Alfa Coming to U.S.? Don't Bother
Alfa Coming to U.S.? Don't Bother

As I read the morning RSS feeds for this blog, I rarely have to clean up after a spit take. But here I am, swabbing down after the latest Automotive News story about Alfa Romeo's return to the U.S. I refuse to believe Alfa's coming to the U.S., because I was around when they left in 1995, and...Read More»

Kia to Get Truck, Sorento from Ga. Plant

Korean automaker Kia is working on its new assembly plant at the Georgia-Alabama state line, but until now speculation has said that the factory would be building mid-size cars and possibly a crossover vehicle for the U.S. market. Now, Automotive News is reporting that the factory will be building...Read More»

2010 Volvo XC60
2009 Volvo XC60 Preview

The safest car we have ever built – that’s the claim Volvo is making about the new XC60. From a firm that has built its entire reputation on making strong cars, it’s a bold statement. Designed as a baby brother to the XC90, an SUV which has been a massive success for the Swedish firm, the...Read More»

Opportunity—or Delusion?—At the UAW

Will the UAW finally get its chance to organize the imports? That’s what union boss Ron Gettelfinger is counting on as Toyota takes a rare misstep that has apparently angered workers at its expanding network of plants across the U.S. Perhaps you’ve seen the latest Toyota commercial, the...Read More»

WR: GM “Alpha” Spawns RWDers

Winding Road, Ann Arbor’s newest auto publication and already its leading consumer of draft beer, reports today that GM is developing a new rear-drive architecture that could spawn a new Pontiac G6 and other mid-size to compact vehicles. WR says that the new architecture is a combination of...Read More»

GM Dropping CO2 Like It’s Hot

Nothing says GM’s turnaround is working more than a well-timed press release regarding carbon dioxide. Following on the heels of Al Gore’s return to Washington (“emotional,” in his words—cue strings) GM says it’s committed to cutting its carbon dioxide output by 40...Read More»

PODCAST: Honda’s New Plant Pounds Another Nail in Detroit’s Coffin

Be careful what you ask for. Just ask former Ford Chairman Harold “Red” Poling. Twenty years ago, as the Japanese began making their first big inroads into the U.S. market, Poling – and his fellow Big Three CEOs – decided to fight back. But instead of a competitive product...Read More»

Hail, Spartanburg! The X6 Gets Real

It seems like we’ve been talking about a BMW X6 crossover for years. In fact it’s two years since we illustrated the wacky idea that has now been confirmed by BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer. The X6, Reithofer said at the company’s annual meeting, will go into production next year in...Read More»

Hyundai On The Move Down South

The next step in Hyundai’s big plans for the U.S. is an engine plant that will build powerplants for Hyundai and Kia vehicles. Hyundai says the new plant will open in September of 2008 and will feed engines to the plant in Alabama along with the Kia plant to be opened soon in Georgia. Some...Read More»

Audi U.S. Plant: So Is It 2012, Then?

With today’s news that Audi plans to take over a Volkswagen plant in Brussels, we can now officially begin speculating that Audi will build a plant in the U.S. Why’s that? Last week in Geneva, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler told TheCarConnection that a U.S. plant wasn’t needed now...Read More»

The Week in Reverse

And the winner is…Tupelo, Miss. For all the states that missed on Toyota’s latest plant—don’t worry, they’re like trains, there’s another one coming in six months. Is Ford finally getting its act together? Some sales are getting stronger, and a subcompact is...Read More»

Toyota Says Education Took it to Mississippi

Toyota says the educated work force is what drew them to the Tupelo area for its eighth assembly plant in North America - in direct contrast to what some people think about the state's workforce. Toyota officials, after the glow of the press conference today announcing their new Mississippi plant...Read More»

Ghosn Gets Knighted

We know lots of Knights we admire – Knight Rider, Bobby Knight, but most of all Christopher Knight, a.k.a. Peter Brady, who overcame middle-Brady syndrome to get buff in his mid-40s and proceed to whomp Lingerie Bowl star Adrianne Curry. Now we can also look up to Carlos Ghosn, who was...Read More»

Buyouts - Nissan's Up Next

Nissan says it's offering buyouts to all its Tennessee hourly workers in a move announced today, proving that the pain in the auto-industry slump isn't being doled out entirely in Detroit. While GM, Ford and Chrysler have sliced large chunks out of their workforces, the Japanese brands have largely...Read More»

Jim Hackett (left) and Bill Ford Jr.

GM Reaches Agreement to Sell Controlling Stake in GMAC Cerberus Led Consortium To Buy 51 Percent Of GMAC EquityGM To Receive $14 Billion In Cash Over Three-Year Period DETROIT - General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM) today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell a 51-percent...Read More»

2021 Ford Bronco production starts at Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan
Delphi CEO Hopes for No Strike

Delphi Asks Court to Toss Contracts by Joseph Szczesny (4/3/2006)Supplier plots new course — and asks the judge to turn it that way. GM Says Turnaround Gaining by Joseph Szczesny (4/3/2006)A week of financial news could contain the seeds of recovery. Delphi Corp. believes it can restructure and...Read More»

Jim Hackett (left) and Bill Ford Jr.
Daily Edition: Apr. 4, 2006

GM Slides, Toyota Rises in March Sales Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz posted record sales in March, while General Motors sales dropped sharply and its market share continued to fall under the pressure from the import brands. While General Motors Corp. reported its sales dropped 14 percent and...Read More»

DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
Delphi Asks Court to Toss Contracts

SAE Meeting Set for Detroit by Joseph Szczesny (4/2/2006)Revived interest sparks new ideas at tech conference. GM Says Turnaround Gaining by Joseph Szczesny (4/2/2006)A week of financial news could contain the seeds of recovery. Delphi Corp. on Friday outlined a broad plan for restructuring into a...Read More»

2007 Cadillac Escalade ESV AWD 4-door Rear Seats
Daily Edition: Mar. 29, 2006

GM Axes Engineers in Latest Cuts GM's "Black Tuesday" ended with the departure of several hundred salaried employees, most of them engineers, from the company's workforce across the country. GM says it axed fewer than 500 jobs at 30 of its outposts across the country in the latest round of cuts...Read More»

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