Report Confirms Auto-Repair Gouging, Ranks Best And Worst Cities
Report Confirms Auto-Repair Gouging, Ranks Best And Worst Cities

With auto repair chains ever expanding and dealership service becoming more consistent and predictable, you might think that repair costs are becoming much more standardized than they used to be for car repairs done at independent shops, with very little variation, once you average a few shops...Read More»

2010 Smart 454 Concept
Your Car Needs Sunscreen, Too!

When I was a kid, my parents let me run around outside for hours without a thought of skin protection.  Being a fair-skinned boy, I'd get burns that would make my skin blister. Over the past 25 years or so we've come to realize just how damaging the sun is to both us and our stuff.  These days...Read More»

2007 BMW 3-Series 4-door Sport Wagon 328i RWD Front Exterior View
BMW Extends Free Maintenance On Certified Pre-Owned Cars

BMW has announced a limited-time offer, running from February 2 through March 31, to extend the no-cost maintenance coverage on some U.S. Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) cars by an additional two years or 50,000 miles. With this offer, buyers would be covered by warranty for six years or 100,000 miles...Read More»

2011 Chevrolet Corvette Engine Build Experience
When Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

My wife and I were having dinner with some friends the other night, and they asked me for some advice on their aging car.  It's approaching 150k miles and starting to cost them more to maintain it every year. Oh, and "I hate it," he said. "How long should we keep it?", they wondered.  They...Read More»

2010 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Special Edition
Video: Changing A VW Fan Belt With The Engine Running

Although combustion engines will remain a part of the car mix for several decades to come, it seems pretty clear that electrics are the way of the future. And while many will be sad to see gas engines go the way of their fuel source (i.e. the dinosaur), there are many things we won't miss about 'em...Read More»

TCC Tip: How Much Should My Repair Cost?

Although this summer's Cash for Clunkers (CARS) program provided the right kind of push for some owners to replace their guzzling jalopies with new cars, it's probably not so surprising that new-vehicle buyers plan to hold on to their vehicles longer than ever before. So-called "rapid replacers"...Read More»

Pirelli Cyber Tire
Frugal Shopper: Experts Say Tire-Tariff Price Spike Looms Ahead

TCC's Frugal Shopper ALERT: If you drive a small, aging econocar—or even a mid-size sedan—and have been thinking about new tires, get them now, because several weeks from now you might be paying $20 or $30 more for a set. -- Last month the federal government imposed a controversial new...Read More»

Meguiar's New Paint Collection
Risky Old Car-Care Products: How To Identify, Dispose Of Them

Do you have an old tin of car wax, or a bottle of car-wash concentrate that’s more than a few years old? Don’t use it; they likely contain so-called volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are dangerous for health and the environment. They've been tightly regulated by California and have been...Read More»

Jay Leno and his NextEngine 3D scanner
Jay Leno Uses Digital Tech For Analog Ends

The thought of finding parts for an older vehicle -- much less one that's rare -- is enough to put many people off the idea of restoration altogether. But as Jay Leno demonstrates in his latest "Garage" clip, modern technology can come in very handy in these situations. Using a special scanner...Read More»

2010 Subaru Legacy
New CVT In 2010 Subaru Legacy Promises Low Maintenance Costs

Last week we reported that the new continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) that makes its debut in the all-new 2010 Subaru Legacy will achieve best-in-class EPA fuel economy ratings of 23 mpg city, 31 highway—even when comparing the all-wheel-drive Legacy with other front-wheel-drive...Read More»

Chinese homebrewed street-sweeper
Link Love From The Car Connection: The Bugatti Veyron, Your Daily Survey, And Swimsuit Models Zip In Nissan 370Zs

Yes, it's Wednesday--in fact, it's Ash Wednesday--but don't let that stop you from enjoying a little gearhead infotainment. Try these on for size: Drawing board FAIL -- The Chinese have a lot of great inventions under their proverbial belts--fireworks and pasta, for starters. The automated...Read More»

Mercedes-Benz with Julia Stegner
Friday Fluff: The Links That Got Away

It's been a busy week at Between bailout news, holiday shopping, and random morsels of car-related goodness, a lot of stuff has crossed our desk since Monday. Here are a few of the choicest bits that we haven't been able to cover in full detail: Toyota probably posts first...Read More»

winter tire
Tire Health Vital for Safe Winter Driving

There are lots of ways to save this holiday season, but auto experts (and not just the ones trying to sell you new products) all agree: scrimping on tires is not one of them. Just four little contact patches keep you, your kids, and 3,000-plus pounds of vehicle on the road (or 6,400 pounds if...Read More»

Tire pressure
Tire Pressures Drop as Fall Marches On

Fall is upon us, and for most of the country that means dropping temperatures. The air--or even nitrogen for some of you Sam's Club geeks--in your tires shrinks as it gets colder outside. As morning temps dip lower and lower, checking your tires weekly before setting off, which of course you always...Read More»

Oil Change Monitor
Is the 3,000-Mile Oil Change Dead?

Using less oil doesn't mean merely cutting back on refined gasoline. Your car uses oil every day, and changing it at 3,000-mile intervals has been the time-honored recommendation for ages--to the tune of 1 billion gallons each year in the U.S. alone. Only now, with the invention and innovation of...Read More»

Spring Cleaning: Get Your Car Ready

Here at TCC's Western Outpost in Portland, winter means gray skies and lots of mud. Come the rainy season, you can't let a little mist in the air keep you from going out and getting your exercise, and you have to accept the idea that your baby will get dirty — no, filthy — inside and...Read More»

Onsite service by Tesla Motor technicians on 2013 Tesla Model S, upstate NY [photo: David Noland]
A/C Takes It On the Chin, Again

If you want an example of how policymaking involving the earth’s atmosphere can lead to adverse consequences for car owners, look no further than the air conditioning in your car, either now or in the future. Refrigerant-12, the earliest refrigerant in auto a/c systems, was phased out of...Read More»

Keep Your Foot In It: The Mechanic Knows All

You have questions—and Bob Weber,’s on-site mechanic, has answers. This week, Bob’s big riddle concerns anti-lock brakes, or ABS. “I have read a lot about using ABS—that you should continue to put constant pressure as you brake when the system...Read More»

Our Gearhead Speaks: Neons Eat Brakes

What’s up in TheCarConnection’s garage this week? Resident gearhead Bob Weber lets you in on a little secret club racers have been bitching about for years. Neons eat brakes—and one reader’s none too pleased. “I replace one set of fronts on my ‘99 Malibu to three...Read More»

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