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Consumer Reports Rates Ford and Japanese Brands Highest
Consumer Reports Rates Ford and Japanese Brands Highest

We reported earlier today about Ford Motor Company's solid reliability ratings in Consumer Reports' 2008 Annual Car Reliability Survey. Says Consumer Reports, "on average, Ford continues to build the most reliable American cars." But the comprehensive test also revealed that reliability of European...Read More»

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid's Six Best Cars for Great Fuel Economy

If you're like most of America, gas prices have made a huge impact on how you drive, how you live, and what you expect from your next new car. Prices are heading higher, gas is less available in some areas (here in metro Atlanta, it's hit or miss finding a fully supplied station, much less premium...Read More»

2008 Lamborghini Gallardo
Green Car of the Year Coming to L.A. Show

It probably won't be the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera shown here, but the 2009 Green Car of the Year will be announced in a few weeks at the Los Angeles auto show. The award, given by our friend Ron Cogan's Green Car Journal, names the vehicle that  most advances the cause of efficiency...Read More»

2010 Mercury Milan
Spy Shots: 2010 Mercury Milan

Even now, in spy-shot form, the 2010 Mercury Milan is taking a backseat to the Ford Fusion. But Ford is at least trying to give the next Milan a bit more distance from its big-selling Blue Oval-badged cousin. The 2010 Mercury Milan shows off its new grille in these new spy shots. Ford says the new...Read More»

2008 Mercury Sable
Taurus X, Sable on Death Row

The Detroit News takes the helm of the U.S.S. Obvious this morning, reporting that the Mercury Sable and Ford Taurus X are headed for the end of the road. The paper says it reviewed documents that show the Sable and Taurus X ending production next year. The notion is that with the Ford Flex in...Read More»

2010 Ford Fiesta
Ford's Big Plan Boosts Small Cars, Mercury--and Ranger

  Ford's plan for restructuring the company includes a comprehensive move into smaller crossover vehicles and European cars, and gives the evergreen Ranger yet another reprieve from the chopping block. The plan, announced this morning by the company as it faces an $8.7 billion net loss for the...Read More»

2010 Ford Fiesta
NYTimes: Mercury Lives On as Euro-Fords

While General Motors spends this week on a Camaro buzz, Ford is preparing big news--and a big change in direction for the company that could lead to a real revival at Mercury. The New York Times reports this afternoon that Ford will put into place on Thursday a sweeping new plan that will see three...Read More»

Ford Blue Oval Logo
Ford Slashing Up to 12% of Its Salaried Workforce

Just days after announcing it won’t meet a self-imposed goal of turning a profit in 2009, Ford Motor Co. will eliminate as much as 12 percent of its salaried workforce. That was the sobering gist of an announcement delivered by Ford marketing chief Jim Farley during a corporate “town hall”...Read More»

‘49 Mercury
Is Ford Readying Mercury's Obituary?

Is Ford finally getting ready to write off its ailing Mercury division? As regular readers will recall, that’s a question that’s come up more than occasionally in recent years, and it’s become even more of an issue with Kirk Kerkorian on the scene. The billionaire investor – who is now one...Read More»

2009 Ford Escape Hybrid
Is Ford Holding Back Escape Hybrid Sales?

Despite the spring deluge, I had an opportunity to drive the 2009 Ford Escape today – in all three of its new incarnations. That means I-4, V-6, and Escape Hybrid. For those who haven’t had a chance to experience the crossover/SUV in recent years, Ford will deliver some pleasant surprises come...Read More»

2008 Volvo C30-R
Get Rid of Volvo, Mercury, York Tells Ford

Barely a week after announcing plans to snap up a sizable stake in Ford Motor Co., billionaire Kirk Kerkorian is starting to tell the ailing automaker how to run its business. His handpicked adviser, Jerry York, wants to see Ford abandon its ailing Mercury brand and sell off its Swedish Volvo...Read More»

Ford Converting to Electric Power Steering

Ford is making the switch -- from hydraulic to electric power steering (EPS). Ford said today that it plans to fit 80 to 90 percent of its cars with a new electronic power steering (EPS) system by 2012. Ford says the system will improve the fuel economy, performance, and reliability of all the cars...Read More»

Mercury Is Ford's Million Dollar Baby

If you're fishing around for metaphors to describe Ford's predicament with Mercury, you don't need to look much further than Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby. It's probably spoiler-safe now to point out now, three years after it took Best Picture, that after some low-level glory, Baby's heroine...Read More»

Hey, Grille! MKZ Gets Re-Nosed

The Lincoln MKZ is getting another thorough facelift, as evidenced by this prototype caught prowling the streets of Dearborn. The MKZ has suffered an identity crisis since its inception, as it endured continued styling tweaks and a name change (from Zephyr to MKZ) one year into its lifespan. The...Read More»

What Happens Now to the Town Car?

Ford's Wixom plant ceased operations today after 50 years of building Lincolns. So while my '66 Thunderbird is now something of an orphan, I'm wondering more about the future of three very old vehicles that still bring in pretty good business for Ford. We're talking about the Town Car, and its...Read More»

Toyota’s Topless Tsunami GT, And More Goofy Names

We all know car names that make us wonder, wha-fu? There’s the Chevy Nova, which by urban legend means “no go.” Or the haplessly named Mercury Mystique, properly pronounced “mistake.” Now in Britain, someone’s gone through 75 years of car names and written a book. And...Read More»

2008 Mercury Grand Marquis 4-door Sedan LS Rear Exterior View
Woman Smuggled into U.S. in Engine

An illegal immigrant from China was discovered at the U.S. border near Calexico, Calif., hiding inside the engine bay of a 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis, the Bay Area’s reported on their Web site. Immigration officials became suspicious during a regular border check when the driver of...Read More»

Ferrari F40 Prototype On Auction

One very wealthy collector will soon own what could be one of the rarest, most sought-after Ferraris of all time — that’s what RM Auctions says, at least. The auction house will host the sale of the only Ferrari F40 prototype ever built. The F40, the final vehicle overseen by Enzo...Read More»

2007 Mercury Monterey 4-door Luxury *Ltd Avail* Angular Front Exterior View
Marketing Report: May 29, 2006

 Toby Keith Gets More Ford TimeYou'll be seeing more of Rubenesque honky-tonker Toby Keith in Ford commercials: the Dearborn company has given Keith another year's worth of work and will get a new song from him to use in the company's "Bold Moves" campaign. The Detroit News adds that Keith's song...Read More»

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