]Read More»

Ferrari Nettop from Computex 2009
Ferrari Nettop Simultaneously Awesome And Useless

If we were more hardcore in our nerdishness, we would've jumped a ship and found a way to last week's Computex convention in Taipei, Taiwan. But we're just softcore nerds, so we can only wonder what kind of cocoa-puffs someone was smoking when he or she cranked out this this Ferrari-styled nettop...Read More»

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe
And The Best Selling Car In America Is...

...the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, which moved over 457,000 units in 2008. We know. But it's Tuesday, and we have to look busy. [source: Boston.com]Read More»

Chris Brown With A Bugatti Veyron
Chris Brown In A Bugatti Veyron

So, Chris Brown has been spotted with a Bugatti Veyron, which raises three questions: ♦  Is there any justice in this world? (Answer: no.) ♦  Can we trust a source that misspells "Buggati"? (Answer: for now.) ♦  What do you call a guy who slugs his girlfriend in the face?...Read More»

Evan Dando
Evan Dando Sues GM For Copyright Infringment

In national news: singer/guitarist Evan Dando of The Lemonheads is suing GM. To which we say: get in line. Also: who the hell are The Lemonheads? [Detnews]Read More»

Britain's Wacky Races
Wacky Races: Now With Real-Life Consequences

You're probably too young to remember Hanna Barbera's Wacky Races. Luckily some folks in the U.K. have brought the 60s cartoon back to life. By which mean real life. Random, but totally awesome.  [Carscoop]Read More»

Tata Nano
Tata: Now With W/D Hookups

Tata is getting into the real estate business: the little company that could [buy everything] is planning to sell condos near Mumbai. Like their $7,800+ price tag, they're really, really small. [Businessweek via BoingBoing]Read More»

Garmin nüvi
Latest Obsession: Sat-Nav Racing

There are two kinds of staffers here at TCC: those who love their bright, shiny sat-nav systems, and those who don't need no stinkin' help finding the grocery store. However, the ones who fall into the second group may not have fully explored the possibilities that today's sat-nav offers, including...Read More»

Texting behind the wheel
Sexting And The Single Guy (Or Gal)

Cell phones are awesome, right? Communicating with friends, loved ones, bosses, disgruntled employees, jilted lovers, and the electric company has never been easier. However, cell phones have a dark side. They make you do things. Naughty things. Things normally reserved for bedrooms and supply...Read More»

Rental Car Rally
Link Love From The Car Connection: Mercedes Sneak Peak, Rally For Rentals, And What Is Up With All These Pod Things?

  Looking for something fun to do this summer? How's about signing up for the annual Rental Car Rally, which will run this June from San Francisco to Yuma, Arizona. Clearly a race of a different sort, points are awarded for low odometer readings, team style, and "random tomfoolery" (e.g. getting...Read More»

The Moon-1 Humvee
Mars Researchers Hope Humvee Will Get 35 Million Miles Per Tank

The public has not always been kind to the Mars Institute. Over the years, the organization has been criticized for being unreasonable, impractical, and unnaturally fixated on Star Trek (the William Shatner version, natch.) The public has not always been kind to Hummers, either.  Folks who drive...Read More»

Detroit's Cobo Hall
Link Love From The Car Connection: Holiday Edition

Here's a list of recent news items we caught just before they slipped through the cracks. Hopefully, they'll keep you busy in-between eggnogs over the next few days. Enjoy your holiday--from work and from us. We'll see you soon! Toyota is still feeling the crunch: Toyota's second-ever loss is...Read More»

Textecution: Its 4 U Srsly

I admit it: I've sent text messages while driving. But then, chances are pretty good that you have, too. It's a really stupid thing to do--far worse than jabbering on a cell while driving. My state and others have outlawed it, though no one's come to any consensus on how to enforce such...Read More»

Paris Hilton
Link Love From The Car Connection: Monday Edition

Here are a few recent stories that got away: Toyota's president cancels plan to attend Detroit Auto Show. Maybe he was trying to emulate his U.S. counterparts who motored to D.C. a few weeks back. Add "crossing the Pacific" to that list of things the Prius can't do. Technological innovation can...Read More»

Mercedes-Benz with Julia Stegner
Friday Fluff: The Links That Got Away

It's been a busy week at TheCarConnection.com. Between bailout news, holiday shopping, and random morsels of car-related goodness, a lot of stuff has crossed our desk since Monday. Here are a few of the choicest bits that we haven't been able to cover in full detail: Toyota probably posts first...Read More»

Twelve Days of Christmas: iPhone/iPod Apps

Several months ago, we posted a down-and-dirty overview of car-related apps for the iPhone (most, if not all of which, also work on the subsequently launched iPod Touch). Now, two more apps have crossed our radar--and they could prove invaluable as you're going over the river and through the woods...Read More»

2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S
Butt-Warming Not a Luxury for Filmmakers

Hardcore types--you know who you are--may think that seat warmers are for wusses. "Who needs that kind of stuff?" you sneer, wearing shorts as you shovel off your driveway. "What kind of thin-skinned, precious, unicorn butt can't handle a little cold weather?" But no matter how tough and iron-like...Read More»

Infectious stickers
Twelve Days of Christmas: Infectious Car Stickers

Do you dream of tricking out your K-car with a wack custom paint job? Do you awake to the gloomy reality of 9-to-5 life in a squaresville office gig? Well, worry no more; thanks to the friendly folks at Infectious.com, now you can bling up your ride for special occasions, then revert to employee...Read More»