U.S. Auto Slump Felt in Japan
U.S. Auto Slump Felt in Japan

A historically weak auto market in the U.S. is causing strong ripple effects for Japanese automakers. Toyota is making the most dramatic layoffs, ridding itself of 6,000 contract workers in all. More than 6,000 additional jobs will be cut by Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, and Honda, all...Read More»

2010 Toyota Prius
2010 Toyota Prius: Mississippi Plant on Hold

Toyota is putting its new Mississippi manufacturing plant on indefinite hold, as it preps to introduce the 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid that was to be built there. The Wall Street Journal says the decision--which had been rumored for months--will help the automaker get its North American production in...Read More»

U.S. Capitol
Big Three Bailout: Southern Senators Immune to Irony

Like rain on your wedding day, irony has descended on the venerable institution known as the U.S. Senate. As everyone knows, the Detroit bailout legislation that passed handily in the House bottomed out in the Senate, and according to United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger, the bill's most...Read More»

going down
GM Takes Drastic Action, Announces Record Production Cutbacks

"Reeling from a 41 percent drop in its November U.S. sales," says Automotive News, and not quite sure where the money to stay afloat will come from after yesterday's rejection of the domestic auto bailout deal, GM will cut about 30 percent of its North American production capacity during the first...Read More»

Assembly plant
Volkswagen AG: "No Regrets" About New Tennessee Assembly Plant

Despite the worst U.S. auto market in 25 years, Volkswagen says it has no regrets about the decision to build a new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In fact, they are going full speed ahead, currently moving huge piles of dirt as the first phase of the project that was formalized last July...Read More»

Spare Change
GM Finds Extra $230 Million in Sale of Suzuki

Scrambling through the couch cushions for enough loose change to keep it solvent for the time being, GM offloaded its 3 percent stake in Japan's Suzuki Motor Corporation to the tune of $230 million, said Automotive News. Having burned through nearly $7 billion in the last quarter alone, $230...Read More»

Honda Logo
Congressman Supports Chapter 11: Honda Gives "No Comment"

At a recent Honda plant dedication, U.S. Representative Mike Pence (R-Indiana) claimed he felt that Chapter 11 is preferable for the struggling Detroit Big Three. Quoted in Automotive News, Pence claimed that "reorganization in Federal bankruptcy court happens all the time. Companies utilize it all...Read More»

VW DSG Transmission
Chrysler/Getrag Transmission Joint Venture Ends in Chapter 11

Chapter 11 seems to be the theme these days in the automotive world, and Chrysler can only hope that its failed venture with German transmission builder Getrag isn't a harbinger for its own futures. Getrag's GTM (Getrag Transmission Manufacturing) LLC has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection...Read More»

Engine Production
Suppliers Weigh In on Gov't Bailout: Help! (Please!)

Underscoring the ripple effects that plant shutdowns, lagging vehicle sales, and threats of Chapter 11/Chapter 7 have on suppliers to automotive manufacturers, today 98 automotive supplier CEOs sent letters to every members of the U.S. Senate and House listing the dire need for access to capital to...Read More»

2010 Fisker Karma
Fisker to Open Engineering & Development Center in Michigan

In a welcome spot of good news for Detroit's struggling economy, the maker of the upcoming Karma electric sports sedan announced a 34,000-square-foot engineering & development facility that is set to employ up to 200 engineers and designers. The company's headquarters will remain in Irvine...Read More»

Abandoned Chevy, by TBurton
Domestics Slide While Germans Ride

The story just keeps getting worse for the domestic auto industry. According to Automotive News, Detroit's Big Three are now asking for total Federal assistance exceeding $50 billion. GM's Wagoner, Ford's Mulally, and Chrysler's Nardelli met in closed-door meetings with Congressional leaders to...Read More»

2009 Dodge Grand Caravan C/V
A Bright Reminiscence for a Rainy Day: The Chrysler Minivan

Some decades ago, things were just as bleak for Chrysler as they are now. It had an obsolete, aging lineup that Americans weren't buying (basically a host of full-frame, old-tech thirsty vehicles that were stuck in the past). Along came Ford's Lee Iacocca, and the Federal Government's $1.25 billion...Read More»

2008 Tesla Roadster
Tesla Gets $40 Million Jolt--Enough to Resuscitate?

Reports TechCrunch, Tesla Motors has received a $40 million convertible to keep it solvent and building for the moment. This is on top of the $186 million that's already been invested in the company by private investors, of which the company has spent all but $9 million. Most recently, the...Read More»

2009 Audi A4
Taxpayers Help Automakers: Whom Would You Bet Your Money On?

In the December issue of Automobile Magazine, editor Jamie Kitman excoriates American auto manufacturers. He claims they should've seen the handwriting on the wall with the energy crisis of 1973 and started making better small cars then. And if you call the new-for-1979 Chevy Caprice (some 600...Read More»

2010 Volkswagen Rabbit
VW, Audi to Build More Cars in U.S., for U.S.

Like its sister brand Volkswagen, Audi is leaning toward adding vehicle production in the United States, something it's been toying with since the 1980s. Said Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn in Automotive News: "The new mid-sized car which we want to build in America, we want only to sell in...Read More»

28.9 degrees east of north
Sunset for Chrysler?

With the economy simply not able to support three Detroit automakers, claims Detroit News' Alisa Priddle, a GM/Chrysler merger is looking more and more attractive as opposed to one of those players filing for bankruptcy. She claims that even the "best-case scenarios are likely to result in the loss...Read More»

VW Queue
VW Profits Up 28 Percent for Third Quarter

Product and market diversity--that's the name of the game for one of the world's largest automakers. That savvy strategy is giving VW solid profit growth even in the midst of troubled times. It was sales in emerging markets like China, Russia, and India, reports Detroit News, that helped the...Read More»

2010 Ford Fiesta
Ford Applies EcoBoost to Fiesta; ST Edition, Anyone?

Ford of Europe announces a "multi-pound investment" in its Wales Bridgend factory that will produce the upcoming 1.6-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder, low-emissions engine. The new investment, totaling 70 million pounds, includes 13.4 million pounds from the Welsh Assembly Government. We are not sure...Read More»

Tesla Roadster
Tesla Model-S: "Our Sedan Will Crush Everything Out There"

Tesla is in financial trouble, having recently laid off employees, found a new CEO, delayed mass production of its Elise-based Roadster, and pushed back introduction of its Model-S sedan until 2011. Nonetheless, chief investor Elon Musk who, as Carscoop claim, "took over as the company's CEO from...Read More»

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